Jags appear to be committed to Gabbert, at least for now


Shortly after being hired by the Jaguars, G.M. Dave Caldwell slammed the door on a Jacksonville homecoming for Tim Tebow.

Caldwell now seems to be keeping the door wide open for 2011 first-rounder Blaine Gabbert.

“That was his second year,” Caldwell recently said of Gabbert, via Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union.  “What were they saying about other quarterbacks after their second year?  We’re looking for improvement [in his third year].  We need to build around him.  We’ll upgrade whenever we can upgrade.”

It’s a bit surprising; a new G.M. usually wants a new coach, and a new coach usually wants a new quarterback.  Caldwell got his new coach in Gus Bradley, but Bradley seems to be sold on Gabbert.

“He’s been very impressive so far in our conversations,” Bradley said of Gabbert.

But Gabbert hasn’t been impressive on the field in two seasons.  And Gabbert played in only 10 games during the 2012 campaign, allowing Chad Henne to make a case for a shot at becoming the 2013 starter.

Of course, there’s a chance the Jaguars are blowing smoke, either to create a trade market for Gabbert (not likely) or to conceal their true plans for free agency or the draft (more likely).  Really, if the Jaguars hope to pursue Matt Flynn or Alex Smith or Mike Vick or anyone else in free agency, or perhaps to finagle the draft board to land a new quarterback of the future without having to trade up or free from fear of a last-minute leapfrogging, it makes no sense to show their cards now.

When it comes to the offseason, actions always speak louder than words.  And, for the smart teams, words are nothing more than a way to conceal intended actions.

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  1. “What were they saying about other quarterbacks after their second year?

    Come on Caldwell. You spent enough time around a good young QB in Ryan to know the answer to this.

    Only reason I can see sticking with Gabbert is he is cheap, the whole team kinda sucks right now and they have a real shot at Clowney/Bridgewater next year if Gabbert is QBing this team.

  2. don’t know why the jags don’t want tebow he is a very good quarterback they would maybe contend if they get him hope they change their mind on tebow (:

  3. Who wouldn’t want Gabbert over a guy that took over a 1-4 team and got them into the second round of the playoffs?

  4. London calling to the zombies of death…Quit holding now and draw another breath…London calling and I don’t wanna shout…But while we were talking I saw you runnin’ out…

  5. They’ve got Justin Blackmon, Cecil Shorts, Marcedes Lewis and MJD coming back. They’ve got Jordan Shipley and perhaps Laurent Robinson. Get a half-decent o-line up there, pick up a QB and let them compete.

  6. It not Blaine’s fault that his draft stock got to a point where he was rumored to be First Overall. He was never a 1st round QB coming out of college, and he never should of left early (developmentally, not economically speaking) especially with that whole spread stuff he used at Missouri.

    He is a product of hype and “one day he could be” thinking. 2011 was also a little bit funky in terms of first round Quarterbacks:

    (1) Cam (at the time, speculation (at least from amateur thinkers as myself) was that he would be a bust)
    (8) Locker (at the time, questions involving the shoulder and accuracy would of scared me away, but today, I like this pick).
    (10) Blaine (his stock came out of nowhere, in my opinion at least)
    (12) Ponder (I know I’d be pissed if my team took Ponder over Fairley at that time)

    The Jags completely missed the boat on Dalton and Kaepernick, who went 35 and 36 respectively.

    Gabbert was always high risk, especially at 10, but the NFL was ‘Quarterback Crazy’ that year. Unfortunately, high risk and no reward.

  7. I remember getting laughed at in pre-draft conversations for saying the Jags should take Kaepernick since they had no shot at the big names that year.. Oh to be an armchair gm 😦

  8. I’ve seen some flashes from the guy – and when he stepped up and threw last season he was capable of nailing targets.

    He is only 22 … had 2 coaches and 2 schemes in 2 years …

    came from a spread offense … left college early ….

    Yeah let’s just call him a bust and wallow in our own filth and pout.

  9. The Jags hyped themselves into thinking they could make something out of a system QB with a lively arm and decent accuracy ….However they couldn’t know he’d wilt under pressure… Its time to move on if he had any ability to be a starting NFL QB he would’ve put a game or two on tape by now… Maybe he can be servicible after a few years.. though not with the Jags and become an David Carr like 2nd string game manager at best… Anything else that comes from management about Gabbert is merely theatrics to avoid putting themselves in a corner and making possible targets at QB more expensive than they need be

  10. “mf7krime says: Feb 9, 2013 1:52 PM

    As a Colts fan, this is excellent news. Two guaranteed victories in 2013. Thanks Jax.”

    Hey bro. Gabbert and the Jags beat the Colts at Indy last year.

  11. Well this is disheartening, but truthfully what else are they supposed to say? Sounds like Caldwell is being more tactful and clever than the GM he replaced.

    None of his sound bites have been necessary, warranted or very popular with the fans….so whats his angle? Hmmmmmmm…

  12. You notice its always the internet media dorks, sitting in a littered cubicle in New York or some distant location, cannibalizing bacon and ham takeout in cardboard containers, who call Gabbert a “bust”. Never the people who work directly in the industry as coachs, scouts, or general managers. NEVER the people who work directly with him.


  13. …oops got carried away. Eight teams had starters with lower passer ratings and completion rates than Gabbert last season. Every one of those guys was older than him, had more football playing experience, and better support around them.

  14. David Caldwell is saying EXACTLY what he means. He has worked as a college scout and pro scout since Blaine started playing football, and has been following Gabbert since he was 16, probably. He knows whereof he speaks.

    Give it a break, Gabbert is a better player and prospect than any of these toads being trumpeted as the next big thing around the league.

  15. thegreatgabbert: “Eight teams had starters with lower passer ratings and completion rates than Gabbert last season.”

    32-8 = 24, 24-1 (Gabbert) = 23. That’s the number of teams with starters who had higher passer ratings and completion rates, assuming your statistics are correct.

    That’s not good. That’s close to the bottom 25% of the league. A good number of the other 75% of teams have better backups than Gabbert.

  16. Well Jake……………. Andrew Luck, Jake Locker, Ryan Tannehill, and Cam Newton (completion rate) were some of the names of the starters who finished behind Gabbert in the statistical ratings last season. You going to write them off too? All of them are older than Gabbert and earn more money than he does, why no concerns about them?

  17. Gabbert was and is nowhere near the QB that Chase Daniel was and is. Gabbert played with a severely injured ankle most of an entire season when Suh crushed him in the rain. Gabbert and his father used poor judgment in deciding to leave early. Don’t get me wrong — Gabbert sure looks the part. He is big and ripped. He really could have used his senior year to his advantage had he stayed, even though MU runs a poor man’s spread.

  18. I am fairly certain that “thegreatgabbert” IS Blaine Gabbert himself. It’s the only way I can explain his bias towards such a pathetic QB.

  19. Consider me biased, but I’d prefer my favorite team have Gabbert on the qb depth chart over the likes of Jake Locker, Matt Schaubb, Christian Ponder, and any of the new wave of “scramblers” that have recently come into the league.

    First, he does have the arm strength to get the ball down the field. He’s also a big guy so his body will likely absorb some of these hits the poor line play allows him to take.

    The people asking for the likes of Alex Smith just don’t understand the game. Blaine Gabbert is Alex Smith early in his career, but has much more arm strength, a more team friendly contract (Alex was drafted 1st overall in the age where teams paid dearly for early picks), and has the chance to start his development much sooner if Jacksonville can get some stability.

    Ride it out and see what the kid is made out of.

  20. shackdelrio says:
    Feb 9, 2013 2:30 PM
    “mf7krime says: Feb 9, 2013 1:52 PM

    As a Colts fan, this is excellent news. Two guaranteed victories in 2013. Thanks Jax.”

    Hey bro. Gabbert and the Jags beat the Colts at Indy last year.

    Hey bro. Barely. And against our rebuilding team with rookie everything on a fluke last second TD. And if you look closely, you’ll see I said in “2013.”

    Good luck next year.

  21. C’mon with Gabbert. He stinks and I am a Jags fan. If he was so good he wouldn’t be checkdown charlie. How about watch the freakin games instead of being a stat loser.

  22. The key words people are missing in the title is “for now”. That doesn’t mean they’re “committed to losing” or “aren’t trying to get better”. Some of you act like Caldwell and Bradley said he’s the long term answer. When you look at there situation it’s almost like you could see this coming. What else could they do? It’s limited options out there. Alex Smith is David Garrard 2.0, and we aren’t going down that road again. We would have to trade picks, that we need desperately for Flynn. Other than Geno who is likely going to KC, the draft doesn’t really have anyone that would make to much of an impact over Gabbert (maybe a little at the most). So why not roll with him for a year and wait for the better QB class in 2014. This season could be used to build up the defense (a strength of the draft) which was among the very bottom in the league too, seems like people forget that for some reason. Then come 2014 grab your QB.

  23. I’d love to make the next Gabbert joke but realized that I’m a Titans fan and Locker hasn’t exactly set the world on fire either. We have nothing to laugh at anymore and that’s depressing alone.
    I can deal with the Texans being good but the Colts getting Luck makes me want to take football off for a decade.

  24. Gabbert has every quality you want in a QB on paper. He has the Arm Strength, He has the IQ, he’s professional, he has an outstanding work ethic, but for some reason he can’t convert it on the field.

    Now look at Andy Dalton, the guy is just as good as he was in college and has not improved at all. He has hit his ceiling in one year. He will never get better, that’s why nobody wanted him.

    Cam Newton is a head case. He’s up and down and if he wasn’t a freak athlete he could have been out the door faster than the pace he is at right now. He’s all hyped up and I don’t think has ever beaten a team above .500

    Christian Ponder can’t throw over a 2 lane highway

    Jake locker has everything you want in an average qb

    The difference between Gabbert and everyone else in his draft class (other than Kaepernick) is that he made big improvements and thats why the team hasnt given up on him. None of the 1st round QB’s in this draft have a higher ceiling than Gabbert.

  25. It is comical reading the guys telling us how great Blaine is going to be and how much upside he has. Blaine is coming up on his 3rd year in the NFL and he is a big bust. He is the bottom of the NFL in yards per game and per attempt. His % is near the bottom. Do you all know how stupid you truly sound when you try and keep up selling his skills? Putting down other QB’s that perform makes you sound even dumber. Blaine is I complete train wreck. You know how I know? Because I am a Jags season ticket holder and go to the games and watch the guy try and play. He sucks. If the new regime is really getting behind this guy they better keep their resumes updated. They are not going to get a free pass this year because Blaine sucks in his third year. Actually sticking with Blaine puts them on the hot seat faster. This whole “rebuild” for 10 years is garbage. Khan gave those guys 4 year contracts and it is dumb to waste a year with Blaine.

  26. It should be noted that Gabbert was very high on the Seahawks draft board and they would have drafted him if he were available at their pick.

    Don’t be surprised that Bradley likes him as his QB, since he was a part of those draft conversations in some capacity in Seattle.

  27. Im a Bengals fan that doesn’t love Andy Dalton but to the guy that said he didn’t improve in his 2nd year is waaaay off. He threw for more td’s and had a higher completion percent in his second year. Again, he is not great, but much better than Gabbert

  28. The irony is that Tebow would likely produce more wins than Gabbert as a QB for Jacksonville in the appropriate gameplan. But “football people” consider themselves smarter than everyone else & they always know best. Despite the lack of evidence for anything they may do, they are too smart for the average person. I don’t believe it…

  29. Why isn’t Henne getting the starting nod? I, like most people, pay no attention to Jax but I do play fantasy football and the minute Hene took over their offense came to life statistically.

  30. sterilizecromartie says:
    Feb 9, 2013 4:10 PM
    I am fairly certain that “thegreatgabbert” IS Blaine Gabbert himself. It’s the only way I can explain his bias towards such a pathetic QB.
    I couldn’t agree more, if by chance he’s NOT Blaine Gabbert himself, then he has one hell of an abnormal obsession.

    He keeps pointing to his completion percentage this past year, but his yards per pass was crazy low, he really was a “Checkdown Charlie.”

    All the excuses in the world won’t make up for what Blaine gabbert is, a mentally weak QB.

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