Panthers owner: “I never would want our team to move”


Panthers owner Jerry Richardson met with members of Charlotte City Council Friday, emerging briefly to tell reporters moving his team isn’t anything he’s interested in.

The Los Angeles scare-tactic reared its head predictably when the team began looking for public money to upgrade Bank of America Stadium, but Richardson denied that was anything he was looking at.

The process is continuing,” Richardson said, via the Charlotte Observer. “We gave them a report about our trips to Raleigh and we’re continuing to work.”

Asked about the possibility of moving, Richardson said “I never would want our team to move somewhere else. I never said that.”

Richardson and team president Danny Morrison met with the council for 90 minutes. Local officials have been open toward helping with around half of the estimated $250 million, while state politicians are trying to insulate themselves from constituent criticism by saying they’d be willing to help pay for infrastructure, but not the stadium itself.

16 responses to “Panthers owner: “I never would want our team to move”

  1. He didn’t say the WOULD NOT move. He only said he would not WANT to move. He is sneakily allowing himself wiggle room. He may HAVE to move them if the money is right!


    But if I don’t get my way, I WILL.

    Gotta love businessmen, their word is only as good as the next deal that gets put in front of them.

  3. That stadium (and the team) are not even 20 years old yet; the stadium needs an upgrade already? Did they shoddily construct it to begin with way back when it was built in the mid 90’s? Sounds more like another pro sports franchise owner beating the public extortion drum while claiming to be poor.

    With a franchise worth 1 billion $ – He should use his own money to adjust the stadium any way he thinks is necessary – and leave the tax payers out of it who are probably still on the hook for the existing stadium.

  4. Richardson is 100% all in with keeping the Panters in Carolina unless of course the citizens don’t pay for upgrades to his work place.

  5. What is more valuable to the NFL: a team in Los Angeles, or a teamless L.A. that virtually every owner in the league can use as leverage to squeeze corporate welfare out of their existing city?

  6. They signed an agreement with the city today. 15 yrs worth of funding and upgrades. Also wording to keep them here if he passes and the team is sold.

  7. Totally ridiculous! The fact that the fans have to pay 30-50% of the cost of the stadium when being built & then paying $143M over 15 yrs & that being the bulk of amount of cost to upgrade the stadium. No wonder they’re billionaires. They get the fans to pay $300-500 million dollars for something we receive $0.00 in benefits.

  8. When are people going to wise up and quit letting cities put their tax dollars into stadiums that don’t last 20 years? Demand that your money go to roads and schools. It’s different for LA and NYC who have millions and millions of people to spread the pain, but cities like Charlotte, Nashville and Jacksonville are being pillaged.

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