Flacco could give Ravens a break with structure, not amount

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As the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco attempt to work out a long-term deal before the March 4 deadline for applying the franchise tag to the Super Bowl MVP, it sounds like Flacco won’t be willing to give his team a hometown discount.

Instead, any breaks given to the Ravens will be accomplished via the structure of the deal.  That’s what agent Joe Linta said during a recent appearance on PFT Live.

“I would say to you, of the other 52 players on the roster, how many of the other 52 [took less money]?” said Linta, who has argued Flacco should be the highest-paid quarterback in the league.  “Do you work with [the Ravens] in terms of structure to help them out?  Absolutely.  But like I said, we all took risks.  And I don’t think anybody was gonna feel sorry for Joe if he turned down a contract in July and didn’t have a great year and now was faced with less than what we’re talking about.  Look, there’s risk on both sides, and somebody could be saying to the Ravens, ‘Hey, don’t you think it’s worth sacrificing some areas of your team to keep your franchise quarterback?’  There’s arguments on both sides, believe me.”

So the goal, as Linta explained it, is to “be creative with the contract to get what you want and structure so that it helps the Ravens and doesn’t put them in a bad place cap-wise.”

Last year, for example, a long-term deal for Saints quarterback Drew Brees dropped his cap number from $16.37 million to $10.4 million, and it delayed any dramatic jump in Brees’ cap number until 2015, when the new TV money to be paid in 2014 affects the cap.  With the Ravens facing a cap number of more than $20 million for Flacco as of the start of the new league year on March 12, a long-term deal that cuts more than $6 million from Flacco’s cap number could be the difference between keep or losing one or more key players.

Of course, the cap number the Ravens are actually facing for Flacco will depend on the level of the franchise tag they plan to use.  The Ravens could try to bluff Flacco and Linta by suggesting that they’ll use the non-exclusive tag ($14.6 million) and match whatever offer another team may make.  But if another team crafts a contract with a gigantic 2013 cap number and a willingness to give up two first-round draft picks, the Super Bowl MVP could be changing addresses.

Stranger things have happened.  And it’ll be up to the Ravens to prevent Flacco from playing for, say, the Chiefs.  Or the Cardinals.

Or the Browns.  That’s a development which would have more than a few Ravens fans wanting to be sedated, something Flacco’s new pal Marky Ramone could possibly arrange.

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78 responses to “Flacco could give Ravens a break with structure, not amount

  1. Flacco’s agent really needs to shut his mouth. He’s giving a running clinic called “How to make a client as unlikable as possible”.

  2. Look, I don’t personally like Joe Flacco…..but his agent is 100% right….

    If Joe came out and had a sub-par year….we’d all be saying “hey, you should have signed that contract”…….instead, he went out and won the superbowl (MVP)

    He deserves to get paid……maybe not top QB money, but he should sacrifice anything for the well being of a team who put themselves in a horrible cap situation.

  3. Let’s see how Flacco likes playing the next five years in Cleveland if the Ravens do give him a non-exclusive tag and accept a couple of first round picks in exchange. He will have his money … and absolutely Zero Chance of ever being a winner again.

  4. His agent keeps saying he will not negotiate in the press but he never stops talking to the press about Joe’s contract! At least he’s talking and not Joe!

  5. His agent gives great points, but the Ravens front office can’t just give him all of his money. The salary cap makes it impossible to make generous moves like that.

    Flacco, just take a paycut. What can you buy with 100+ million that you can’t buy with 50-60?

  6. I think the salary cap should only apply to free agents, a team should not be punished for being able to nail their draft picks, the salary cap should be adjusted to only include free agents

  7. I don’t think it would be a bluff. Non exclusive tag. Keep the 2 first rounders and go after Alex Smith for 10 million while saving money and adding potential playmaker. Flacco is good but not 20 million/yr good.

  8. Ravens brass should (and likely will) pay flacco enough to make him a top 5 earner. But any more than that and I don’t think it’s worth it. Flacco (and that agent) are fools if they continue with the “should be highest paid guy” talk. And the ravens should make a fair top tier top 5 offer structured to not kill them cap-wise. If flacco passes he is a moron…and I don’t think the guy is.

  9. Top Qb in the league by his agent, excuse me NO WAY he is. His agent needs to shut his mouth and work out a deal, and move on. Can’t wait to see what happens if they can’t sign Bolden. He retires and the Ravens move on without him, that would be a tragedy, he won the Super Bowl for them.

  10. “all the agent cares about is his cut. that’s why he is tying to get the most money so that he can get a larger portion of the contract.”

    Why should he care about anything else anyway? That’s why they hire agents.

  11. Why is this guy negotiating through the media? Has this clown ever done a big deal before? Nobody cares how it gets done but u need to do it behind closed doors and not in front of a microPhone!

  12. The ravens would be stupid to use the exclusive tag. Just allow a terrible team (browns cardinals etc) to sign flacco and fork over two high 1st round picks.

    With the new rookie contracts given out, the ravens could realistically pay both 1sts theyd receive if flacco left and their first round pick LESS than flacco would make per year. Call their bluff Ozzie!

  13. Please, please, please hurry up and pay flaccid top-5 money. That will officially close the door on this franchise being relevant for the next 7 or 8 years.

    Enjoy the Lombardi luckimore! It’s the last one you’ll see for another 12 years or so.


    The rest of the AFCN

  14. To be fair, Flacco’s isue were never in the playoffs but more of the slumps during the regular season.

    I see the poise he has and I despise the Ravens. Some years they made the playoffs cause of him, this year being one.

    He literally put the team on his back when Rice did his best Houdini impression.

  15. love reading all these braindead steelers fans on here. You’re all so bitter! Just sit back and enjoy Baltimore as superbowl champions! Your old, slow, and barely finished at 500. I’d hate life as well. Again, enjoy it…

  16. “Shoot for two 1st rounders let him walk.” Really? After the Ravens spent how many years trying to find a franchise quarterback?

  17. I’ll trade Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi for Ozzie Newsome. C’mon Ravens fans – that’s two for the price of one.

  18. “bigboysmash says: Feb 8, 2013 8:59 PM

    all the agent cares about is his cut. that’s why he is tying to get the most money so that he can get a larger portion of the contract.”

    That’s the point, Goober. But then burger flippers don’t have agents, do you?

  19. Some of you can’t read. The guy in the pic is Marky Ramone, you know, of the Ramones, of which Florio made a reference at the end of the article. Sheesh, 3rd grade reading levels, all of you.

  20. for everyone asking about the guy in the picture w/Flacco:

    “That’s a development which would have more than a few Ravens fans wanting to be sedated, something Flacco’s new pal Marky Ramone could possibly arrange.”

    Reading Is FUNdamental…

  21. The Ravens will sign Joe to a long term deal. They will also extend Anquan Boldin.
    They will have cap room to keep Danell Ellerbe.
    The Steelers will NEVER win anything in the AFC North because of the Long term deal they gave to Ben who is washed up after getting his shoulder destroyed.
    The huge mistake was locking up Big Ben which only ENSURED many more superbowls for Baltimore and Joe Flacco.

    All Ben does now is throw interceptions at the end of games to guarantee Steeler losses.

  22. I hope it’s for real. They all make a lot of money. I would hope it would be about the rings. Give your team money to keep the other pieces in place to get another one!

  23. you can tell that flacco was playing on painkillers throughout the entire playoffs,just by seeing his demeanor and not being nervous etc, same thing tom brady uses and favre used for years. they need to drug test for vicodin also because that is how flacco played so calm and collect all playoffs, he was doped up all playoffs and anybody with a clue knows it

  24. bigboysmash says:Feb 8, 2013 8:59 PM

    all the agent cares about is his cut. that’s why he is tying to get the most money so that he can get a larger portion of the contract.
    OMG! An agent trying to get the most money he can get for his client? Absolutely shocking.

  25. Call me crazy, but I dont think many teams are going to offer Flacco top 5 QB money. I may have to roll the dice on this one.

  26. I would take the 2 first round picks n get Alex smith in a trade problem solved. If u gonna hassle between 16 n 20 mill a yr should be simple 18 mil it is

    All those playoffs games he won let’s not forget the def really won it. Baltimore off just looked crappy

  27. Flacco is above average, not elite. The reason he played well was due to the OL switch before the playoffs. Period. Nice adjustment.

    He deserves a contract around $15 million per season over 6 years.

    If that is his agent, I can say with fairly confident certainty that he is a self-promoting attention hound.

  28. ravanator says:Feb 8, 2013 9:40 PM

    Who cares? Flacco is like a turd that won’t flush. No matter how bad he is, the media still gives him attention!
    ——————— ————————

    Really? I have never seen coverage of a turd that won’t flush. I need to reead more.

    The agent is trying to strike while the iron is hot. Flacco is a good player. not an elite one. Eli Manning is better, and he is a bit overrated.

  29. All of you asking who the guy is in the picture clearly didn’t read the article. He’s one of the Ramones. Read the article again.

  30. “I would say to you, of the other 52 players on the roster, how many of the other 52 [took less money]?” said Linta, who has argued Flacco should be the highest-paid quarterback in the league.
    Not an honest point. No other position has a top earner making 20 mill/yr either.

    Pretty sure Flacco wouldn’t like to see his receiver corps back at 2010 & before status. QB is a very, very dependent position. Yes the elite guys make guys around them better. But if you gave me a choice of top 5 contract and more money to put talent around me and the absolute best contract but talent around me suffers, I’d take the former all day. It’s a team sport and one man bands don’t win championships. Now if all one is interested in is money, go for it. But I don’t want to hear those guys or their agents EVER complain about the talent level around them.

  31. I’m a big Flacco fan. Love his game, love his demeanor. Excellent player. He’s a quiet and pretty humble guy-from what I’ve seen from him. On the other hand, his agent is not. This Linta guy is always running his mouth. He’s making his client look bad, to me at least.

    Joe Linta, shut up bro.

  32. Am I the only person who doesn’t know who the hell that guy in the picture with Flacco is?

    For those who don’t know, the guy pictured with Flacco is one of the original members of Spinal Tap, who dropped out before the band rose to fame.

    He has found moderate success as a sports agent.

  33. crusty14 says:
    Feb 9, 2013 8:49 AM
    I think that dude is Phil Spectre! The murdering record producer

    0 0
    Report comment

    Must be Ray told Flacco about his friend in crime.

  34. Haha, these Steeler fans are so jealous. Don’t hate, appreciate.

    Jealous of what? We don’t hate and we don’t emulate, but we do appreciate your obsession with us….makes us feel wanted and all warm and fuzzy…lmao

  35. Steeler fans are predictable.

    Pre-SB 47:

    “Flacco sucks.”
    “You’ll never win with Flacco”
    “Your obsession with us is hysterical.”

    Post SB 47:

    “Enjoy salary cap hell.”
    “Flacco’s lucky not good.”
    “Your obsession with us is hysterical.”

    And the whole time, they fail to realize that everything they are saying applies more to their own team of choice.

    Is that irony? Or is it karma?

    Either way, they’ll trot out rings the franchise won before most of them were born.

    Like I said, predictable.

  36. I hope the Raven’s sign him to a rediculous contract, lord knows above-par QBs should be paid like gods, so when the owners have a chance to back-out of the CBA they have every reason to. Inflation in the NFL is absolutely insane. You simple can not expect the value of individuals in a product to rise faster than the people who pour money into the coffers can muster.

  37. This is ridiculous I do not think Flacco is worth 20 million a year. Don’t get me wrong I am a Ravens fan and I like Flacco but he is too inconsistant to pay him that kind of money. Besides he has only been in the league 5 years and he has not proved himself to be worth of that kind of money Super Bowl MVP or not. He and his agent are just being greedy and if thats the way they want to be I say cut him as much as I would like to keep him on the team but what kind of team will there be if they dish out that kind of money to him. Not a very good one.

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