Champ Bailey will be back with Denver next season

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With the salary cap increasing only minimally next season, several veterans have been handed their walking papers this week to allow teams to purge their salaries from the roster.

Players have been released in order for teams to get under the salary cap or to allow for greater flexibility to work with this off-season. However, Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey is not going to be among those suddenly finding themselves on the street.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Bailey will be a member of the Broncos next season and will not be released.

Bailey is scheduled to make $10.5 million in 2013 with $9.5 million in base salary. Bailey started 15 games in 2012 and racked up 66 tackles with two interceptions on the year. Next season will be his 15th season in the NFL and 10th with the Broncos.

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  1. “According to” is really not a reporter quoting a source from the Denver front office, but could just be speculative opinion. Not sure what the news is here…….

  2. Great news. Champ was the anchor all of the ’12 year and will be again in ’13. Had a bad playoff game, but age and speed were not the problems, he actually out ran Smith on one TD and just made a bad play on the ball.

  3. All AFC qbs rejoice!! did balt send him a super bowl ring, he played a big part in thier super bowl run. Hes the only reason denver lost. and iam a cowboy fan so not makin excuses

  4. ONE bad game overshadows his great season… He must have “lost a step” since he shut down baltimore in week 15?

  5. I love all of the people judging one of the best corners to ever play the game on ONE BAD HALF…. ONE. He gave up ONE touchdown all regular season. How many did all other CB’s in the league give up. He also shut Smith down the rest of the game. It must be jealously that he doesn’t play for your team. If he hit the open market, I guarantee you teams would line up to sign him. But then again, those are the people that actually KNOW football.

  6. Paired up, Bailey and Harris allowed a combined 929 yards to receivers in 2012, the fewest total among any duo in the NFL last season, according to He had 1 bad game still top 3 in league

  7. Per PFF, Bailey gave up 0.82 yards per coverage (fourth-best in the NFL) and Harris allowed 0.91 (ninth-best). Quarterbacks posted a dismal 66.5 passer rating when throwing against Harris, who was also the second-highest rated run defending cornerback.

  8. When I suck at my job it costs me money. Maybe Champ should give the Broncos a kick back for that game against Baltimore.

  9. This is great news………………….for every other AFC West team.

    Champ got chumped in the playoffs. Flacco abused him and Champ is the reason the Broncos went 1 and done

  10. He was one of the best cb’s I’ve ever seen while in his prime, he’s still better than the average corner. Worth 10.5 million this year? I don’t know. I guess if that’s what the market dictates, I know revis wants like 15+ but that’s another conversation. Ultimately, champ is worth whatever they are willing to pay for him, and he’s still a solid piece of the defense and, like mentioned earlier on this site, Denver is trying to win a Super Bowl in the next few years while Peyton may still be capable of leading a Super Bowl team. Keeping him around for the same reason to keep clady – continuity. Not to mention that they are probably amongst the top 5 players on the team.

  11. News flash, it’s nearly impossible to cover Torrey Smith one on one without safety help. Blame Del Rio for that, not Bailey. He’s been on an island all year, and for the most part has been shut-down.
    He is still a top 10 corner.

  12. Love how Denver fans stand up for him. He lost more than one step, and the past couple years he had to hold onto WRs who would burn him. He gets away with it cause Refs won’t throw flags at a former great player.

  13. His last game was TERRIBLE. He gave up two touchdowns and would have given up a third if Flacco didn’t overthrow the receiver. At minimum they need to give him some safety help over the top next year. I love the guy, but he’s slipping.

  14. most people are prisoners of the moment champ was the #4 ranked CB this season and let in one touchdown all regular season

  15. Still a top 15 corner in the league. I would take him on the Pats. I’d take a top 40 corner on the Pats.

  16. Champ is done, now that QB’s know he can be beat deep they will test him over and over again. 15 or somewhat years in the league, his speed has diminished some.

  17. jimboslice1

    Ike Taylor did it. When Taylor went down, Keenan Lewis pretty much did it, too, although they might have kept a safety over the top for him. Couldn’t tell but Smith basically caught nothing in both games.

    The guy is fast, but he’s not impossible to cover.

  18. CB’s are plentiful this year in free agency, so I can’t imagine Bronco’s paying $10m for the kind of production he had last year. As someone else said too – he was “used and abused” in the playoffs.

  19. Truly unbelievable it is to read all these posts hating on Champ. I mean c’mon, its just laughable.

    Not only did what happen to Champ in the playoffs against Balt happen to every single team on their SB run (IND, NE, SF) but Champ is hardly to blame for the loss. Even after his missed plays DEN has the game won if Rahim Moore or Tony Carter stay with Jacoby Jones on the game tying hail mary.

    Champs stats were ridicuous good this season and he played amazing even while “losing a step” so anybody who says otherwise failed to watch 30 seconds of his play in 2012-2013 season.

  20. Champ was not the only problem vs Baltimore. He got toasted but, pressure on Flacco was much more The Problem. He sure as heck did not step up and lead the way a guy getting thin at the tooth should have and I hope he has a problem with that in the same manner the fans do. The Broncos will be OK if they have half the bitter taste as the fans do after what happened in OUR HOUSE!

  21. I’ll just drink on this. I LOL so hard at the haters. You guys literally sound ridiculous for bashing CHAMP, really?? I wore his Jersey tonight and I will continue to represent. I loooooove them Broncos!

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