Phillip Daniels out as Redskins director of player development

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The stint of former Redskins defensive lineman Phillip Daniels as the team’s director of player development didn’t develop the way everyone had envisioned.

Daniels is out after one year, according to Mike Jones of the Washington Post.

After playing for the Redskins from 2004 through 2010, Daniels rejoined the team in 2012.  Jones reports that Daniels wanted to get into coaching, but that the Redskins weren’t going to provide that opportunity.

It likely didn’t help Daniels’ prospects that he admitted the Redskins had a bounty system when Gregg Williams served as the team’s defensive coordinator.  The league took no action against the Redskins or any team other than the Saints, perhaps in an effort to avoid making public the depth of the rabbit hole.

12 responses to “Phillip Daniels out as Redskins director of player development

  1. You do not need development if you grind players into the ground after a year. That’s a solid cost cutting measure Skins.

    Angry Skins fans ready to hurl hate at Mara in 5…4…3…2…1…

  2. ^—– Gotta agree with him. They risked destroying RGIII’s career by playing him injured, and Alfred Morris can’t handle the workload he had this season forever. Shanahan will grind his players into dust.

  3. Before it starts … the Redskins did NOT get a cap penalty. They were only made to count Haynesworth’s contract against the cap … as it should have been. They were told they couldn’t just pay him off and wash their hands of the bad deal THEY agreed to. It’s not a penalty to be made to play by the same rules as everyone else.

  4. Isnt this the guy responsible for getting IR-knee3 his Hoveround scooter “pimped out”? Rims n stereo system and uncle ruckus rear view mirror picture?

  5. The Saints continued it after they where told to stop and then lied about it to the league. That’s why they got in trouble and no other team did.

  6. The admission of Gregg Williams’ bounty program is likely insignificant toward his ending or his current job status, but Daniels was under two different coaching administrations before Shanahan got there and likely stayed there for a while because he and ex-Redskins DC and D-Line coach Greg Blache go back to their Chicago days.

    More than likely he just wasn’t a Shanahan guy.

  7. John Mara severely penalized two division opponents for failing to participate with the other owners in an illegal scheme to violate federal anti-trust laws, while finding a nifty little way to provide his own team in salary-cap hell nearly $2 million dollars in salary cap relief.

  8. It’s not the penalty dipsh**,

    It’s the ambush-like timing of when the penalty was handed down. League was aware of the “transgression” for about two years

    Don’t be so superficial…

  9. This would be a great time for the Redskins to help NFL diversity and interview a caucasian Director of Player Development. Only three out of 32 positions are held by white men. This is the same disproportional percentage that the NFL and media is balking about over African American head coaches, and rightfully so.

    If we’re looking for equality in the league, this must be looked at as well.

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