John, Jim Harbaugh still haven’t spoken since Super Bowl


Ravens coach John Harbaugh spoke to his brother, Jim, immediately after Super Bowl XLVII ended.  Since then, John Harbaugh has had more conversations with David Letterman.

Appearing Thursday on Letterman’s CBS late-night show, John Harbaugh talked about his post-game chat with Jim.

“I told him I loved him, good game, and he said, ‘Congratulations, I’m proud of you,'” John Harbaugh said.

“Have you spoken to him since?” Letterman asked.

“I have not,” John Harbaugh said, to laughter from the studio audience.  “We will.  Soon.”

John Harbaugh generated other laughter during the two-segment visit.  Asked about video showing him berating a league official during the 34-minute power outage, John Harbaugh said, “There was a concern about restaurants after the game.  New Orlean’s got a lot of great restaurants, Dave.  We weren’t sure where to go.”

John Harbaugh also joked that he was arguing that the game should have been called at that point, with Baltimore leading 28-6.  “It’s like baseball,” he said.  “You get your four-and-a-half innings in.  It’s done.”

Harbaugh explained that the anger he flashed during the blackout likely came from a concern that Jim and the 49ers eventually would make a game out of it, despite the 22-point deficit.

“That was not surprising,” John Harbaugh said.  “The longer I stood over there, knowing Jim, knowing the kind of competitor he is.  The type of team they had, you could just feel like they were gonna make a comeback.  And you just knew it was gonna be tough.  That’s the way it was our whole life growing up.”

And that’s the way it’ll be going forward, especially since Jim likely will never get past the fact that a flag wasn’t thrown on Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith on that fourth-and-goal play from the five.

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  1. And Jim Harbaugh still hasn’t said a word to Steve Tasker but have you heard a peep from Shannon Sharpe?


    What a hypocrite. Keep hatin’ Shannon!

  2. Jim may have been the NFL Quarterback and the favorite growing up, but the older John had the wisdom and brains to coach his team to a title.

    Maybe Jim will stop being a petulant child and sincerely congratulate his brother instead of being a selfish ass.

  3. Hey, us Viking fans are still ticked off about the no-call push off in the 70s Vikings-Cowboys playoff game.

  4. The best part of the interview is at the end when David Letterman says “Thank you to Head Coach Harbaugh of the Baltimore Raisins.”

  5. I think Jim needs to call John and sincerely congratulate him. I think John’s been very busy though with the parade and the celebration, so probably hasn’t had time to really talk to his bro.

    Probably also wants to give his brother some time to cool off and not appear like he’s rubbing salt in the wound.

  6. If any of you were in Jim’s shoes you’d probably take it out worse then he did. Ill be honest, is probably curse out the refs. Like Jim or hate him, there’s no denying he’s one of the best coaches in the game.

  7. Wrong time for it. If Jim wouldn’t have spoken with his brother before the Superbowl, especially when the call came in to let the Ravens use the Saints practice facility, Jim Harbaugh probably would have won the game. Treat your brother like an arch enemy on the week leading up to the game. After the game it should be all love.

    But hey, what do I know.

  8. I watched john hairbough on the David Letterman show and you could see it in his eyes. He was thinking “I would be the biggest crybaby in the NFL if it weren’t for my brother. And I know Mom and Dad love me more”.

  9. @johntonioholmes

    The 49ers got hosed? No. They didn’t get bailed out by the refs, on a ball that wasn’t even catchable. It wasn’t the refs fault that the 49ers defense was swiss cheese all night. It wasn’t the refs fault that the 49ers were down 22 points in the 2nd half.

    They already had 1 break, when the power went out and killed all the Ravens momentum. They don’t get anymore. Especially, when it was not as clear as people try to make it. Jimmy Smith might have got his hands on him but he wasn’t the aggressor. Crabtree initiated the contact by trying to push off and he kept pushing off through the whole play.

  10. Way to research fellas. They talked all of maybe 10 times over the past 2 seasons. I like Jim despite his craziness and I like John too but seriously these stories are getting old. I’m sure ravens fans feel the same.

  11. Get over the non-call you cry baby. What about Akers’ “dive”, what about the push off on Crabtree on 2nd down (which is the same thing he did on 4th down), What about the TACKLE of Pitta in the end zone as he was running his route on 3rd and goal that forced Balt to settle for the FG. And what about the blatantly obvious interfence on Roddy White on the last play of the game 2 weeks before? A penalty can be called on EVERY play on somebody. If the pass was AT ALL catchable and the contact that occured between the two wasn’t INTIATED by Crabtree (with the sole intent of pushing off to gain separation), then a flag would have been thrown.

  12. I’m sure they’ve both spoken to their parents. I can imagine Jim complaining “Ma! John always gets EVERYTHING!!”

  13. Who’s got it better than us?

    John’s got it better Jimmy-that’s who. He won the SB and you didn’t. Jim is such a hot head. You could see he’s the type of guy that will let this eat at him and ruin a relationship with his brother. Don’t let it happen Jim. let it go. life is too short.

  14. No matter what your opinion is on that last call, you can’t ignor the fact that Jim acted and is still acting like a spoiled little child. I know he’s always been that way, but it must be real embarrasing for John.

  15. GET OVER THE FLAG!!!! For the millionth time, if you want to argue that non call then you need to also address the holding non call on Kaps TD run and Flacco getting crushed 2 yards out of bounds empty handed that would’ve given Baltimore 1st and goal with under 5 and essentially ended the game. Stop crying. It doesn’t help you win championships!!

  16. This could have been telegraphed a mile away. It was clear that Jim would act like a first grader if he lost. John, on the other hand, is a class act. I don’t think John would act all jerky if the shoe was on the other foot.

    Hey Jim, when it is all said and done, it is only a game!!

  17. People shouldn’t comment on how they would handle this unless their team is put in that situation. Ummm Packers fans that are still arguing over the “Simultaneous Catch” call in the Seahawk game? I understand Coach Jim Harbs stance on being upset cause you know that your coach would feel the same way. What you should be more concerned with right now if you are a Ravens fan is repeating next year cause it probably ain’t gonna happen. But Jim and John are friends and brothers and that won’t change. So we will move on and hopefully will be challenging for the next Lombardi in early 2014.

  18. neepo13

    It’s defensive holding if there is contact beyond 5 yards. The ball was spotted on the 5, which means that any contact past the goal line is illegal. Watch the play again: Smith held him two yards into the endzone and then Crabtree pushed off. Crabtree’s push off certainly could have been called, but it hardly matter because the flag should have been drawn as soon as the crossed the goal line.

    Oh and the part about the ball being catchable is irrelevant because the call should have been defensive holding, not pass interference, in the first place. In the second place, the ball was just in the corner of the end zone–it wasn’t way out of bounds. Crabtree might have been able to pull a Santonio Holmes. It was certainly catchable.

    Lastly, let’s not forget the pass interference in 2nd down, and the holding on the Ravens fake punt which allowed them to run 5 or so more seconds off of the clock. If they called the holding on the fake punt, the 49ers get one last chance to go to the end zone after the free kick return. Not that they would have won with that last chance, but they still got hosed.

    So even if you forget the defensive holding penalty, the 49ers still got hosed. Not to mention the punching after every play that should have resulted in 3-4 more penalties for the Ravens plus one ejection.

  19. I loved that super bowl. It brought to light several things we kind of already knew. Ray lewis is a cheating murderer who had absolutely no game left. The harbaugh brothers are both crybabies! Flacco throws jump balls up for grabs ans gets lucky! And Baltimore is a disgraceful town that celebrates murderers! I leave anything out? Oh ya. Ravens team will be 7-9 next year after everyone leaves there! Cheers mates!

  20. neepo13

    One more thing. I cannot stand Jim Harbough and I don’t like the 49ers.

    But I do like properly officiated games.

    I know that the 9ers may have gotten away with one in Atlanta, but that has nothing to do with the poor officiating in the Super Bowl.

  21. My brother and I sometimes go a week without talking. When you’re busy, it just happens sometimes.

  22. As a giants fan, I’m glad Jim got burned on the smith no-call. Now I don’t have to listen to him whine anymore about the Bradshaw no-fumble.

  23. 35 years ago in the Harbaugh household:

    Dad: Hey John, how’d your team do?
    John: Aw, we lost.
    Dad: Gee, that’s too bad. How’d Jimmy’s team do?
    John: They lost too.
    Dad: Oh shi*.

  24. Jim’s a douche!!! He can coach very well, but his lack of saavy, class, and ability to keep a sane look and sound professional or cordial in any kind of conversation will be a downfall for him.

    He seemed to have been too obsessed with football or being the slaughterer to the point where he forgot that getting the ball to delanie Walker and Vernon Davis would help them!!! Ray Lewis was terrible in coverage and he never attacked Ray??

  25. @maximusprime

    Your argument is flawed in that Jim wanted a holding call, which is not affected by the ball being catchable or not. Pass interference is the only call that is nullified by the catchability of the ball.

  26. 49ers had all game to play and frittered away opportunities. They put themselves in a position where outcome came down to a few plays…some long before the final two minutes. The team that played best that particular day won. End of story (or should be).

  27. @neepo13

    So I guess you really are mad that the referees did not throw the flag for pass interference in the second quarter when Smith was illegally contacted down field (Phil Simms commented about this during the play) and then grabbed Smith’s jersey and arm barred him as the ball was in the air and the ball landed in the end zone about a yard away from Smith. You, Jim Harbaugh and all of the other 49er whiner fans are madder than an old wet hen that the refs did not call pass interference and award Baltimore the ball first and goal at the 2, right? I am sure you are as upset as a constipated two year old that the Ravens did not get that call and had to punt, right? Hypocrite. Take off the biased glasses and understand this game was consistently called both ways. The refs did not call much of anything both ways.

  28. jim is still mad the refs didnt bail him out of the fact that he made four bad play selections with a chance to win the game. it is inconceivable to me that he did not call even one kaepernick run play! they scored the previous possession on an corner sweep with gore. he failed to call on his two strongest weapons with the game on the line, and now he is blaming everyone else. the no-call was 50/50 at best. at the end of the day, the PLAYERS should decide the outcome of a game, not the refs.

  29. Now we’re writing stories about late night talk shows.

    So… Is there in fact any website that’s about football or is this as close as it gets?

  30. I can understand Jim’s frustration due to the fact that was holding. The 49ers had a personal foul missed when Flacco was hit out of bounds. If the Refs just missed flags against the Ravens then it would be time to snap. He is right though, there should have been a flag and that can eat someone up inside for years.

  31. The festering that Jim has over this loss is the type of motivation needed to make it back. The team will pick up on this and develop an “on a mission” mentality. 9ers in 2013-14!

  32. You guys who are calling for Jim to “get over it” – do you realize that Jim has made a total of 2 comments to the press about that 4th down play – once in the post-game presser, once on a SF radio show. And the Super Bowl was 4 days ago.

    And the fact is that Crabtree was held. Period. While there is a lot of subjectivity regarding penalties on many plays, when the intended receiver isolated in man coverage on a 4th down play gets blatantly held/impeded as he tries to run his route, the refs HAVE to make that call. And by the way, the Roddy White play was not interference, and comparing it to the Crabtree mugging just serves to insult everyone’s intelligence. I know some of you want to muddy the water here, but let’s keep it real.

    Can’t say I blame Jim. And if his protests result in the NFL making sure that the rules of the game are enforced for 60 minutes, then we should all be thankful.

    The Ravens will always be known as the team that won by cheating. That’s why the insults directed at Jim Harbaugh are so pointed.

  33. tednancy says:

    If you go back through each and every game SF played this season, you’ll find bad calls that helped the 49ers. It happens to every team, every week. That is why Jim should’ve kept his mouth shut. He should know better..because I guarantee that if this was reversed, Jim wouldn’t be so concerned about the officiating.

  34. @tednancy

    How did they cheat? Where is your empirical evidence that can quantify/qualify your statement? Sounds like you are acting like a one year old just throwing his mac and cheese on the wall and seeing if any of it sticks. Hey, love how you 49er whiners gloss over the obvious illegal contact and then pass interference on Smith in the endzone in the second quarter. Conveniently you forget about that and don’t ever comment about it. Watch the replay on NFL network in real speed and then in slow mo it. It is hilarious. You get to hear Phil Simms comment exactly about this and you get to see the ref right next to the play watching Smith’s jersey being grabbed and being arm barred. For some reason he did not throw a flag. The 49er’s got away with one there, because that is 7 more points on the board because it is 1st and goal at the 2 if they call the penalty that you whiners have said needs to be called for all 60 minutes of the game. We have heard all of your rule quoting on the Crabtree play. We’re waiting to hear you talk about the rules on that play.

  35. when your brother defeats you in the SB, his highest moment your lowest all because the Ref
    decided he could not throw a flag on a pass interference call the entire world could see you really take it hard.

    bro’s before hose

  36. It’s been nearly a week later and Jim still does not know which way he wants to have it?

    I don’t agree that Jimmy Smith commited a penalty, but if you want to argue that way, then let us analize the Ravens drive before: On 3rd & 2, the 49ers should have been flagged for a Personal Foul (late hit out of bounds) on Flacco. This was a much clearer penalty that the supposed PI from Jimmy Smith.

    What would have been the outcome had the refs seen the late hit out of bounds? The Ravens would have had a new set of downs. They might have scored 7 instead of 3, which in turn would have meant that the 49ers would have needed TWO instead of one possession to win the game, with LESS time.

    I think Kim dodged a bullet there, and he should be fair to aknowledge it. Can’t have it both ways.

  37. It’s not def holding if the ball is in the air. CK was blitzed and had to get rid of the ball in a hurry, because of that…the ball was in the air before any holding occured. Once the ball is in the air…it’s interference.

  38. What people don’t understand is Crabtree ran into Smith. HE initiated the contact. His sole intend was to make contact…and push off. It’s the exact same thing he did on 2nd down. He made contact…then pushed off and came back to the ball.

    If he doesn’t initiate contact…and Smith reaches out and hold him…then it’s more obvious and visible and the call is probably made.

    In ANY sport, players try to get away with doing whatever they can to prevent the other team from scoring. The key is to do it in a manner that the ref doesn’t notice. Because Crabtree engaged Smith and started the contact…it gave Smith the opportunity to slow him down without making it obvious to the ref. Great play!

  39. They are both way too overboard.
    I know a guy who was – yeek- a replacement official. He was telling me there were only two coaches who were jerks to them and didn’t understand – The Harbaugh brothers.
    There isn’t any place in sports for the act he threw when he didn’t like that call.

  40. The pre-game press meet between these two were not warm to say the least. Jim was wound tight and only John did a couple of half-jokes. Don’t look like these two are best buds at all.

  41. nwfisch says:
    Feb 8, 2013 11:53 AM
    Drew Brees wants an explanation.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    And I guess YOU think this is cute or funny?? The article is about the Harbaugh brothers that coach the 9ers & Ravens. And your making wise cracks about Brees – SOoooo S T U P I D dude.

  42. I can’t believe another fool goes off topic and moans about Ray lewis. But of course it’s a loser steelers fan. Big Ben owns nothing. Pittsburgh is the biggest armpit I have ever driven through and you pick on Baltimore. You know nothing. change your name to Thenflownsbigben, loser.

  43. Was still a good game even with the refs completely swallowing their whistles.
    For those that want to say that it could have gone either way – the reason the receiver WAS pushing off was because he was getting held THAT badly. It was, zero question – minimum, holding penalty, but very likely pass interference. The receiver pushed off BECAUSE he was – AS a minimum – HELD.
    It was a sad way to have the game turn – sure – I wanted SF to win – I’ll admit that – but I wanted them to also LOSE without something like this.
    There WERE other bad calls during the game – and that occurred for both sides – however – to have the worst of the bad calls to happen in this situation is egregious.
    I DO understand that the officials really don’t want to be known as changing the outcome of the game – essentially their reasoning for swallowing the whistle late in the game – but – you gotta step up too when it is THAT obvious to – hell – EVERYONE watching (including Ravens fans). The lack of holding on the safety play – huh? When the play happened in REAL TIME it was OBVIOUS (CRAZY OBVIOUS) holding – no call. And then the no call on the other play – it’ a little much to stomach and ruined an otherwise good game.
    Regardless of who ends up winning – these calls destroy the game. Yes – there were bad calls throughout the game – but – when the refs swallowed their whistles – the calls were ALL against SF – they have a RIGHT to feel ripped off.
    If the calls were made correctly – Mike Perrera be damned – it MAY have been different – but – we will never know. Don’t ruin a game by swallowing the whistles – fans deserve better – the winners, the Ravens, deserve the win without controversy, and the Niners deserved a shot to win fair and square on the field – and they did not get it.
    Jim Harbaugh felt that his team was ripped off at the end of the game – and I have no doubt that after he has had the chance to review the game footage he feels even worse.
    Ravens or SF fan – this was NOT a fair way to end a game – there should be NO controversy.
    I’m not whining though – not a SF fan in general – they are not “my team” – which adds credence to my argument. If I were a SF fan – would be easy to just say…”whiner”. I’m a fan of the game – a full 60 minute fair game.

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