Browns aren’t expected to try to trade for Ryan Mallett


The Browns are looking for a quarterback.  But which one(s) are they considering?

A position-by-position look at the roster from Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer includes a report, sort of, that the effort to upgrade the position won’t include an attempt to trade for Patriots backup quarterback Ryan Mallett.

The possibility of a Mallett trade has been churning on the rumor mill since Mike Lombardi became the Browns new V.P. of player personnel last month.  The chain of logic is fairly simple; Lombardi is tight with Pats coach Bill Belichick, if Belichick likes Mallett then Lombardi presumably likes Mallett, and Mallett likely will leave via free agency before ever becoming the starting quarterback, so the Pats should trade him at some point.

What better year to do a deal than this year, when the draft lacks the kind of high-end quarterbacks it produced in 2012?

It’s unclear why the Browns aren’t keen on Mallett.  Maybe they don’t want to use draft picks on a quarterback.  Or maybe coach Rob Chudzisnki isn’t enamored with Mallett’s skills.  Or maybe CEO Joe Banner is troubled by the off-field issues regarding Mallett that have become forgotten since he became a member of the NFL’s platinum-standard franchise.

So what will the Browns do?  Cabot mentions Brian Hoyer, another former Pats backup who was out of football until the Cardinals broke the glass late in the regular season.  We’ve heard that Lombardi is a fan of Hoyer’s, who can be had without a draft pick or any other compensation.

We remain intrigued by the possibility of a run at Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, if he’s tendered as a non-exclusive franchise player.  And Mike Vick is a possibility, if the Eagles let him go.

Regardless, a new owner, a new CEO, a new front-office chief, a new head coach, and a new offensive coordinator means that last year’s brand-new quarterback of the future may eventually be a thing of the past in Cleveland.

30 responses to “Browns aren’t expected to try to trade for Ryan Mallett

  1. Dude.. No one is giving up a first and an additional pick for Flacco.

    1) No team is that stupid
    2) No team is a QB away from the dance, so no one’s that desperate.

  2. So last year’s Messiah is now not good enough to get a shot at winning in cleveland?

    Only in the City of Sorrow does this stuff happen…continually!!


  3. Mallet should start for somebody in 2013. He had superb skills in college. His issue was minor off field stuff and has had zero issues since being drafted.

  4. Weeden is awful. I would give mc coy shot again. Tired of hearing about weedens arm. Inaccurate passer and no backbone. Will slide 5 yds before contact.

  5. so getting popped for under age drinking like just about every kid in college is still an issue with you guys what 3-4 years after the fact?

  6. Mallet is a headcase and needs to remain a #2 in order to keep him motivated and ensure he doesn’t get full of himself.

    Besides, last I knew every pass was a bullet – kid had no touch pass ability.

  7. If Weeden were allowed to play more out of the shotgun and throw it down field like he did in college, his numbers and his effectiveness could very well improve. Shurmur’s west coast offense simply didn’t play to Weeden’s strengths.

    The Browns should look to bring someone in to compete for the starting job with Weeden, with the knowledge that Weeden could well earn the starting job in 2013.

  8. Stick with Weeden and focus on fixing the rest of the team! QB is not the problem! Go get some receivers!

  9. I like Weeden. He seems to have that gunslinger edge about him. There’s a good young core on offense. Why screw with it before it has a season to develope? Change for the sake of change! That always works well, eh?

  10. Solid backup? Has he even played a down in the regular season? Belichick leaves Brady in all game regardless of the score so he can run it up.

    If I were an NFL GM, I wouldn’t trade for such an untested backup to be my starter. Even Matt “Fell Flat” Cassel had a season’s worth of play before he was dumped on an unsuspecting Chiefs public.

    And as for “the NFL’s platinum-standard franchise”, by my count it’s been eight years since the Pats won any Super Bowl, and we won’t go into the circumstances surrounding their wins. How are they the standard, except by a writer or announcer simply saying it’s so?

  11. My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Lombardi and Banner at 31 Flavors last night and they said the Browns aren’t expected to try and trade for Matt Flynn either.

  12. Pats best move. Trade Mallet. Bring back Cassel who was 11-5 as a starter in NE. which gives them an established, proven, backup that worked out there. Use a lower pick to draft Brady’s eventual replacement. Cassel will likely be released or be available for a 7th round pick. Use the picks for Mallet to upgrade elsewhere.

  13. I hope they keep Weeden as the starter. The team will continue to lose, the joke fans will continue to make excuses for Weeden, and the rest of us will continue to get a good laugh at the expense of a city that’s the biggest loser in sports.

  14. Is it weird that I actually kind of like the Browns offense?

    They have to give Brandon Weeden at least 1 more year as a starter. Greg Little actually catching balls would also help the perception of Weeden. Other than that, they have a solid o-line and a young beast at RB. There’s a lot to like here.

  15. iced107 says: Feb 10, 2013 2:37 PM

    Dude.. No one is giving up a first and an additional pick for Flacco.

    1) No team is that stupid
    2) No team is a QB away from the dance, so no one’s that desperate.

    Actually, Buffalo is a QB, 2nd Receiver and Linebacker away from having a damn good team.
    Between Free Agency and the draft they are expected to fill those vacancies. I for one would definitely give up 2 first round picks for a QB as solid as Joe Flacco. He is a proven winner and is Joe Cool under pressure. Look what the Redskins gave up for RG3, and it was unknown whether or not he’d make it at the next level. Flacco would get scooped up by many teams.

  16. The probability of Joe Flacco leaving the Ravens to go to the Clowns is less likely than the Clowns winning the SB in the next 48 hours.

  17. mallet and Kap were the two qbs i wanted the vikings to draft. i was right about Kap and I still believe i am right about mallet. i would love to see CP7 lose his job to him, unfortunately it will never happen.

  18. Let’s not forget that Mike Lombardi’s son Mick works for the Pats too.

    One extremely important thing Chud did was hire two experienced and good coordinators. An inexperienced HC especially needs that. And Chud himself called plays for a total of what, 4 years?

  19. Browns haven’t given up on any of their QB’s nore has anyone in the new regime ever said they were bringing in one. Haslam said there would be a competition and the Cleveland media translated it as “bringing in a QB”. The only other halfway official statement of one being brought in is Derek Anderson saying there was an 80% chance he was coming back in free agency.

    All thats going on in Cleveland is Weeden is going to actually have to earn the spot in 2013. It was handed to him last season without McCoy, Wallace or Lewis even getting consideration and that was proven counterproductive considering how well McCoy and Lewis looked when called on at the end of the season.

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