Saturday one-liners

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With snow piled up in Massachusetts, Field Yates of looks at the top five snow games in Patriots history.  (Raiders fans won’t need more than one guess to figure out which one lands at the top of the list.)

Bills LB coach Chuck Driesbach is surprised the 49ers didn’t use the read-option more in the Super Bowl.

Here’s a closer look at guys the Jets have added in the offseason, and who have a slim chance of being with the team in September.

The Dolphins conducted a Junior Training Camp for roughly 500 students at Treasure Island Elementary School.

The Browns conducted their second annual Black History Month Panel Discussion, featuring inspiring accounts from John Wooten, Bobby Mitchell, Paul Wiggin, and Greg Pruitt.

The Bengals have another strong home slate, with their three AFC North rivals, four other 2012 playoff teams (Packers, Vikings, Colts, Patriots), and the Jets coming to town.

Half of the Steelers’ offensive coaching staff has left since offensive coordinator Todd Haley arrived.

Complicating the Ravens’ Thursday night regular-season opener is the fact that the Orioles host the White Sox that same night.  (Given their long history of successful performances and achievements, the Ravens should be careful to properly respect the Orioles.)

Titans players welcome the edge that Gregg Williams brings to the team.  (The jet-black George Michael goatee is merely a bonus.)

Texans WR DeVier Posey has undergone surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon suffered during a playoff loss to the Patriots.

Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch keeps a copy of Jon Gruden’s football resume taped to the medicine cabinet in his bathroom.  (Um, Jedd?  That’s probably not something to talk about publicly.  Or privately.  Or ever.)

The Colts are expected to have at least $44 million in cap room.

If the Chiefs can’t collect wins, they can at least collect art.

Broncos FB Jacob Hester is very happy to be in Denver.

Get to know Chargers coach Mike McCoy.

Former Raiders are helping to promote sleep apnea awareness.  (Current Raiders are doing their best to help cure it.)

The Eagles have promoted Chris Peduzzi to the position of Head Athletic Trainer; he arrived in 1999, Andy Reid’s first year in Philly.

Could DL Chris Canty be a fit in the Cowboys’ new 4-3 defense?

The push to change the Redskins’ name continues.

The Giants gave DL Shaun Rogers a one-year, $1.005 million contract, which drops to $433,000 if he lands on injured reserve, again.

The Packers have urged fans to support a cheerleader who has been taunted and bullied on a Chicago Bears Facebook fan page.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz doesn’t think his team is rebuilding, but “reloading.”  (Which some Lions could be tempted to take too literally this offseason.)

Newly-signed Bears S Tom Nelson was a Bears fan growing up.  (The question is whether he’ll still be a Bears fan after they cut him.)

The Vikings will include women, minorities, and veterans in the construction of their new stadium.

The deal between Charlotte and the Panthers got a boost when Altanta’s mayor addressed the Charlotte City Council.

The Falcons set the record for the fewest accepted penalties and fewest penalty yards in a 16-game season.

To get back to the Super Bowl, the Saints may want to consider raiding this year’s Super Bowl teams.

Could the Buccaneers target TE Martellus Bennett?

Cardinals special-teams coordinator Amos Jones has a simple philosophy:  “They’re our guys and we’re going to make ’em our guys.  We’re going to coach ’em up, love ’em up and expect big plays out of ’em.”

Rams linebackers coach Frank Bush got a special surprise for his 50th birthday — the Titans fired him.

Before Marshawn Lynch and Shaun Alexander, Chris Warren was moving the chains for the Seahawks.

For $375, fans can put a message on a brick at the new 49ers stadium.  (Surely, a few Seahawks fans will be inclined to buy bricks with the inscription, “49ers suck.”  Or at a minimum, “What’s your deal?“)

6 responses to “Saturday one-liners

  1. Bears fans bullying a Packer Cheerleader via Facebook,

    Well at least the Packers lady-folk are just cheerleaders and not our Quarterbacks like in Chicago.

  2. Jay cutler is now coming out saying he is being bullied by the packers fan page.

    Cutler calls the comments “very hurtful”

  3. Lion’s players taking “reloading” too serious? Shaun Rogers has been gone for a long time now….we just have partying issues, not weapons *shout out Oakland!!

  4. For an offseason, there is too much good stuff (at least in so far as looking forward to read the comments) in here to lump in a one liners.

    Williams, OriLOLes, Gruden’s resume, sleepy Raiders, Vikings stadium (no children?), Haley, 49’ers stadium…all good stories to get some comedy on here.

  5. The colts with over 44mil in cap space? That’s a good chance to sign some quality free agents right there. Might not be long before they’re true contenders again.

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