Gregg Williams says he had no communication with the Rams


Defensive specialist Gregg Williams is back with the Titans, sporting a goatee that would make Walt Frazier and Keith Hernandez proud.  It’s Williams’ first actual job since being fired by the Saints.

In between, Williams was employed by — but never worked for — the Rams.  And when Williams met with the media on Thursday, he talked about the fact that he hasn’t talked to the Rams.

“Well, the thing with that is — No. 1 — this is my first day back,” Williams said, via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  “I haven’t talked to anybody.  Part of the [suspension] deal is you’re not supposed to talk to anybody.  That’s not for me to know.

“I haven’t talked with anybody in that organization.  I’m just happy with the opportunity. . . the fact that I can be here.  I haven’t talked about it.  This is my first day back in the NFL.”

As Thomas points out, the answer raises an intriguing question.  If Williams hasn’t talked to the Rams at all, how did Williams know the Rams didn’t want to employ him?

Surely, there was communication of some sort between the Rams and Williams at some point during his suspension.  Otherwise, Williams would have simply shown up for work.