Fred Jackson says he’s back at 100 percent

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The Bills hope to get the most out of running backs Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller in 2013.  For that to happen, the Bills need to get and keep both of them healthy.

Jackson says he’s already there after a December knee injury that wiped out the rest of his 2012 season.

I’ve been doing rehab the entire time,” Jackson tells the team’s official website.  “I’ve been able to get up and do some movement on it.  I have a meeting with the doctor next week.  I’m sure I’ll be cleared and be able to do everything.

“I’m doing some lifting now.  I’m 100-percent, I feel like it.  I don’t anticipate any kind of drawbacks or anything before I get cleared by the doctors next week.”

Jackson, who turns 32 in 11 days, approaches the 2013 season with a positive attitude.

“I didn’t play well at all this season,” Jackson said.  “And on top of that, to get hurt, is not a good feeling.  I’ll be highly motivated going into this season.  The new coaching staff, I’ve had an opportunity to meet all of them.  I’m excited about their enthusiasm and what they’re going to bring to the table.  I want to be a big part of what we do next year.”

He will be, if he stays healthy.  But running backs rarely do.  Even when they’re able to play, they’re usually hurt in some way.  With Jackson and Spiller, the goal will be to keep them as close to 100 percent as possible, for as long as possible.

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  1. I hope he is healthy. CJ is the obvious starter.. Fred can be a good change of pace back. And no way any team is going to trade anything for a 32 year old RB with 2 major injuries in 2 seasons. So lets hope he is healthy and also hope the new coaching staff realizes he’s the number 2.

  2. @kgun

    I agree, CJ deserves the lions share of the carries. I disagree, however, that Jackson has no trade value. Yes, two significant injuries in back to back seasons, but he is still a better option then what some teams have. The Lions are an instant team that comes to mind. Am I saying the Bills get a 2nd-4th? No, but you can easily get a package of late round picks, or even a single team willing to bite and give up that 3rd or 4th. He’s making $2.5 mil/ season over the next 2, thats peanuts for a guy who can add stability in the running and passing game. This team needs options, extra picks increase those options. Alot of backs could have had success behind our O-line this season, I’m sure we can find somebody to pick up the slack. Keeping him around in this capacity will just raise more questions as to if so-and-so is getting enough touches per game like it was all this past season.

  3. I get your point but the value may not be there. I think keeping him is the better option. I don’t think there will be any questions about amount of touches each guy gets. Fred’s a good teammate I don’t see him complaining

  4. packerbackernj- you’re calling a millionaire football player who happens to be a great guy a bum? yet you are on a football blog whining about your fantasy team. Gotcha!

  5. I know this may be an unpopular opinion but I believe the Bills need to trade CJ Spiller. He’s worthy of a 1st round draft pick to a team with a need for a starting RB and the Bills should do this now so they can get the most value from him after his best season as a pro.

    With that extra 1st round pick (and more… 2014, 2015?) they can use that to trade up in the 2014 draft to pick Jadeveon Clowney out of South Carolina. That guy is a beast and a once in a generation talent on defense. The Bills made a big trade in the past that got them over the hump and into their Super Bowl runs. Cornelius Bennett, anyone?

    Time to think ahead, Bills!

  6. A 1, 2 punch. Spiller as the starter and Jackson as his relief. The team also had success when they both lined up in the backfield or Jackson at HB and Spiller out wide. With 2 #1 running backs, the possibilities are endless, especially when neither player complains about touches. Jackson knows he only has a little bit left in the tank, so he knows where he stands with Spiller. I expect Marrone to keep and run both of these guys to the bone.

  7. Why would we trade our best player? That’s how you go backwards CJ is a game beaker .. And you want to get a pick to move up for a DE? We need a QB and were most likely to end up with a young guy and the best way to help a young QB is to have a strong running game. What I’m saying us basically no chance we trade the kid!

  8. Well, I think I made a bit more sense then Talking proud, not sure where the hate is coming from. Kgun, I think you mis-interrpreted what I meant by complaints about touches. Do I see Fred doing that, probably not, but the media will. Marrone doesn’t need that, what he needs, as I mentioned above, is options with a roster that he inherited, after a loss, the last thing Marrone needs to be worrying about is “Did my best offensive playmaker get enough touches?”. EJ, thats great, the whole 1-2 punch thing, how’s that work when Fred goes down again? And those plays with both of them in the backfield were few and far between this year, and only a handful were effective. If we can get something for him, get it. This has been a problem for years in Buffalo, hanging onto fan favorites. Don’t get me wrong, Fred could still be a capable member of this squad, but RB depth is much easier to come by then, say, OL depth, or LB depth. To be honest, I don’t care if it’s popular or not. The truth is, Flipping a player for a pick, and then picks for higher picks is the way Championship teams are built. Bufalo isn’t Fred Jackson away from the Playoffs, Buffalo is other more important pieces than a 32 year old running back who may see alot of plays, but have minimal touches away from a playoff berth. Fred Taylor and MJD are classic examples. Once MJD established himself as an everydown threat, Taylor was shown the door and MJD ended up lead the leauge in rushing just last season. Unlike the Jags, however, The Bills have more playmakers and can take advantage of CJ and CJ alone being on the field. I mentioned this about the whole Donald Jones thing. Where will he fit in on a post-FA/Draft roster? Well, CJ should be the highest priority as far as touches, then Stevie, Buddy does want another #2, so the kids going to need ample action to do his thing, David Nelson is coming back, TJ Graham needs to see the field alot more, Scott Chandler could be back in time. I rank all of those guys ahead of Fred Jackson in a list of who should see the field/touch the ball. Freddie is worth more to this team for what he can get them, and not what he can give them.

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