Mayhew says he’s willing to add leaders for 2013

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One of the biggest problems with the Lions of late is that they have too few players on the roster who can or will lead from within.

G.M. Martin Mayhew realize the team needs those qualities.  He blames the absence of in-house leadership in 2012 on the fact that the guys who would have provided leadership were injured.

“That was tested last year in a big way because of [safety Louis] Delmas being injured and not on the practice field,” Mayhew said, via Anwar Richardson of  “You guys know how much energy he brings to practice, and the tempo he played with, and he was sorely missed.  Not just the games he missed, but also the practices.  He barely practiced last year.”

Mayhew also mentioned defensive lineman Corey Williams, receiver Nate Burleson, and defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, who started every game but was injured during training camp and the preseason.  Vanden Bosch already is gone, and Williams and Burleson may not be far behind.

Mayhew acknowledges that more leaders need to be development from within.  “That is an area that we need younger players who are developing with us to take more of a leadership role, but there also can be some opportunities that we may need to bring in some guys that have some of those qualities,” Mayhew said.

“Part of developing as a player is not just developing on the field, but it’s developing leadership, locker room, off-the-field, and you start to feel a little bit more comfortable every year.  We need some guys to step up that way, also.”

He didn’t mention them by name, but Mayhew possibly is referring to players like quarterback Matthew Stafford, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, and receiver Calvin Johnson.  All are talented, well regarded, and highly compensated.  It’s time for each of them to take real ownership in the team and to hold their teammates accountable.

And also to urge Mayhew and coach Jim Schwartz to avoid the temptation to draft or sign talented but troubled players like Titus Young.

14 responses to “Mayhew says he’s willing to add leaders for 2013

  1. You think with all those people in the top 5 they drafted over the last decade. A few of those guys would have the personallity for it. They shouldnt need too. If they need leadership they should get a new coach.

  2. I’m glad to see the front office point to the root cause of the Lions off season issues and in game collapses, even if it came about eight months too late. Either Stafford or Johnson have to take a tougher stance with the men they lead. Clearly a case of too many Injuns and not enough Chiefs.

    As for Suh: he’s pure talent and zero leadership. He’ll be a solid teammate at best.

  3. The Lions lack of leadership has been evident for many years from the Ford ownership down to the players on the field. Addressing this is a step in the right direction, unfortunately it took them this long to figure that out.

  4. What good is a quarterback if he can’t lead the team? This whole “I lead with my play” stuff is nonsense, especially when someone like Stafford has an inconsistent year like he did last year. Stafford either needs to develop into a vocal leader or the Lions need to realize they still haven’t found The Answer.

  5. As long as Schwartz is HC, the Loins will never reach any kind of level that will lead to winning and respect. —– My guess — Schwartz is in the unemployment line at this time next year.

  6. Before Lions fans get in a tizzy I will say that Johnson, Suh and Stafford are all very, very good players; however, in addition to questionable coaching — maybe, just maybe none of the other Lions’ players are any good.

  7. KVB was a great leader. He’s a hard working and well respected veteran, but he also consistently made big mistakes and was not a value player. The Lions need a different type and breed of leaders to be injected into this team so they can develop some new and potent chemistry that is decades long overdue.

    Every year we just hear another excuse and then they stay with the same team design and make the same types of mistakes as they have in the past, but until you have a will and a focus in the right direction you’re not going to find the satisfying results to fit with the intended sentiment.

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