SNL has fun with Super Bowl power outage

Getty Images

It was inevitable that something related to Super Bowl XLVII would find its way into last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live.  The folks at SNL opted to poke fun at the manner in which CBS vamped its way through the 34-minute stoppage in action.

The four-man desk of folks playing James Brown, Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, and Shannon Sharpe was dominated by Jay Pharoah’s impersonation of Sharpe.

At one point Pharoah is asked how players would deal with the prolonged power outage:  “Well, this is only conjecture.  But if I’m out there, and there’s been no power for 20 minutes, I start to think, ‘Who on this team are we gonna eat first?’  The obvious choice is the punter, because he’ll be easiest to catch.  But then if you need a punter late in the game, you don’t have one because you ate him.”

James Brown, played by Kenan Thompson, later was handed a document.  “Our research team has just handed me anagrams of some of the player’s names,” Thompson said.  “The letters in Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith’s name can be rearranged to spell ‘Hermit Story.’  Vernon Davis can be ‘Vain Vendors.’  And Colin Kaepernick is ‘Cocaine Kelp Rink.’”

The funniest moment came when the futile effort to fill the void resulted in the guys at the desk making admissions and Pharoah blurting out, “Ray Lewis knows who killed those people because it was him!”

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