Report: Drew Stanton could wind up in Arizona


Everyone knows that one of the biggest tasks on the Cardinals’ to-do list is finding a quarterback.

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune reports that they could find a contender for the job in Drew Stanton. Stanton was a backup in Indianapolis in 2012, so he’s a familiar face to Colts head coach Bruce Arians and offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin. Per Pompei, Arians liked what he saw from Stanton in both preseason and practice and also likes that Stanton knows what Arians is looking for offensively.

Stanton has a good reputation as a backup quarterback, eliciting interest and a job from the Jets last season before moving to Indy in a trade after the Jets decided to bring Tim Tebow to town to watch Mark Sanchez’s on-field exploits. He’d likely draw similar levels of interest this time around, but the chance of competing for a starting job isn’t something he’s likely to find in a lot of places.

Guaranteeing Stanton, who started four games for the Lions in 2009 and 2010, anything more than a chance to compete is a tough sell, but he could wind up being a name to watch in the desert this offseason.

25 responses to “Report: Drew Stanton could wind up in Arizona

  1. Can’t imagine there is too much fist pumping from Cards fans reading Drew Stanton’s name when they’re in a division with Kaepernick and Wilson.

  2. So far in his pro career, he’s been a real football hero–from Monday through Friday.

    If he wins the job, the Cardinals are guaranteed to have the 4th-best quarterbacking in the division.

  3. I kind of like this move, and I hope Drew finally finds some success. He lost in a wash in Detroit behind Culpepper and Orlanski. and he never stood a chance.

    When Jason Campbell got injured Drew Stanton was on my short wish list. He would have been a much better choice then way over paying for Carson “I Only Throw Interceptions” Palmer.

  4. Stanton may not be great, but he can lead a team. Always thought he should be given a fair chance somewhere.

  5. He may not be The Answer, but he hasn’t done anything to show he doesn’t deserve a shot to compete.

  6. Stanton just proves the maxim that sometimes you need to be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

    He wanted to be a #2 QB so he forced his way out of NYJ to Indy where he didn’t see a snap all season. Meanwhile, the #3 QB in NYJ started a couple games and played in a couple more.

  7. You know what Stanton has a chance to do? You ever see when they go to the sideline shot of the starting QB on the bench after a drive? You see that other QB sitting next to him with a headset on and a clip board in his hand going over all the plays on the previous drive? That guy is Drew Stanton.

    Arians needs a veteran guy who understands his system to wear that head set and carry that clipboard.

  8. Stanton is frail and gets hurt VERY easily. He usually can’t last more than a game or 2.

    He’s not a good 2nd stringer because if the starter goes down for an extended period of time, Stanton will likely not last long either. He’s a good 3rd string QB for this reason.

  9. I hope not Az draft a QB the next couple years stop with the back up QB of other squads. Mallet out of NE is the only one I’d would try and get. All these other forget about it

  10. Why not bring in tebow. Fitzgerald didn’t catch any balls last yr so what’s another yr lol

    But bring staton in why not. They can’t go with kolb again n would be cheaper
    But zona needs so much help they might want to trade fitz get at least 2 first round picks plus 2 players

  11. I think they give Kolb a shot if he restructures.

    Hoyer looks like he might have potential (who wouldn’t after time behind Brady?)

    I would find it hard to believe they will bring the other 2 to training camp. that means probably finding one in the draft and one FA.

  12. Kolb is Decent upright (thats the trick), bring in Tebow to back him up, take some hits and provide a run threat.

    These are the types of moves I hope our new staff have the guts to try every now and then, couldnt do much worse than what we have behind KK now.

  13. Probably better the skelton and kolb combo lol but no qb has a shot with that offensive line. No wonder manning didnt wind up in the desert. Cardinals can be good if they fix that line.

  14. The problem with Kolb is not his talent, it’s his ribs, which appear to be made out of glass. He was actually having a good season before the ribs broke again (3rd time in 2 years).

    Laugh every time I see “Cardinals need to sign a starting quarterback.” Like who – Brady? RGIII? Manning? Or the trolls who say “MOAR TEWBOW,” lol.

    Vick is the best available FA (because we all know Flacco ain’t leaving). You still try for Flacco, but he ain’t leaving. Cards should improve OL and RB at all costs this year, and worry about drafting a QB next year.

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