Sapp, Strahan exchange more pleasantries, with an Ochocinco cameo


When former Giants defensive end, future Hall of Famer, and “media darling” Michael Strahan called out former Bucs and Raiders defensive tackle, new Hall of Famer, and media “menace” Warren Sapp on Twitter for Sapp’s recent radio comments, we hoped Sapp would respond.

We also hoped the response would be a little more biting.

Initially, Sapp said “we stop competing 5+years ago #AllTheBest.”

Said Strahan:  “I only competed against myself.  Don’t let people make you get at me to justify your HOF selection. Enjoy it because u earned it.”

At some point, Sapp apparently said to Strahan, “You got my #!”

To which Strahan replied, “You have my # too. I’m a grown man and handle myself like one. Respect me and I respect you!

It only got good when a guy who doesn’t handle himself like a grown man, will never be in the Hall of Fame without a ticket, but who at least has a self-made Hall of Fame blazer chimed in.

Both of u mothaf–kas are the sh-t no matter what, Hall of Fame or not what you’ve done is set in stone,” said former NFL receiver Chad Johnson f/k/a Ochocinco f/k/a Johnson.

So, to summarize, Sapp used to compete against Strahan, Strahan competed against no one, Strahan has Sapp’s phone number, Sapp has Strahan’s phone number, and Johnson thinks both of those “mothaf–kas are the sh-t.”

37 responses to “Sapp, Strahan exchange more pleasantries, with an Ochocinco cameo

  1. Has anyone ever heard of a player who was recently inducted to the HOF take another shot another player… I must say, Sapp, should just shut the F*ck and be happy is in.SMH

  2. nwfisch says:Feb 8, 2013 11:50 AM

    Drew Brees is satisfied with this explanation.


    But Tiki Barber is flabbergasted by it.

  3. “Drew Brees is satisfied with this explanation.”


    This is getting really old.

    On a side note. I hope Sapp decides to let Ochocinco introduce him into the hall of fame. The speech would be rather interesting.

  4. idk i didnt hear sapps comments so idk if they came out as disrespectful or just a joke bec just by reading them i cant see anything wrong w him callin strahan good morning america or media darling lol sapp threw jabs at himself too.. i think it was all fun strahan took wrong but if i was mike id be mad to i didnt make HOF he got robbed!!!!!

    that said i love the internet sometimes its hilarious..esp the new pics of beyonce LOL the one with chris tucker in fridays hilarious

  5. because grown men handle their beef on Twitter??? You are both little girls act like adults and stop fighting over the internet like a couple of 12 year old school girls.

    if i had their numbers i would call and say that too….maybe not so much to their face…

  6. Seems to me like Strahan is a little more insecure about not being selected than he’d like to admit. Sapp’s comments were pretty accurate and weren’t intended as a shot at Strahan.

    No need for Strahan to even respond unless he’s feeling a little slighted by the HOF.

  7. Little girls going at it on twitter, love it, not. I teach and i see this amongst my students all the time, cant believe these grown a$$ men are resorting to this petty ness ridiculous. A lot of these players have the mental capacity of a three year old, sad really.

  8. Great Football players both Sapp and Stray. theres no reason for them to be upset Stray will get in the HOF just like Sapp did. I feel somebody elses hands on this and they should too.

  9. just three loudmouths hoping to keep their names relevant… maybe Sapp will sign on with Kathy Lee and he can compete with Strahan for daytime ratings…

  10. CRAP! Now why didnt one of these guys at least drop the “shut up, your wife looks like she tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios” line!!

  11. Everybody on this thread seems to want to jump on Sapp and he is the
    one that just went to the HOF. There’s a reason for that. HE DESERVE IT. and thanks Sapp for cutting Chad Cliffton in half. Always good to takeout a packer

  12. I really do not know nor will claim to know what exactly was said, but at the same time, I don’t understand why Sapp felt he needed to mention Strahan other than they were in the same HOF candidate class?

    And, there must be a reason why he mentioned and, ultimately, said something negative about Stahan.

    As a Giants fan, I loved what Strahan did for Big Blue while he wore the uniform and at the same time, have respect for Sapp as a player. But I personally don’t think both have the talent to be in TV, NFL related or otherwise.

    This may just be a case of “Mr. Irrelevant’s” at this point trying to get whatever exposure they can get. Because, and granted both are still NFL commentators, I really have not heard much about Sapp until I came across this article.

    Grow up guys!!!

  13. This twitter thing is the beginning stages of being emasculated men hurling insults through txt messages tweetle D and Tweetle dumb this whole story is hoe hum good morning america yeah that’s a fair assesmant of Strahan big O’le country buck dancer. You can argue that Sapp was an inovator at the position who can’t be reproduced multidementional player. I appreciate Strays game but he’s going to have wait to receive his tickets to the big dance for now settle for broadway tell kelly I said Hi is she due again?

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