Saints announce Rob Ryan hire

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The Saints remain extremely popular in New Orleans.  The team’s latest moves may not be.

Coach Sean Payton officially has announced that Rob Ryan will become the team’s new defensive coordinator, and that Stan Kwan will serve as the assistant special-teams coordinator.

“I’m pleased the opportunity has presented itself for us to be able to add both Rob Ryan and Stan Kwan to our coaching staff,” Payton said in a team-issued release.  “In regards to Rob, we have experience in preparing and playing against his defenses and they’ve always been challenging in terms of the different looks and pressures that they feature. We’ve had the chance to visit with each other and talk about our visions for our team and I’m excited about moving forward as we prepare for the 2013 season.  Rob is enthusiastic about joining our team and getting right to work. Stan is a veteran coach that understands all nuances of the special teams games and will work closely with Greg McMahon. He has a wealth of knowledge and I believe he will be a good fit on our staff.”

It’s not Kwan that will cause local concern.  Many will view Rob Ryan as a 3-4 version of Gregg Williams.  Brash, loud, abrasive, and quite possibly trouble.

That said, Saints fans loved Williams’ bravado until the word “bounty” first flowed from the league office (or at least until Williams’ defense stunk in 2011).  If Payton can ensure Ryan won’t do anything that will get the franchise in trouble, Ryan brings the type of swagger that the Saints enjoyed when Williams was running the show.

Still, there’s a delicate balance that will need to be maintained, and there’s nothing delicate about Rob Ryan.  At times during his two-year stint in Dallas, it seemed like he was trying to take the place over.

In fairness to Ryan, his defense in Cleveland took the Superdome over in 2010, beating the Saints 30-17 in the first season after New Orleans won its first championship.

From Payton’s perspective, his willingness to not make a safe hire shows that he’s highly motivated to win more championships.  In that regard, fans should be encouraged — and they should realize that Payton is prepared to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself.

At least not the bad kind of history.

41 responses to “Saints announce Rob Ryan hire

  1. As a Saints fan, I think you’re mistaken as to how this hire will be received. A DC with a solid track record is exciting, and Ryan’s personality should fit right into New Orleans.

  2. Horrible hire!!!! And before anyone cries about not getting Crennel I will go ahead and tell you that there are 8.5 million reasons why NOBODY in the league would be getting him this season. That was the total amount of his buyout from KC. Would you give up $8.5 mil to sit at home to go coach at far less money??? Maybe we can fire Ryan at the end of this season like we did to Spags and then think about getting Crennel but other than the we will be stuck with this clown for the next few years.

  3. Why do they continually say “their 1st championship” like there is another one laying around? Its their ONLY one and probably their last.

  4. So Rob Ryan coached a Dallas defense with far superior talent and was less than stellar and now he coaches a saints defense with less talent. Wow your asking him to do more with less. Looks like 7-9 again and I’m a Saints fan

  5. In related news it was announced today that the entire lower level seating sections of the Superdome will be removed in order to create enough room to allow Ryan to fit inside. It’s expected that seating capacity will be reduced by approximately half.

  6. I can’t see comparing Ryan to Williams. The Williams speech to the Saints defense before the 49er game should have been his last act in the NFL. Rob Ryan had increasing success with the Cowboys and hasn’t been accused of any gross wrong-doing.

    When you look at who was available at DC and the fact that Crennel was getting paid to stay home this was a decent hire. We’ll see now what Ryan can do without Jerry Jones looking over his shoulder.

  7. not a fan of the Ryan’s but did I miss the part were either of them have been suspended for breaking league rules? being brash and arrogant is one thing but to say it is a bad hire for the potential of getting into trouble is just another example of florio trying to stir something up where there isn’t anything. I would love to hear him talk smack to these people on his show like he does here. but that would mean I would actually have to watch the show and talk about being smug and arrogant, I can’t watch him on any show he is on let alone his own show.

  8. Not all saints fans loved Williams “before the word ‘bounty’ was ever uttered”. His dog and pony show got very tiring and old after 2009 when it became clear that Darren Sharper made that defense what it was, not Williams. If I had a dollar for every Saints fan calling for his head BEFORE pay-for-performance-gate I could probably hire Romeo Crennel on my own.

  9. I announce “No Playoffs for New Orleans”!!!

    You guys will go from hosting the Super Bowl to not even having a chance over the next two seasons at least!!!! A postseason-less DC and no 3-4 personnel!!

    Saints fans you will hate this guy more than you do Goodell!!!

  10. But wait a minute. Chris Mortensen of BSPN said almost two weeks ago that Romeo Crennel was a “done deal”. Don’t tell me he got it wrong yet again.

  11. That was the longest 5 minutes in history!

    Ugh!! Now the Ryan twins can start flapping their jaws again…

  12. usmutts says: Feb 9, 2013 11:18 AM

    In related news it was announced today that the entire lower level seating sections of the Superdome will be removed in order to create enough room to allow Ryan to fit inside. It’s expected that seating capacity will be reduced by approximately half.
    sooo…thats why Jerruh built that stadium(to fit him in) and that huge screen( to monitor him)… huh cowboy fan

  13. I love it, say what you want but the man has coached some good defenses the question is are the Saints gonna get the right personnel to run a 3-4? We probably won’t know til training camp but I love Ryans attitude. He’s gonna be just as aggressive on D as payton is on offense. Can’t wait to see the dumb puzzled look on Brady and Belichicks face this year up in New England just like in 2009. Keep hating haters it just gonna be that much sweeter come February when Goodell hands that trophy over to Sean Payton

  14. How many times has a Rob Ryan led defense finished in the top 10 in total yards? Scoring defense? How many times have one of his defenses been on teams that made the playoffs?

    That’s some track record they’re hiring! If his name were Rob Smith he’d still be trying to make money as a Big Lebowski lookalike.

  15. Rob Ryan is a good defensive coordinator .This hire shows me that the Saints want to win big now not like some other owners who say they want to win Super Bowls but then go out and hire the cheapest coaching staff and front office they can find.

  16. Stan Kwan is a competitve guy. I know him personally. His brother Phil was one of my best friends growing up. Stan was a sports junkie even when he was little. Good pitcher in little league ranks too. His sister Angela dominated softball, and could have easily played baseball with the guys. His brother Phil died not long ago. If you’re reading this Stan, sorry for your loss. And, congratulations on the job.

  17. It’s sad to know that gullible people still believe Goodell’s fabricated “bounty” accusations when it was proven that there was only “talk” of a pay-for-performance that was common for every team. The Saints only need a defense ranked in the top half to win another superbowl, and it’s obvious that the fans of other teams certainly fear that. Sean Payton has a reason to be fire-spitting mad, and to some degree, so does Ryan. That motivation, along with having Drew Brees leading the attack, is a deadly combination.

  18. Great, now Rob will be able to brag about taking the terrible Saints defense up to sub mediocre levels in 2013.

  19. Take a look at the offenses on those teams that didn’t have a winning record……then enter the Saints offense in the picture which is already the greatest offense in the history of the game. Ryan doesn’t have to have a great defense. Just merely average wins championships for the saints

  20. Silentcount: if Rob Ryan were to get the defense into the top half it would be a miracle because that’s something he hasn’t shown much ability to do, and now he’s going to one of the worst defenses in history without the proper personnel to run what he wants to run, this isn’t going to end well.

    As for the “fabricated” bounty system, your coach has accepted responsibility why do Aints fans keep denying it?

  21. If all you guys have to pick on is his weight then he’s doing pretty good. As a Saint’s fan, I could care less about anyone’s weight on the staff I only care about how they do the job.

    Can you imagine how great we could be if he could get our defense up to even 19 from 31?

    And for those of you talking about such great defensive players on the Cowboys that he couldn’t get much out of, hate to burst your bubble, but there aren’t a whole lot of great players on the team as a whole, you are trying to relive the old glory days of Cowboys past. They haven’t been America’s team for years and its time to face the truth.

    And if I recall correctly, it was the Cowboys offense that lost most of their games last year…the wrong person was fired.

    I’m excited for the upcoming season….we’re back!!

  22. “It’s not Kwan that will cause local concern.”

    It should be. But since the Lions were so bad for so long I guess no one noticed their Special Teams Coach during those 2-14, 3-13 and 0-16 years…

  23. People keep saying that Ryan hasn’t been to the playoffs as a DC – like it is all up to him and his D. Look who he was with – Cleveland, Oakland and Dallas!

    No one can win in those places. Belichick couldn’t win in Cleve! And Oak and Dallas have been annually destroyed by their owners. These three teams are the graveyard of the NFL!

    The Ds in those places were respectable under Ryan. That says a lot. Now put him with an overall good team and things can happen.

    As to the talent on D – people keep trashing that but the D was obtained to be a pressure D under Williams. Spags pulled them back and expected them to cover and get pressure with the lineman. None of the guys on D were designed to do that so the D failed. Spags didn’t use the guys to their ability, instead he tried to superimpose his scheme on people that couldn’t carry it out.

    As such, Ryan makes sense – he is all about pressure and attacking the O – which is what the D talent does best.

  24. I like the Rob Ryan hire. He’ll be working for a team with coaching staff that’s been to a Superbowl (together), has a GM and owner that are committed to winning, and has an elite QB with a high performance offensive unit.

    Ryan’s previous stints at coaching haven’t had this combination of elements.

    Since the Saints are basically building a defense from scratch, Ryan arrives in time to put his signature on it. It may be a turning point for Ryan because this may make or break him–it’s his big chance.

    Mickey Loomis (GM) has proven to be a wizard when wheeling and dealing with cap issues–it’ll be tough this year. But the Sean Payton HC and Rob Ryan DC combination may prove to be attractive to some of FA’s looking for a winning place to land.

    Excited to watch what they build during the offseason beginning with Free Agent acquisitions.

  25. ” Rob is enthusiastic about joining our team and getting right to work. “……..
    I hope he “gets right to work” faster than he “got that 5 minute job”. Maybe Robbie boy finally got smart (unlike Rexy), he has been DC on some teams that had some of the best defensive personnel but he made them worse, now he figured it all out, if he takes the worst defensive team he can’t make it any worse so things can only go up!!

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