NFL Characters Unite returns to USA Network

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Last year, a group of NFL players and former coach Tony Dungy used personal challenges involving bigotry, abuse, and racism to help improve the lives of four teenagers facing similar situations.

This year, NFL Characters Unite returns, with a new group of players.  Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck, Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain, Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald, and Steelers safety Troy Polamalu share their own personal stories and help a child or teen facing similar challenges and adversity.

McClain felt ostracized when his family was homeless, Tuck endured bullying (go ahead and bully him now), Fitzgerald witnessed discrimination during his mother’s battle with cancer, and Polamalu learned to embrace his heritage and unique appearance.

The show debuts tonight at 7:00 p.m. on USA Network, as part of its Characters Unite Month.  With the Northeast united in weathering a snowstorm, get settled on the couch and dial up USA and getting ready to see a quartet of football stars use their fame for something positive.

4 responses to “NFL Characters Unite returns to USA Network

  1. I hope Jameel remembers his past clearly so he doesn’t fritter away his future the way so many of his predecessors have. I am not familiar with him, but if he is associating with coach Dungy, he must be a person who is headed down the correct path. Best of luck to him for giving back to society.

  2. Watched the show with my kids.

    These players are class acts and feel they have a responsibility to help people who need help.

    The guys didnt do it for fame or fortune, they already have that. These guys reached out to others out of a connection they had with the young folks in the show.

    Great show. My kids have a little more understanding of what some kids have to deal with and were able to see the situation from another persons perspective.

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