Randy Moss: If Kenny Britt gets his mind right, he can be elite


Randy Moss spent half a season as Kenny Britt’s teammate in Tennessee, and Moss says he was impressed with what he saw.

Moss was asked to comment on Britt’s habit of finding himself in off-field trouble, and Moss declined to comment on that. But Moss did say he thinks Britt can be one of the best receivers in the league if he can keep all of the other stuff from holding him back.

“I can’t really speak about it because I have been into trouble off the field myself,” Moss said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “But from what I have seen Kenny Britt do, man, if he gets his mind right, Kenny Britt can get up in elite class very quickly. I am a big fan of his. Kenny Britt is a young receiver who can get in that A.J. Green, Julio Jones mix if he wants to, and does the things to make it happen. But his is more mental than it is physical. I hope it works out for him because he is quite a talent. That guy could be special.”

Through four years of his career, however, Britt hasn’t shown that he can be special. Although he has shown flashes of great talent, he’s never caught more than 45 passes in a season, or gained more than 775 yards. At age 24 there’s still time for Britt to prove he can be special, but so far in his career he’s made more headlines off the field than on it. That’s something no one ever said about Moss.

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  1. Yeah Randy because you’re the perfect model of a receiver who’s keeping his mind right and giving 100% every play. The quote should have started as “I can’t really speak about it because I never really gave 100% on any play where I knew I wasn’t getting the ball and I never played hard for any team that wasn’t a contender.” Got to give it to Randy though his “straight cash homie” line is one of the better quotes ever.

  2. nygdriverforfive – as a giants fan you should now the only reason we took Nicks is because Britt was off the board. The Giants had him rated higher then Nicks that year. I am greatful we landed Nicks because he didn’t come with the attitude and baggage like Britt.

  3. Eagles fans who remember Britt posting 200 yards on Ellis Hobbs a few years ago know what Britt can do when he’s healthy and in a clear state of mind. Imagine what he could do if he was those two things simultaneously more often.

  4. Randy Moss isn’t RELEVANT anymore so his comments about Britt being ELITE don’t carry much weight..relevant and elite, the two big words for the 2012 NFL season

  5. It seems the definition of the word ‘Elite’ has been watered down in the last few years.

    It used to mean the absolute best of the best — Hall of Fame shoo-in. Now it just seems to mean Top 3rd of the league.

    At this point you could almost say that being a playoff team one year makes you an elite team.

  6. Moss is right. Britt has lots of talent and all he needs to do is make it happen. He did not say anything about off the field stuff because he had his own issues.

    All you cats hatin’ on Moss are people who just do not understand football.

    The dude has 157 TDs, 982 receptions, and 12,292 yards.

    You do not put up those numbers taking a whole bunch of plays off. If it were easy, then how come there are not a other WRs with those numbers?

    Yeah, that is what I thought.

    The dude is in the conversation of one of the greatest of all time. It is only a matter of preference.

    Rice put up the numbers so he can have the title.

    Same as Emmitt Smith. He has the title but I will take Barry Sanders all day every day and twice on Sunday.

    If I want to win a football game and need a WR in his prime then I am taking Moss in his prime over Rice. But that is just me.

    Moss put up fantastic numbers in his early years in Minnesota and they were not all winning years. If Britt can have even one season like Moss did in his early years then he would show that maybe he can become a very good WR.

    Most of you dudes do not know what you are talking about. Moss numbers were attained through hard work. DId he take some plays off? Sure he did. Was he the only WR that was asked to run 40 yard sprints on practically every play? Yes he was. So if he is gassed he is not going to run like a mad man on third and short. Big deal. There were still two defenders watching him no matter what he did.

    But you guys are right. Moss is a first ballot hall of fame wide receiver who many think was also a slouch. Go figure.

  7. This is coming from Randy Moss who still never made the elite status of WR’s? If it wasn’t for Carter, Moss would have been out of the NFL for years because of his childish pranks and quitting on teams. What a joke to even publish this.

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