Singletary interviews for Rams defensive coordinator position


Former 49ers coach Mike Singletary wants to be a head coach again.  Since he’s currently a linebackers coach with the Vikings, becoming a defensive coordinator would be a big step in that direction.

According to Jeremy Fowler of, Singletary has interviewed for the defensive coordinator position in St. Louis.

Of course, Singletary became the head coach in San Francisco without ever being a defensive coordinator.  To date, it’s a job he’s never held.

The Hall of Famer launched his coaching career in 2003, and he joined the Vikings in 2011.  Last month, Singletary interviewed for the head-coaching job in Chicago, where Singletary played.

44 responses to “Singletary interviews for Rams defensive coordinator position

  1. Doesn’t Singletary run a 3-4? Isn’t a 3-4 philosophy the reason the Rams parted ways with “Five Minutes” Ryan?

  2. I would like to see him get one more shot as a head coach. He was right on Vernon Davis, for example. Perhaps next time, now that he has experience, he can get more out of players using different tactics.

  3. I’d hire him if I was in charge I GB…. Bet his 3-4 does better than Capers, at least for a fire seasons.

  4. So they went from hiring a maniac cheat last year, to just a maniac this year. I think Jeff Fisher is the most overrated coach in the league, and it’s very apparent he is a control freak that wants to run his teams like a dictator. Definitely not a “Players Coach”…

  5. This would actually be a good fit considering their defensive philosophies were both shaped by Buddy Ryan, and Singletary’s been in a 4-3 the past few years. Certainly a better choice than Dick Jauron!

  6. @mikebrownfaux
    Please name one NFL coach who has demonstrated extended success who is not a “control freak”.

    Fisher has been around ~15 or 20 years as a head coach and the “players coach” has been applied to him for years. Not exactly something a coach is tagged with after one year.

    “Control freak” and “players coach” are not necessarily mutually exclusive terms in this case.

  7. Singletary needs to be a D coordinator first, then think about being a head coach. Wasn’t it obvious in SF that he had no idea what he was doing?

  8. What is up with this site not posting my comments? Do I need to get my sports fix somewhere else?

  9. will Mikey drop his pants again during the interview to make a point…or be the BUTT of some off color jokes..tee hee.

  10. Worst coach ever!!!!! its just great to have a real coach like jim harbaugh!!!! we have had to great seasons under harbaugh….14 draft pics this yr and possibly a more for alice smith…

  11. Great guy. Great linebacker. But he has zero creativity in his thinking. I hope he gets the job because he needs to cut his teeth as a DC first before trying the head coaching gig again.

  12. jimbo75025…. You don’t think going from Gregg Williams to Mike Singletary says anything about Jeff Fisher? Sorry I do, and I haven’t thought much of Fisher from his years with Titans either. Just my opinion. The guy is overrated and again in my opinion, wants his teams run more like an Army of machines, and less like a football team of players.. I think who he has hired, points to the fact even more..

  13. smartanis says: Feb 8, 2013 7:11 PM

    Doesn’t Singletary run a 3-4? Isn’t a 3-4 philosophy the reason the Rams parted ways with “Five Minutes” Ryan?

    Singletary doesn’t RUN anything. He’s a LB coach in a 4-3 scheme.

    Get informed before you post a comment!

  14. @joey49er

    You have 11 picks in April. Not 14. Enjoy your NFC title…especially since the SB loser hasnt win it all the following season since 1973.

  15. Only HC in history to call a timeout BEFORE the first play from scrimmage. Happened in Oct ’09 Niners vs Seahawks. Next candidate please

  16. Stoptrippin I have to disagree to an extent because when he took the niners HC he made a vow that he would voluntarily step down if he did a poor job and the team didn’t succeed. He was given that opportunity during another wasted year and refused. That isn’t a man of his word. I believe for the most part he is sincere but for each Vernon story there was 20 other bad situations that got mismanaged. All that said a DC position is a good start and the rams is an ideal situation to give him a run. Young D and Fisher is there as a safety net in case the job is too big. I hold no grudges but I am definitely thankful that we have Harbaugh now. Even though he’s quite crazy lol. Now go look at the film Samurai Mike and good luck to you

  17. W
    Well being a niner fan I will say sing has some skills.s
    But he truly seemed stuck in the 80’s offense was so far out coached I remember I could sit on the couch and tell what play he was running I am nothing but high school coach. I remembered thinking well if I can figure it out what was highly skilled DC doing. I don’t know if he could ever be HC again. I think his motivations get old as well. He would have to have the best OC & DC and let them Do the game planning. I got nothing against sing. Because he helped make the best TE in league. Don’t give me gronk. Bull crap cause up until keap started gronk was playing with Brady. Ask any DC who worrys you more and it’s VD. but anyway I do want to sing succed but his terriable run as HC everyone saw how bad he was he truly was guys halftime adjustments was totally out coached game planning ect. So honestly I really don’t know if a team would take a chance on him with DC I just don’t think he ever will be DC or HC again. I would get my life on it. People just don’t forget.

  18. mikebrownfaux | Feb 8, 2013, 7:12 PM CST
    Last time I check Gregg William never actually coached the Rams and did the Rams actually Hire Singletary? Oh these are not opinions these are facts…so how does that control thing work again? He is HC and hires and fires who he wants. As far as Fischer being a Players Coach or not having read what Long Jackson and Lauranitis say he is Players Coach and that’s there opinion so what exactly is your point oh that you have opinions ok just that in my opinion they are pointless and that’s my opinion.

  19. I so want him to get this job and then for the Rams to draft Manti Te’o. The whole “is he gay” and “pulling his pants down during a pep talk” dynamic is just too funny.

    Then again, it could be that I’m just immature and weird.

  20. “Can’t practice with him , can’t play with him , can’t win with him. Mike made Veron a real man. Veron should send Mike a check every year. Before than, Veron was know as “Looks like Tazen, hits like Jane”
    Mike was the closest thing to LT and Harry Carson that I ever saw. All HOFs.Reality check for all you wanna be experts

  21. One of the best coaches over ever seen…and in a cardinals season ticket holder.

    He turned SF from pretenders to contenders.

    Some if y’all don’t get how bad that team was mentally and physically

    I do not want him in our division.

  22. Interesting, for those of you not familiar with the Minnesota Vikings this clown was hired as part of Leslie Frazier’s entourage. No one knows what he does for a living, he is legendary for skipping meetings and doing lots of personal chores. The guys an idiot.

  23. If you like how the 49ers defense played defense in 2011 that was Singletary fundamentally sound discipline football. The 2012 49ers defense is more indicative of their life without Singletary.

    If I were a defensive minded Head Coach Singletary would be on the top of my list for D Coordinator.

  24. All you clowns that think Singletary built this team need your heads checked. 90% of the holdover roster actually came from Nolan and in case you didn’t notice the defense was routinely ranked middle of the pack at best under Singletary’s watch… but hey puff him up however you want to make you feel better. Sing didn’t want Willis but went gaga over Taylor Mays and Kentwan Balmer. So save the “what you saw in 2011 was singletary’s effect” because they ranked as well or better in every single category this year as they did last. The difference is they got more fatigued as the playoffs hit this year

  25. 18-22 with a regressive 5-10 record in his final season. No trips to the playoffs despite Seattle being able to win the division at 7-9… vs 27-9-1.. two consecutive divisional titles and a superbowl appearance. Not to mention the nobody can win with Alex Smith debacle that Harbaugh made him look like a fool for. Yeah Singletary is clearly the true mastermind

  26. Goldrush36- Mays should of been coached up from the start. Baalke wanted to get back at Sing. I think Baalke is a total yes man. I’ve heard the player do not like him.

  27. Singletary had nothing to do with Kentwan Balmer. That was Scott Mccloughan looking for the next Richard Seymour.

    Why just skip over the fact that Singletary wanted Michael Oher badly, but the 49ers decided to go with Crabtree instead.

    Plus 49er fans know nothing about football that’s why I’m glad you all got WHUPPED in the Superbowl. The 49ers in 2011 were a product of Singletary’s coaching. Physical, Disciplined, Relentless, Tough, and smart. That’s Singletary’s 5 pillars of football.

    Those pillars are almost gone from the 49ers now that Sing’s not there thats why your players tackle sloppy now, leaky against the run and try to do more than their assignment and are undisciplined. You all now have Fangio’s Xs and Os but no longer have Sing’s influence. Good luck to the 49ers future without it.

  28. I’d like to see Singletary get a shot at being a DC. Won’t know if he can do it until he tries. For those of you calling Fisher a “control freak” I’d just ask, “Compared to who?” These guys are all control freaks.

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