New knees give Tom Moore new coaching life


It seems that veteran coach Tom Moore has retired more times than Brett Favre.  Like Favre, Moore has unretired again.

Moore has joined the Cardinals as the assistant head coach/offense.  His latest return to football has been fueled by a pair of new knees.

“Don’t worry about my chronological age because I feel like I’m about 50,” Moore said Friday in his initial press conference as a member of Bruce Arians’ coaching staff in Arizona.  “I still have a lot of coaching to do.”

The 74-year-old Moore has done a lot of coaching, with 35 NFL seasons dating back to the Steelers teams of the ’70s and continuing through the Colts under Peyton Manning.  Last year, Moore was helping Manning prepare for a return to the NFL when Duke coach David Cutliffe urged Moore to get his knees checked out.  The process ended with Moore getting one new knee in April and another in August.

He comes to Arizona with a time-honored approach that too few coaches follow.

“Football is a game of people,” Moore said.  “There are lots of systems.  One of the things you want to make sure you do, and it’s what we are doing, you don’t come in with preconceived ideas.  You don’t say, ‘I’m Tom Moore and this is what we’re going to do.’  It doesn’t work that way.

“You do what your players can do.  Find out what they are best at, find out their strengths and take advantage of those strengths.”

In Arizona, the challenge is finding players other than Larry Fitzgerald who have actual strengths, especially on the offensive line.

“Everything in the passing game starts with protection,” Moore said.  “There are millions of pass patterns.  But the single biggest thing you have to work on and get established each week is your pass protections.  You have to get that ironed out.”

The thinking, then, is that as the offensive line improves, the quarterback play will improve, too.  Regardless of who the quarterback is.

11 responses to “New knees give Tom Moore new coaching life

  1. I wish he had tweeted this to Saints’ D Coach Spags last season:

    “Football is a game of people. There are lots of systems. One of the things you want to make sure you do…you don’t come in with preconceived ideas.”

    You don’t say, ‘I’m Tom Moore and this is what we’re going to do.’ It doesn’t work that way.”

    Good luck Coach Moore. Because of him, I’m going to be watching that Arizona offense more closely.

  2. Tom is coming out of retirement because he feels like 50. Several of the players are contemplating retirement for the same reason. It’s nice to have a “glass half full” guy around.

  3. Oh, God, Tom Moore is so overrated. He looked like a genius when he coached Peyton Manning inside a dome. Yippee. You should have seen what happened when he had to work with Mark Sanchez. It was like a kid who pulls out his cheat sheet to find it blank.

  4. What do we do if the Super Bowl is in New York City and the snow is three feet this week. Do you really think thoes high end people that attend the bowl came or up for a day like that. Think you are wrong you need to keep that came in the south. That is what brought the popularity back they can leave the cold state and party in the south. That what made it’s popularity poor comish screws up again.

  5. By the way, the Cards have some hope if they want to keep their running well, but only have their pass catchers to depend upon.

    The Broncos, Patriots, and Falcons were the three of Top 10 passing yardage teams to rank in the top 10 in scoring defense, but the only two to allow fewer than 20 pts/gm were the Broncos and Falcons.

    The only thing is that they need are quarterback, linemen, and running backs and need to shop for them everywhere. Those three teams were able to sustain it because they’re better in all three areas.

    Also, they need another pass rusher alongside Sam Acho.

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