Strahan fires back at Sapp


Earlier this week, new Hall of Famer Warren Sapp explained that he had doubts about his ability to make it to Canton because Sapp believed he was ultimately competing with Michael Strahan for the same spot.

“Say if I rewind this to Saturday at 12 o’clock me and you are sitting and I say, ‘It breaks down whatever and whatever and then you have Michael Strahan and me.  C’mon, the menace and the media darling,’” Sapp told WDAE in Tampa.  “C’mon.  Madness, or Good Morning America?  I mean, c’mon.”

Strahan noticed the remark (we’re glad he still reads PFT), and Strahan fired back overnight on Twitter.

You never cease to amaze me!” Strahan said to Sapp.  “Enjoy your moment.  You don’t need to take a shot at me to justify yourself to other people.”

We assume/hope/pray Sapp will respond at some point soon.

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  1. Was that really an insult or shot at Strahan?? I really don’t think it was. No reason for Strahan to even respond.

  2. Did I miss something? Is Strahan not a media darling? Sounds like a compliment. How is stating that ‘people like you’, taking a shot a someone?

  3. Not really sure what Sapp said to cause such a fuss. But he should’ve been in over Strahan anyways. His numbers from the interior are much better than Strahan’s from an end position. Way to blow things out of proportion. This must be the kind of news we will get now that there is no more football until the combine then the draft

  4. I am no fan of Warren Sapp, but I do not see where he is taking a shot at Strahan. Am I missing something? If anything, I think he is being critical of himself.

  5. of course your waiting on the edge of your seat for Sapp to fire back. you should be working for entertainment hollywood. the wrong things about the world of football excite you, gossip girl

  6. I don’t know about this. To me it sounds like Sapp was saying he DIDN’T think he would get in over Strahan. Although i guess he makes it sound like that was only because of their image in the media.

    They are both Hall Of Famers no doubt about it.

  7. I don’t think Sapp even took a shot at Strahan, he just said Strahan is more likely to win a popularity contest because of his personality. Mountain, molehill.

  8. This is an odd story, since it seems like Sapp is saying he is the “menace” and Strahan is the “darling”. How can anyone take offense at that….if anything Sapp was praising Strahan and slaming himself.

    This is a crazy backward story.

  9. Boy, Strahan, you’ve got thin skin. It is taking a shot at you by calling you “a media darling?” Seriously? His point was that he thought you were the FAVORITE to get in and was surprised to get in himself. It is nuts for you to take offense.

  10. No. It came down to a much better all around player who did it longer against a lesser player who just so happens to work for the nfl Gestapo. Goodell can’t have someone without a ring on the morning show. If sapp worked for espn he’d be on the cris carter path to the hof

  11. Sounded like a compliment to me. Strahan needs to take a chill pill and re-read Sapp’s comments. Warren Sapp deserved to get in before Strahan, but not before Andre Reed. Reed was much more instrumental in the way he helped his team to 4 straight Superbowls. Win or loss, Its still 4 straight appearances! It will never be accomplished again, at least not in our lifetime.

  12. hooks024 says:Feb 8, 2013 9:07 AM

    “I love 92. class act. it’s a crock that sapp got in over him, yet he still takes the high road. well done, Mr Strahan.”

    Umm, no. Taking the high road would be not responding at all.

  13. I’m a diehard Eagles fan and i can admit that Strahan is a HOF’er and absolutely more worthy than Warren Sapp. Congrats to Strahan for a perfect response to Sapp’s usual garbage that he spews. Sapp is just a blowhorn look at me and what i have to say. Just shut up man. Good job Strahan.

  14. Sapp just being a loudmouth jerk as usual. Sapp was implying that Strahan would get in over him only because he’s on Good Morning America….nothing to do with his playing ability. I can see why Strahan took exception to it.

  15. Sapp didn’t really say anything wrong, but these guys haven’t liked each other for a decade since Sapp started talking trash about Strahan not having a ring. Even if its a compliment, Strahan doesn’t want his name coming out Sapp’s big mouth.

  16. And I think if Parcells (not Sapp) isn’t on the ballot, Strahan gets in because they both represent the Giants.

  17. Not sure how that was a shot but I would add classless-lying-assclown or just a down to earth kinda funny dude.

    Btw, Sapp AND Crocker in the Hall? This must be the year the nfl decided not to broadcast it cause I can’t imagine many people wanting to hear any more from the jokers.

  18. The point Sapp was making (clumsily) was that if Strahan got the HOF instead, it would be because he was a media darling, not because he earned it on the field. And that IS an insult.

  19. Here it is for those that don’t get it: Sapp’s comments are a back-handed compliment. He’s calling Strahan the league’s idea of a golden boy that would get in the hall for reasons other than his efforts on the field. It’s subtle, you have to be aware of others intentions to get it. As for the rest—it’ll soar right over your heads.

  20. The NFL HOF has become a pathetic joke just as bad as the RnR HOF. Sapp being a first ballot selection proves this as fact.

  21. Sapp needs to shut up and just be thankful he is in. He wasn’t complimenting Strahan on being a media darling… was an underhanded jab….a haha, I got in and you didn’t even though every likes you better. Sapp runs his mouth and gets in trouble all the time, and only still has a job because he is with NFL Network and NOT ESPN. Just ask Jeremy Shockey about how much Sapp runs his mouth!

  22. Sapp has always had a beef with Strahan since they were in their primes. Clear anti NY bias on the sports writers by voting Sapp in over Strahan. Clearly a veiled dig at him by calling him a media darling and still acting like a hater even though Strahan got hosed over the voting decision. Different positions, both great players, but Sapp should’ve been the one in 2nd based on Strahan being as effective at run defense as he was a pass rusher. Very rare in a DE to be great in both.

  23. The fact that Strahan pays his bills makes him a better person than Sapp.

    To paraphrase Animal House, “Fat, stupid and destitute is no way to going thru life, son”

    Sapp is a morally bankrupt person no matter his football accomplishments.

  24. Ummm!! I am confused here. When I first read Sapp’s comments, I never felt he was taking a shot at Strahan. He called him the media darling. He is the media darling. I do not see why Strahan took that the wrong way. Sapp, I thought, was surprised he got in over Strahan.

  25. To me, Sapp’s comment was self-deprecating. And I’m not a Sapp fan. Strahan is the better personality and deserves to be there at some point, but Sapp was the more dominant player.

  26. Strahan and Sapp had been going after each other all the way back to when Strahan broke the single season sack record. Say what you want about Farve going down, that isn’t on Strahan. Farve took a dive and Strahan took advantage of it.
    Bottom line, Sapp is a fat slob with a big mouth. Always has been and always will be.

  27. So Sapp pretty much says that Strahan is a nice guy and I do not see me getting picked over him for the H.O.F.. I think Sapp put himself down if anything, this is not even news/blog worthy!

  28. just my opinion, but it is obvious that Michael knows Sapp and Warren is using a little bit of sarcasm….I can see how most would see this as harmless, but to two african american men Warren is essentially saying that Michael S is an uncle Tom(just catering to the media, a “yes” man) and Warren is saying about himself that he is a man who keeps it real and doesn’t bit his tongue….That is why Michael S responded with “you never cease to amaze me” this implies that they have probable had similar conversation before about this

  29. Not a big fan of either loud mouth, but I still question whether Strahan is truly deserving of a Hall of Fame Spot. His little stunt with Brett Favre to break the season sack record years ago still leaves a sour taste in many people’s mouths. There is much truth to what Sapp said, and Strahan has proven to be a thin-skinned whiner for years.

  30. To leark06:

    Uncle Tom? Why get race into this when it has notning to do with it. One guy didn’t make it and the other did. I don’t believe the voters sat around and based their decisions on who was the better hipster. It took Chris Carter much longer than it should have to be inducted, but not one cried Uncle Tom when others made it ahead of him. If I wanted to deal with race I’d deal with the shame involved in electing bad acts like Lawrence Taylor and Michael Irving to the Hall. Both were superior on the fiel, but their off the field problems are shameful, especially since both were role models adored by many minority youths who were in dire need of positive, classy role models.

  31. We may be on the opposite sides of the fence regarding each man’s level of play, I will concur with you that Sapp is an idiot. Have Mouth, Will Travel. But I stand by my general feelings. Thanks for responding.

  32. ok, Sapp shouldn’t of said anything especially if they had a past together. I would of took it the same way. He was pretty much saying if Strahan got in before him it wasn’t because of how he played football it was because he was a celebrity. He gave a dig at him not a compliment and I am a woman and I know that. I think its sapp lovers that cant see that. Football is macho men and the way he is saying good morning america and that he might of got in before him. um ouch! He is calling his manhood kinda out don’t you think? any men think that? I am a woman and I think it

  33. if anything, it just sounds like sapp is being realistic about the situation. it would be hard for anyone to compete with Michael Strahan for being a Hall of Famer this point. but because Warren sapp had so much controversy in the last few years media wise, it will especially be hard for him to compete. I don’t have a problem with this statement at all why does everyone else? I think that’s Warren Sapp has said so many things that were negative about people in the past, that we are now automatically conditioned into taking everything that he says with a negative tone and completely out of context. but he is absolutely right when getting into canton, it’s all about good guys and bad guys. the slightest blemish can ruin your chances!

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