Ravens have interest in keeping Bryant McKinnie


Not long ago, it seemed like it would be only a matter of time before tackle Bryant McKinnie no longer would be a member of the Ravens.  Now, after he resurrecting his career with a solid postseason at left tackle, McKinnie once again finds himself in the team’s plans.


McKinnie tells Matt Zenitz of the Carroll County Times that the team has expressed interest in signing McKinnie to a new contract.  (We could have asked McKinnie those questions during his recent appearance on Pro Football Talk, if he had actually called in at the agreed time for his recent appearance, instead of calling, you know, not at all.)

“It was two different times [coach John Harbaugh] mentioned it,” McKinnie said.  “One was after like the New England game.  He was like, ‘After we play in the Super Bowl, we need to talk about you for next year.’ . . .  And then when we were out at the Super Bowl, he came up to the table with me for lunch or something and he kind of mentioned again, ‘You know, we want to see what’s going on with you after the Super Bowl.'”

On one hand, the Ravens don’t have a lot of cap space.  On the other hand, there will be a glut of tackles on the open market, making it cheaper to keep McKinnie.

On the other hand (if proximity to a nuclear reactor should cause a third one to emerge), McKinnie has a recent history of living — and getting — large in the offseason.  Thus, it’s one thing for McKinnie to seize the moment during a one-month window in the postseason; it’s quite another for him to be ready from Week One to make a difference.