Sean Smith wants a Brandon Carr or Jason McCourty contract

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Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith becomes an unrestricted free agent next month, and he’s basing the contract he wants on two of the top contracts that cornerbacks got last year.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Smith is looking for a five-year deal at an annual average in the $8 million to $10 million range. In other words, Smith wants to get paid somewhere in the neighborhood of what Jason McCourty got from the Titans last year (five years, $43 million) or what Brandon Carr got from the Cowboys last year (five years, $50 million).

Smith has been a solid starter in the four seasons since the Dolphins chose him in the second round of the 2009 NFL draft, but it seems unlikely that Miami is going to pay him that kind of money. Which means that if Smith is going to get the contract he wants, he’s likely done with the Dolphins.

Then again, as much as a starting cornerback is a highly coveted commodity, it seems unlikely that any other team is going to pay Smith the kind of money he wants, either.

46 responses to “Sean Smith wants a Brandon Carr or Jason McCourty contract

  1. No way. 6,000,000 a year at best. He would be worth that (6-7, not 10) if he ever figured out how to catch the damn ball. 😉

  2. Glad hes gonna be gone. Hopefully we can place him with a corner that makes tackles and not side step them.

  3. He’s gone. Then Ireland can replace him with somebody less productive, like he did with Vontae last year. Tom Brady can’t wait to see us next year.

  4. “he’s basing the contract he wants on two of the top contracts that cornerbacks got last year.”

    Which differs from what every other cornerback in the league wants in what way? Great, good, bad, ugly, or indifferent, they all want the top money.

  5. wannstache says: Feb 9, 2013 11:35 AM

    He’s gone. Then Ireland can replace him with somebody less productive, like he did with Vontae last year. Tom Brady can’t wait to see us next year.

    Clearly misinformed. Vonte was replace because of off the field stuff and he fell out of favor with the new coaching staff. And he was replaced by Richard Marshall who passed him on the depth chart during camp. Has Marshall not gotten injured for the first time in 4 years, the dolphins secondary would have been top notch. Sean smith is a very good corner, but Vonate is better. The only reason smith might get his money is because of his size (6’3″). After seattles success last year everyone is chasing tall corners

  6. Really sucks to see teams struggle like this to keep talent that they drafted. They have to pay him no? After shipping their other corner out last year? I’d take him in washington but not for $10mil per. ouch.

  7. The only bad thing about this is he knows that he has the upper hand in this situation. The only other cornerbacks on our roster are Nolan Carroll, Richard Marshall, Bryan McCann, RJ Stanford, and Dimitri Patterson. Not a good situation for us, so we either have to resign him, sign a free agent cornerback, or draft one in the early rounds.

  8. Average to good corner. No way is he worth top corner money. If you are going to pay that much, I would try to find a player with a better track record of consistency through free agency.

    Smith, was the most targeted corner in the NFL last year. Look up his numbers and it isn’t very impressive….however, he was the best corner on our team, so I guess that makes him think he is worth it.

    There is no way I pay him that kind of money. He had time to prove he is a top corner and hasn’t done it. Make him a fair offer and if someone pays him more, then let him walk.

  9. Too inconsistent. Good game, horrible game. No way should he get that much. $6M or let him walk and draft a corner. They have to draft a corner any way to replace Vontae. Double down again like when we drafted Davis and Smith.

  10. thehaljordanproject:

    Marshall is at best a nickel back. Watched him very closely last year and he blew coverages on a regular basis. Vontae was talented and a playmaker, but because he didn’t respond to Philbin’s condescending coaching style, he decided to make an example of him. A dumb move in a pass-happy NFL. Outside of Jones, our secondary is a mess without Smith, even though he’s far from elite.

  11. He’ll get it somewhere. Carr is only a 6-7M$/year player and got 10+. Supply and demand is fun.

  12. Sean can’t play zone or cover smaller receivers period. I wouldn’t pay more than $5M annually and would rather make it $4M. He’s more concerned with twitter than improving his craft it seems.

    He’s soft on tackling and has hands of stone. BTW- Belicheat couldn’t hold Shula’s jock.

  13. I would love for NE to take Sean from us. I cry every time i see a ball sail towards Smith or Caroll cause either its going to be caught on smiths side or caroll will commit pass interference.

    Id rather see that money get handed to Reggie to keep him around.

  14. He never should have been drafted that high.

    He’s not an elite player by any stretch of the imagination.

    Yet another worthless draft choice by whatever stiff du jour is running the Dolphins…..

  15. Come take a discount to play for the greatest coach this sport has ever witnessed, Belichick..

    maybe he should try to figure out how to beat Tom COughlin…

  16. Corner is an area of need for Miami. With Marshall coming off an injury, they really can’t afford to let Smith walk if they want to compete. They already need another corner, so letting Smith go puts them in a big hole. Competency check for Ireland there.

  17. He will be a Dolphin after it is realized no one is willing to over pay …. What team do you know is just one mediocre cornerback away from contention .. besides the Dolphins have to many holes to give up a contract like that to a guy who is in no way a game changer especially when you can expect similar play from a lower priced draft pick…He’ll walk before Ireland and Philbin give him that type of paper

  18. You could have gotten Rodgers from the Niners last year for much less and about the same level of talent.

    Both are good in coverage and will drop most everything within two blocks.

  19. U2’s “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” comes to mind. Sean Smith is barely above an average CB, the only reason people get enamored with him is his size. His hands are harder than Roberto Duran’s, he is not a sure tackler and he’s very inconsistent. Other than that, he’s not too bad. I would like to see him return but certainly for way less than the 8-10 mil he’s looking for. Go Fins

  20. Should have traded him instead of Vontae…. He doesn’t play to his size, he cant turn his hips like a true cover guy, has Robert0 Duran hands (Hands of Stone), not mentally tough at all, and always seems to miss time his jumps. Just not a play maker

  21. Good chance he gets franchised at about $6 million. Dolphins would tag him and let him prove if he’s worth $8-10 million per year.

  22. Smith has been a solid starter in the four seasons …Oh yeah Solid like the ice melted when felt the heat…get out of here you pretender

  23. Notice the amount of Dolphins fans who read this article and said “see ya” in their comment? Tells you all you need to know.

    Quick. Someone. Name one memorable Sean Smith moment. Anyone? Bueller? Didn’t think so.

    Sean Smiths grow on trees. Any team that pays him what he wants is going to be disappointed and will be looking to dump his salary in 3 years.

  24. Come take a discount to play for the greatest coach this sport has ever witnessed, Belichick..

    Awww yea….


    lol..not every player wants to take less money to play for the pats,,in fact,,,the players who take less are usually doing so because they arent wanted anywhere else. the patriots no longer scare anybody and have one a ring since spygate,,so please pats fans,,,SHUT UP already.

  25. I have never heard of anything so hilarious. Sean Smith is a wuss. He never makes any plays and can’t tackle or play physical at all. He’s a scrawny beanpole who is average at his best. I am a Dolphin fan and I hope we let him walk. Let him be another teams less then mediocre talent.

  26. As a fin fan i would let him walk and try free agency, he is not a gamechanger or shut down corner, i understand he got to get pay, but if im miami i wont give him that much $, and better draft someone on early round n will be same production.

  27. Wha, wha, what!! Look, I get it. It is negotiation time but come on dude. Sean Smith is an ok DB. He is far from Brandon Carr. But I am sure someone will pay him because he is a big corner. And the Seahawks proved having big corners is a positive. Having said that, he does not change direction well. He probably is out of position as he can be a good free safety that covers the tight end.

  28. you aren’t that good Sean. can’t blame him for wanting the most he can get.. but not worth $10 mil a year. I think something around 4 years $25 mil is fair. but he’ll probably get paid elsewhere. ugghhh. see u twice a year when u sign with NE.

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