Jimmy Smith: I didn’t interfere, Michael Crabtree ran into me


Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith says the officials made the right call by not flagging him for pass interference on the 49ers’ final pass to Michael Crabtree in the Super Bowl.

He ran directly into me,” Smith said of Crabtree in an interview on ESPN 102.3 in Denver, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “I had inside leverage. He ran into me. So once he did that and tried to push off . . . I had to make contact. That was on him. He didn’t run a fade; he didn’t get away. He could have just ran and pivoted out or faded away from the ball, but he didn’t. He ran into me so he could make contact to push off to create separation, and I didn’t let that happen.”

Smith said that’s the way Crabtree plays the game, and that as a cornerback playing against Crabtree you have to stand your ground.

“He likes to run into you and then push you off,” Smith said. “I’m kind of taught to not let that happen. . . . And that’s the kind of way the game was played that day so the refs just let it play out that way.”

Smith said he has watched the play several times and that he’s sure he didn’t deserve a penalty.

“If you look at the play closely, you see him kind of push off of my helmet immediately. So as a DB, what do you do?” Smith said. “If he’s pushing off you’ve got to make sure you got some type of grip so he doesn’t push off of you. If I never touch him at all and he catches the ball, then it’d be San Francisco winning and why didn’t Jimmy make that play? So I’m happy with the way it turned out.”

And Baltimore fans are happy, too. San Francisco fans — not to mention San Francisco’s coach — do not agree.

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  1. Crabtree initiated the contact, Smith held on for dear life and was still clinging to his jersey when the ball was in the air.
    He’s right though, that’s the way the refs were calling (or not calling) all day so what he did made perfect sense and was well worth the risk.

  2. Water under the bridge but no Jimmy, the game film doesn’t exactly support your premise but whatever.

    Feel blessed that your team ultimately didn’t choke away your gigantic lead because the refs gave your team a bit of a hand up.

  3. Well, I watched the replay more than once and saw him have a handful of Crabtree’s jersey.

    What I would have liked to see would have been off-setting penalties and a repeat of 4th down. That seems like it would have been most fair to all involved.

  4. Who cares!! Thats not the play that lost it for the Niners on those last four plays. It was Colin Kaepernick letting the play clock run down forcing a timeout. The play that never happened. Kap was going to run around the left edge and the Ravens were not ready for it. Kap wasnt paying attention to the clock. That in my eyes, if your going to look at the last 4 plays, is the biggest miss.

  5. Their coach, like most of their fans, will be crying for awhile. Years from now no one will remember who lost Superbowl 47 but I bet their fans will continue to remind us all. Cheers!

  6. Crabtree tried to sell the option-run and then break free on a corner route and paid the price. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  7. Crabtree tried bulling him over, Smith held him. They interfered with each other. No PI call was completely appropriate.

  8. bengalsstillsuck says:Feb 8, 2013 1:21 PM

    Yea right that was pass interference everyone knew it beside raven fans niners got ripped off the superbowl was fixed?

    No… I think the rest of the world knows it was not a flag. Stop 49whining!

  9. Look the Refs let them play,PERIOD! That was a good no-call, if anything Crabtree could’ve been called for Offensive PI.Quit crying 4owhiner Fans.

  10. I live watching Jim scream on the sidelines. He wanted that holding call so bad. Guess what?? Didnt get it, and you lost the superbowl. To your big brother.

  11. Agreed..Most DBs that are holding, are not pushed off-balance backwards. Crabtree was actually free. If Kapernick throws the ball in bounds it is still a TD for them. The bad throw was more consequential to the outcome, than the contact between Smith and Crabtree.

  12. it was a bit of holding for sure but i felt the refs were letting them play. the game seemed to be called consistently. but niners fans are never going to stop crying so no use arguing with them. nevermind the horrible game they played or the play calling on that final drive, or wasting 2 timeouts……apparently that is the only thing they will remember about losing that game.

  13. Why are we still talking about this? The Niners got into the Super Bowl with a no call (Bowman on White) and lost (if they really want to blame the loss on a penalty instead of blaming it on not even showing up to NO until the second half) the Super Bowl on a no call.

    Talking about game changing calls, how about the roughing the kicker penalty on Akers to give him another chance? Even Steve Young said after the game that was a bad call. Even worse, how about the no call when Flacco got nailed 3 yards out of bounds? That would have given the Ravens a fresh 4 downs on the 3 yard yard line. The Niners lost the game, plain and simple. 1 call did not decide the game.

  14. Yes, Jimmy is right. Even HOF Cris Carter stated it the next day. Crabtree ran a poor route and the ball was overthrown. It was a bang-bang play.

    SF fans, looking for excuses to explain your lost is pathetic.

    They said SF was a better team, but in situational moments, they were bad. Baltimore wasn’t. A better team would take advantage of those moments. Baltimore did.

  15. Two plays before that Crabtree pushes off the DB to try and get separation on the defended ball at the goal line. That was blatant offensive PI. He tried to do the same thing to Smith and he wouldn’t let him. Smith played it right and the 40whiners need to stop crying.

  16. Less contact is normally called P.I. However, even as a 9er fan, I understand them not calling it. It’s highly unlikely he could have caught it with his momentum and how far it landed.

    But that Jacoby kickoff return and that safety had to be the most obvious calls ever! But, I can’t say S.F. didn’t get a few favorable calls/no calls too.

    The identity of the plaintiff depends on who wins…

  17. Anyone care to notice Crabtree’s reaction after the play? Have any NFL receivers ever acted that calm and sullen and indifferent if they were supposedly interfered with? Crabtree knows it was a bad route and a bad throw, as well as neutral contact. Watch his lack of reaction and tell me otherwise.

  18. Crabtree, Harbaugh, and the 49ers need to learn how to do business as business is being done.

    The Ravens deserved it. They were the best team this year, let it go and reload the 49ers are set up for the long haul but this kind of mentality will doom their organization.

    If there is snow (or worse) next year at the Super Bowl the losing team is going to whine even more then this, ehhh the losing team will whine anyways who am I kidding?

  19. “Yes, and his uniform just wrapped itself around my finges!” In all seriousness, though, I thought that “no call” was the correct way to go because of what the zebras had been letting guys get away with all game, and there was contact going both ways on the play.

  20. tainted title my ass, the ravens punched the “vaunted” 49ers defense in the mouth the entire first half, the niners could not complete the comeback for several reasons, they’re cry baby whining coach deserves what he got.

    and jimmy smith is right, great no call.
    by the way the niners defense simply is not an elite defense if justin smith is not playing at an all pro level, they better hope he returns to form next year.

    giant fan and whiny harbaugh hater

  21. so he’s basically saying he’s been taught to grab a WR to keep him getting open… good coaching

  22. Jimmy makes a damn good point about this one.

    There’s no denying, though, that Ayanbadejo was bear hugging Bruce Miller like he was driving a Popsicle sled for the time span of about 35 Jacoby Jones’ yards on that return. Jones ran straight up the field behind that block and it was the reason he scored, along with bad safety play by the kickoff team. The Ravens would have probably scored on that drive anyways and they didn’t need the refs help to win. I’m just stuck on that play because it was the most blatant hold I’ve ever seen a player get away with at the pro level.

    I don’t mean to take anything away from what the Ravens accomplished. They deserve to be SB champs. I just would have liked to see the non-call get some publicity so the refs are held accountable. Niners’ fans aren’t helping the issue by whining about the Crabtree non-call.

  23. For all the whiners: go back and watch the game there were various penalties against both sides that were not called including two PI calls that should have gone against the niners so stop crying. You don’t deserve to have the championship just handed to you like that…especially how you played that first half!!!

  24. I’m tired of Jim Harbaugh whining. You left a lot of plays on the field. You shouldn’t put yourself in a position where you need a ref to help you out on 4th down in the red zone.

  25. There was a holding by Smith… and there was 2 holding from 49ers linemans. So Raven doesn’t stole anything.

    It was one heck of a Super Bowl and the discussion about there was a holding or not should stop.

    From someone who’s relly not a Ravens fans.

  26. Nzayir Says:
    ‘The Ravens deserved it. They were the best team this year, let it go and reload the 49ers are set up for the long haul but this kind of mentality will doom their organization.” The Ravens were NOT the best team of the year….they were handed the SB on a silver platter. Don’t make me laugh so hard with your ridiculous comments…my stomach is beginning to hurt.

  27. Everyone seems to forget about Antlergate…hmmm….guess the Ravens don’t mind the little asterisk next to their SB title.

  28. Wow, reading all the whines about the “refs taking the game from the 49ers” are the same crowds that called the Seahawk fans whiners after Superbowl XL. Interesting when the shoe is on the other foot. That’s really cute….

    Perspective changes when it’s your team, huh kids?

  29. stop crying about that play. 49ers fan should be crying that there players went to the strip club. Where is the focus when you are preparing for the biggest game of your career. GO RAVENS…RAVENS NATION

  30. I love all the hate ravens are one of the most hated teams in the nfl and r usually screwed by the officials but everyone thinks the game was fixed. Haters gonna hate

  31. bengalsstillsuck says:
    Feb 8, 2013 1:21 PM
    Yea right that was pass interference everyone knew it beside raven fans niners got ripped off the superbowl was fixed.
    When was the last time you saw the refs call a game-deciding penalty like that at the end of a game, much less a Super Bowl? Not gonna happen, EVER…. Jim Harbaugh lost the game in the first half and by not drilling into his players’ heads that you can obviously ‘get away’ with some normally penalized actions toward the end of games, that’s just how the NFL has always worked and Jim should have known that… It worked for him against the Falcons in the NFCC game..

  32. It’s almost funny to see these idiots whine! Torrey Smith was held for most of the game (including a would be touchdown in the first Quarter.) They beat the Falcons by the same thing (well that and Matty Ice choking.) The Flacco hit out of bounds should have been called even in a game where the Refs obviously let them play! But most important; that outage was ridiculous and if not for that it likely would have been a blowout! Quit acting like you guys were the only ones in the game who had something go against you! You guys still have five titles! You can’t win em all.

  33. I thought the game was over. This issue will go away too. Game over. Ravens are SB 47 champs. It’s time to look to SB 48.

  34. To the people who are saying that they “let them play.” I call BS…if that was the case, Baltimore is punting with 7 mins to go when they let the Culliver incidental contact go uncalled. Definitely picked and chose the calls that whole game.

  35. Here’s the thing. The contact was after 5 yards, so the question was whether or not it was PI. Well… the ball was UNCATCHABLE, which nullifies any PI penalty. End of story.

  36. Cracks me up how many call this a “PI” issue. That penalty type has never played a role in this scenario, please learn about football.

  37. “I had inside leverage”…yeah you did jimmy, on a fade route. As soon as Crabtree went outside you grabbed him with both of your hands. I’m not a fan of either team but you interfered on that play.

  38. Correct. That is exactly what happened.

    During the soundFX special, there was a new camera angle shown that shows clear as day that Crabtree ran at Jimmy and initiated contact before trying to pull away.

  39. Wh9ers fans ,you got your chance to comeback and win the game when the power outage happened cuz the Ravens had you back on your heals cuz you sucked the whole first half. Had the momenton kept going without the power outage the Ravens would have buried you!
    SO you got a HUGE break and you still didn’t get the job done. I think the 9er players get it, especially Kaepernick, way to take the high road kid…you guys are young and will be a force for a few years IMHO.
    Now all you need is a coach that doesn’t act like a 6yr old little girl losing a game of “Candyland” to her older brother. Sometimes the dice just don’t roll your way. But good try.

  40. Were not talking about the rest of the game Dbags were talkin about that one single play that cost the game im not a niner fan but it was a bad call shld of been off set penalties an do the play over again.

  41. bengalsstillsuck says:
    Feb 8, 2013 2:16 PM
    Were not talking about the rest of the game Dbags were talkin about that one single play that cost the game im not a niner fan but it was a bad call shld of been off set penalties an do the play over again.
    Of course you don’t want to talk about that first half, that was a big JOKE lol

  42. I am a life-long Niners fan. And all this talk of penalties is getting annoying, beginning with the coach.

    As Bill Walsh once said: calls aren’t going to go your way–and great teams simply have to overcome that.

    An to quote the title of a political book I did not read regarding vote totals, but is applicable here:

    “If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.”

    It was a good game and a tough loss. And we were beat in all three phases of the game: our defense was lackluster in the first half, we allowed a rare (and in this case record-setting) special teams touchdown and our offense couldn’t get much going in the first half.

    Whether the non-call was a factor or not–frankly, it should never come down to one call.

    So buck up, improve on first-half play scripting, and continue to improve as a team. Whining about officiating doesn’t get us the Lombardi Trophy, and it does not help the team take responsibility for where they fell short.

  43. I am a Niner fanatic since the late 50’s. Seen a lot of calls both ways. Hope to see a lot more. That being said – the Niners let the game get out of hand in the first half. They did not come out ready to play. That’s the long and the short of it. Period. The Ravens played 60 minutes of football. The Niners did not. Jim and John have not (as of this moment) talked to each other. I would imagine Jim is still in shock that his brother did everything to win. The Ravens pushed the envelope – and won. How really does not matter. Its after the face. We need to get over it and move on.

  44. @bastyboy says:Feb 8, 2013 1:53 PM

    There was a holding by Smith… and there was 2 holding from 49ers linemans. So Raven doesn’t stole anything.

    It was one heck of a Super Bowl and the discussion about there was a holding or not should stop.

    From someone who’s relly not a Ravens fans.

    And from someone who is not “going to school and learning how to write fan”……….Just Wow…read what you type before you hit submit..

  45. FIRST OF ALL… it’s the Super Bowl, and if there was ever a game for the officials to not be “picky” and let the players play, it’s that game. They certainly don’t want to be messing up on that stage.

    SECONDLY… it’s an end of game situation. How many times are players just beating eachother down on hail-mary/last-second type plays and it’s never called? I’ve certainly seen MUCH WORSE than what Smith did to Crabtree plenty of times… and it’s never called. Officials tend to swallow their whistles in end-of-game situations.

    THIRDLY… It’s a shame everyone is crying about one judgement call, when I thought it was quite refreshing to see the officials call a pretty good game after an entire season of some pretty horrible officiated games. People complain that the Ravens had hardly any penalties in this game? Well… most of the penalties on the Niners were dead-ball penalties that aren’t even judgements. Delay of game, offsides, false starts, illegal formations. These are indisputable penalties… the Niners just plain messed up on those plays!

    And LASTLY… if you want a pass interference flag thrown in that situation, your quarterback has to get the ball at least close to being on target. The ball was out of bounds, and even if Crabtree maybe gets close enough to get his fingertips on it… he’d be falling out of bounds and very unlikely to complete the catch. Unless, you know… the officials award him for only getting 1 foot in like they did Santonio Holmes a few years ago against the Cardinals.

    PS… Torrey Smith was interfered with throughout most of the game, and I think they called it once. If they weren’t holding him, you know he was going to burn that secondary with all the time Flacco had to throw. But hey, they let the players play. I’d rather see that than a bunch of flags on the field on the biggest game of the season. And the NFL knows they can’t have a bunch of flags with millions of NON football fans watching. It doesn’t promote the sport well for the casual watchers.

  46. If you’re calling a tight game by the letter of the law, then that’s offsetting penalties and you replay the down.

    If you’re going to call the game the way you’ve called the previous 55 minutes, then you don’t throw a flag there.

  47. That was a complete waste getting his viewpoint.
    The game was lost on 2nd down when Kaepernik let the clock run down and forced Harbaugh to call TO. They had the Ravens thinking and moving right and Kaep looked like he could have walked into the end zone.
    All the comments that I have read assume the game was over had SF scored. The Ravens still would have had almost 2 minutes left. Does anyone think the SF defense could have stopped them from getting a FG or even a TD to win? Not from what had transpired before this.

  48. Props to Jimmy for watching the play again. A lot of guys bury their heads in the sands after a win and simply don’t want to hear about it.

  49. We’ve reached the point where the ability of video technology far exceeds the what the refs on the field can see. It’s time to give a replay official in the booth the right to overturn calls on the field and correct for misses like this one.

  50. It wasn’t about the contact as much as Jimmy grabing hold the jersy. This was a light PI call at best though – and considering the point in the game, teams need to know this kind of light PI is NOT going to be flagged.

    Refs would not have called that on SF in that situation either – so the no-call was the right call even though there was a call to make.

  51. i love how upset fans think that one call cost the 49ers the game and ignore everything else. bottom line is this…no flag was thrown so get over it. go ravens!!

  52. throw46 says:Feb 8, 2013 1:21 PM

    Thats the way I saw it too….and I’m a Bay Area guy!

    i concur and i too am born n raised in the bay

  53. Wow – very few of you know the rules. Seahawk fan here and even I think that was holding. Crabtree may have planned on pushing off and he may have ran into Smith. Planning to do something is different than actually doing it, and it is not illegal for a WR to run into a defender or even push off a defender unless the ball is in the air. Pulling a WR’s jersey on the other hand is a penalty whether the ball is catchable or not. What Crabtree did was legal, what Smith did wasn’t. The refs didn’t call it because they were scared that making the correct call might be unpopular, and not calling anything would likely be seen as “letting the players play”. So they hid behind that premise even though it is their job to enforce the rules of the game, which were violated by Smith. The Niners might not have won, but they ABSOLUTELY should have had a fresh set of downs from the 2 1/2 yard line. If argue against that you either don’t understand the rules or you are blinded by your hate for SF. I hate them myself, but anyone who thinks they didn’t get screwed on this play (or the clear hold of #49 on Jacoby’s 108 yd kick return) just wants SF to lose, even if unfairly.

  54. There were other non-calls that come to mind like Ed Reed offside on the missed 2pt, the hold on Miller on the kick return was held for like 7 yards, and how to you push a ref and not get a flag? That all being said our D lost the game in the first half.

  55. That play wasn’t so bad . . . Cary Williams getting a pass (not even a flag) after shoving a ref and the lack of even a single flag on Baltimore for the comical degree of holding/tackling on the 49ers punt coverage team during the safety will ALWAYS leave me feeling jobbed as a 49er fan. And save the “it wouldn’t have mattered” take on the punt play. That doesn’t explain or excuse the lack of even a single flag.

    Every time I see the a gif of the punt play I feel like more of a chump for spending so much time and money on the NFL. Zero integrity or zero competence. It’s one or the other.

  56. So many uneducated fans referring to the falcons game and Crabtree pushing off. You are allowed contact within 5yds. A bear hug when you are beaten at 7yds is a penalty.

  57. Not surprisingly, most 49ers fans see that play as obvious PI.

    Less surprisingly still, Ravens fans are pretty much unanimous that it definitely was not PI.

    But one thing is for an undeniable absolute- Reverse the jerseys on that play, with a Raven trying to catch a game-changing TD on 4th down and a 49er hanging all over him, and every Ravens fan screams that the exact same play is 100% PI. Thumbs down to your heart’s content. You know it’s true.

  58. Lets go ahead and criticize every play. The game was called EXTREMELY tight. There was holding, face masks, illegal contact, etc on nearly every play.

    The only wrong call was the play calling. Run the ball like you’ve been doing the entire drive. QB option!

  59. professed seattle fan:

    We know the rules, we are saying that this call isn’t the type of light call Refs are going to make on 4th & goal with less than a minute to go. Could it have been called a PI? Yes. Was it: No. Light PI’s like that happen ALL the time in a game and aren’t called.

    I don’t think ANYONE would have got that call at the point in the game it was at. You wnat to see fixed go talk with the NFL.

  60. Guys, guys!!!!!!!

    If Crabtree scores that TD, big chance Flaco easily takes them downfield for a game winning FG or TD.

    Like 80 -90% chance, so please, don’t fret.

  61. To the first comment where the fella says the niners were robed and the game was fixed haha. Once again, you never had a lead in the game, you werent robbed you were beat by a better team. SORRY DOMINATED**. GET OVER YOURSELF. Ravens SuperBowl Champs babe…2time

  62. I hate when people call the super bowl winner “World Champs.” All 32 teams are in America so they would just be National champs. The MLB has teams in Canada and the United States so it makes sense to call it the World Series

  63. So he admits holding, he just has an excuse? Did I really just read that? Many are asking why that’s not offsetting penalties, and I agree. After seeing the pictures of that hold and the one on Brit Miller by two Ravens that sprung the kick return (not to mention 3 tackles on the safety) it makes me sick. Don’t get me wrong, this is not on the Ravens at all, this is on the officials, the NFL, and probably Vegas.

  64. I saw it just as Smith described it. I really didnt see a flagrant foul on the play at all.

    Crabtree initiated the contact, Smith held his ground and the ball was thrown so far that Crabtree would not have came close to it if he wasnt even covered on the play, unless he can run 10 yards from a dead stop in less than one second.

    Had the ball been thrown closer, it might have drawn a flag. Had Smith not let go and fell to the turf, it might have been a penalty. Had Crabtree not grabbed Smith to try and shove him away from the play, it might have been called.

    It really is a non-issue issue. Especially at this point. Games over, no call was made.

  65. And you didn’t have a handful of Crabtree’s jersey either, must’ve just been a bad camera angle ..apparently we shouldn’t trust our lying eyes huh Jimmy? Yeah right,
    Gimme’ a break!

  66. That play should ahve been without consequence anyway.

    The Ravens Offense sat cold for an hour and a half because of some lighting gaf. That game would have been a huge blow-out victory for the Ravens had they got back on the field while they were still loose on Offense. It took the Ravens 4 series to get back up to snuff.

    No power outage? Add 2 ravens scores (at least 10 points) and take away 2 Niners scores. Score woulda been something like 41-20.

  67. I don’t think it was fixed but if you can honestly say that the officiating was good then I don’t think you were watching the same game. Baltimore dominated the 1st half Niners dominated 2nd half… difference maker officiating

  68. I think Jimmy Smith is right, it wasn’t pass interference. It was, on the other hand, either holding or illegal contact. Regardless of who initiates contact, Smith had both hands holding onto Crabtree’s jersey. But, the 49ers can’t really complain because they got away with an even more obvious “no-call” to beat the Falcons. I guess what goes around comes around, right?

  69. The 4th-down play was a close call for many reasons… but the offside on the 2-pts conversion was clear and this is, I think, the play that everyone should be looking at. Niners should have had a second chance on that play.

    I mean, the refs can see a finger moving in the middle of the o-line, but they missed that offside… Reed had a full helmet in the neutral zone!

    If the Niners score on their second chance, they are going for the field goal to tie the game on the 4th-down and everyone is going in overtime.

    If the Niners don’t score on their second chance, they are going for the 4th down and now we can talk about the missed penality.

  70. What is he supposed to say??? Looks to me like you had both hands grabbing jersey before he ever touched your helmet. Another dumb athlete recreating history.

  71. I love this, “If it wasn’t for the power outage it would’ve been a blowout” line Ratbird fans keep using, as if the Niners haven’t been coming from behind throughout the playoffs! This game was proof that you just can’t gameplan for bad officiating.

  72. Was it Def holding on the last call.


    thumbs up is yes it was holding

    thumbs down is no it was not holding

  73. Lets run down the list of no calls that the refs did not make from the start of the game to the end.
    (1) The refs blew the call when Smith was pass interfered in the first half by the 49er’s when the ball landed in the endzone. Ravens punt instead of having 1st and goal at the 2.
    (2) The fight. One raven is punching the 49er lineman on the ground, causing his helmet to come off. #49 is punching the helmet off of the Ravens DB. #75 dives into the pile after the play is dead, spearing the player with his helmet and punching him. The Raven DB pushes the ref. All 4 players by rule should be ejected.
    (3) The ref’s blew the call by not calling holding on the Jone’s kickoff TD. It was funny watching the 49er player be grabbed, picked up off of the ground and carried like a toddler and the refs call no penalty.
    (4) Kap’s touchdown run was such an obvious hold on the Defensive lineman by the 49er offensive linemen, but no call.
    (5) The refs blew the call when the 49er secondary player launched himself into the pile doing his best impression of the great John Lynch for the Bucs after the whistle blew the play dead and speared Ray Rice with his helmet. Ray Rice was yelling at the ref who was standing right there to call the penalty, but the ref did not. I guess helmet to helmet contact and traumatic brain injuries aren’t such a worry for the NFL in the Super Bowl.
    (5) The refs blew the call by calling a penalty on Aker’s flop. Wasn’t even touched. Got a 2nd try and nailed the FG.
    (7) The refs blew the call on Gore’s touchdown as #77 pulls and grabs ahold of both of Suggs shoulder pads, turns him and sings a sweet song to him. Also on that play Ngata was chopped blocked that the refs missed and that caused Ngata to leave the game.
    (6) The refs blew the call on Roughing the passer when Joe Flacco was hit out of bounds. 1st and goal at the 3 if that penalty is called.
    (8) The refs blew the call on Crabtree. That was defensive holding. Rules are rules. No extenuating circumstances.

    The refs kept the flags in their pocket and I don’t have a problem with it. That’s football. And guess what. There a probably many more blown calls, but I think it is good for football when only 7 penalities are called and the players determine the game (20 yards of penalties 15:obvious roughing passer/5:running into kicker for the Ravens and 33 yards of penalties 4:obvious face mask/5:illegal formation/10:offsides/14:pass interference for the 49er’s). Why do you fortywhiners have a problem with it? Why do you fortywhiners say such unfounded things as the game was given to the Ravens? Why do you fortywhiners not address all of the non calls? One non call is not the sum total of the game. Be men and not act like spoiled little entitled kids. Life aint’ fair, as witnessed by this football game where calls were missed as well as a more perspective lending reality in our world that needs St. Judes’ Children’s Hospital and Walter Reed.

  74. all I’m bothered by are the people saying “he couldn’t have caught it”… I hate both teams, love to see Harbaugh crying tbh, but if you honestly think that without the contact he couldn’t have caught it.. you’re tripping, and i’m almost positive you are someone who has never played the game, just view the angles from the tv….especially with how many toe dragging catches are made today.

    other than that shut up, all of you…. and Ravens fans are so cute on here, so defensive… Like i said i hate both teams but you know damn well you got away with one, and yall are the biggest whiners so dont come with this “suck it haters” stuff, win like a man and lose like a man….

    oh and YOU ARENT ON THE TEAM (ravenator), this weenie acts like he did something to win the game

  75. “The refs kept the flags in their pocket and I don’t have a problem with it. That’s football.”

    and yeah I agree with that, but keep it consistent… because if that’s football, then that 3rd down PI on culliver where the ravens whole sideline was whining was some phantom bs… let them play like men and im ok, but call one ticky tack call and let another go, thats some bs… I’d rather them let more contact go, so we can stop seeing these players stop finishing plays and just crying..

    thats why i respect Dwight Freeney & Robert Mathis… those (undersized) badasses are always punkin tackles and getting held, but instead of throwing their hands up like “wheres the flag” they just play through it.. and even after the play, don’t look back for one, just move to the next play… thats how you play the game

    it just happens too often… stop with this soft crap let the MEN play

  76. @shadeforourbattle: Bro I think you forgot a couple, like Ed Reed jumping offsides, the guy that pushed the ref, or the blatant holding during the safety, I mean c’mon no flags on that one? really?? And i’m pretty positive there’s a couple more “non-calls” i’m forgetting. Not only were the Niners penalized more in the game, the Ravens were NOT penalized when it counted the most! ie: the run-back, the safety, with the Crabtree hold being the cherry on top. My problem isn’t so much with the outcome; regardless of what the “experts” were saying there was always a 50/50 chance we’d win or lose, my issue is that the refs were not consistent and did a crap job officiating during the biggest game of the season, especially during the most pivotal points in the game, with every non-call seemingly all going against the Niners. And now to add insult to injury Ravens fans and players a like are all acting like nothing happened!? Ok whatever then. The Ratbirds won congrats to them, but like judge Judy says, just don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining!

  77. no doubt in my mind that should have drawn a flag! but it didnt so lewis gets to retire with a another ring and a stabbed corpse….i mean what?!

  78. Lemme get this straight. You stood directly in front of a receiver you fully intended to jam who’s job you know it is to run straight ahead so that counts as “his fault?” Then you admit you held him past the 5 yards, which is illegal, but it shouldn’t count because he hit you first, which IS legal? Cool story, bro. Look, Jerry Rice fumbled against the Packers back in the day. Bad call. Not the reason they lost. But it happened. That was defensive holding. Not the reason they lost. But it happened.

  79. The refs really missed all of the intentional holding on the safety play near the end of the game. Otherwise, as a Saints fan I couldn’t care any less than you guys cared about bounty gate…. Later suckas!!!

  80. Crabtree tried running over Smith, Smith held Crabtree. The right call was no call at all. There would have been zero fairness in offsetting penalties. Really, 4th and Goal AGAIN for the Niners? Yeah, that’s fair.

  81. 100%, without question, undeniably Defensive Holding. It was a catchable ball, he was grabbed to stop his progress, he was about a step and a half short of the pass and was held for what would have been that amount of time needed to make the play.

    It’s just up to the Ref on whether or not to call it, which he didn’t. The Ref blew the call.

  82. Looking at the entire body of work by these officials ,during the ultimate sporting event ,the Super Bowl,it is clearly a complete failure. There is without question an East Coast bias in sports. I guess because you have the NFL H.Q. and ESPN along with the networks everything revolves around the East Coast. This is another example of the Sea Hawk / Steeler S.B. Let us not forget how the Raiders were jobbed by the tuck rule on that snowy New England night. It will be interesting to see if another West Coast NFL team ever gets a fair shot at the Lombardi Trophy. St. Louis is not West Coast,just in case you are wondering.

  83. I previously thought the Niners choked in the clutch, but fortunately Harbaugh and all his apologists are here to make excuses for what happened. So I no longer believe what I saw with my own two eyes when the Niners choked in the clutch, and now believe the 49er fairy tale version.

  84. The funny thing is i hear all these people saying it was the right call. the guy was holding his jersey with both hands while walking with him. even if i wasnt a niner fan it was pretty blatant to me. i have not seen one person on tv from nfl network to espn that thought it was a good no call. only niner haters and raven fans disagree. the drive before they for sure called a PI on culliver on a 3 and 9 that resulted in a FG that put the game to a 5 point lead. when it was time to make the correct call they swallowed there whistle. east coast bias.

  85. That was perhaps the worst officiated Super Bowl I’ve seen, and I haven’t missed a Super Bowl since Dallas/Pittsburgh in the 70s.

    From not ejecting Williams for pushing the ref in the first to, arguably, the final play…it was bad call after no call from kickoff to gun.

    That said: BOTH teams were either victims or beneficiaries at different times.

    The REAL reason San Fran lost is coaching. The wasted two timeouts that could have made a difference…and they threw fade passes against a gassed defense instead of running Rice or Kaepernick when it mattered.

    As to the final play, it could not be PI unless it was on Crabtree (he initiated contact), and it can’t be defensive holding on an uncatchable pass.

    It was a horrible call by Hairball. Pure and simple.

  86. @4d9erdynasty

    1st quarter with 00:23 left. 2nd and 13 from the San Fran 37. Flacco passes incomplete deep right to 82-T.Smith. On that play Phil Simms tells the audience that T.Smith was illegally contacted downfield and shows the video evidence of it also showing the video evidence of when the ball was in the air and the SF DB was grabbing T.Smith’s jersey and arm barring him, impeding and interfering with T.Smith’s ability to catch the ball that landed about a yard in front of him in the endzone. Were you upset that the refs did not call the penalty on this play. 1st and goal at the 2 would have been the result of the PI or the illegal contact would have given the a 1st down at the 32 of SF. Did that make your blood boil that the Ravens were forced to punt the ball instead of having the refs enforce the rules because “when it was time to make the correct call they swallowed there whistle?” Did it make your blood boil when Joe Flacco was annihilated when he was out of bounds on the 3rd and 2 play from the SF 20 yard line with 4:28 left in the 4th quarter and the refs should have called that penalty which would have given the Ravens 1st and goal at about the 5 and the 49er’s only had 2 timeouts left? I bet it made you mad and annoyed as a hound-dog with a really bad case of worms because “when it was time to make the correct call they swallowed there whistle.” Or does it only count when the refs miss calls on your team?

  87. East Coast bias..and St. Louis is not West Coast.
    You are trying to say that St. Louis should be included with East Coast bias? hahaha. I live in St. Louis. Wow, that is a whopper. San Francisco home of the whopper and whiners.

  88. You know all you fans that want to talk about putting * next to superbowl victories should really get over yourselves. If that call had gone the other way and the niners would have scored then none of you niners fans would have a issue at all. You lost and for the record I’m not a Ravens fan. And, I agree with the previous post. It’s not like you had stopped the Ravens all game long. I doubtvery seriously you would have kept them from driving the length of the field on you. So, get over it. The Ravens are the Superbowl champions, plain and simple. And, there’s not a damn thing your whinning about it can change. So, reload and make another run at it next year.

  89. I agree with the no-call on this play. I have a beef with was the no-call on blatant helmet-to-helmet collision on the previous play. 9 out of 10 times it gets called, especially with the NFL trying to crack down on helmet to helmet. Should have been half the distance to the goal, and a new set of downs for the .

    Regardless, the refs were sloppy all game, and the Ravens definitely lucked out in the end, but the game shouldn’t have been that close in the first place.

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