Willie McGinest thinks someone needs to talk to Gronkowski


Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski came under fire this week for partaking in some dance floor hijinks that involved lifting another person with his broken left arm.

It’s the second straight year that Gronkowski has been the target of criticism for his party behavior. He was chastised for dancing shirtless on a sprained ankle after the Patriots lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl last year and a former member of the Patriots now thinks it’s time for someone to talk to Gronkowski about the way he conducts himself. Willie McGinest said that he would have stepped up to do it when he was on New England’s roster and explained the message that he feels Gronkowski needs to hear.

“This kid’s had a lot of success at an early age. He’s probably one of the best tight ends in the league. But he seems to be wired a little different. He did it at the party after they lost the Super Bowl to the Giants where it was kind of the same thing,” McGinest said, via the Boston Herald. “Certain people handle things differently. But the pile-driving, that wrestling move could have been dangerous to him … I don’t think he should be out doing wrestling moves. It doesn’t make sense especially if you’re in a cast still healing. He’s a vital part of that offense; they need him. They’re paying him a lot of money. He can’t put himself in certain situations where he can possibly hurt himself. He has to be careful. He has to be smarter than that.”

McGinest said he’s sure that someone from the team — he suggests Tom Brady — will address the issue with Gronkowski. We could see someone addressing the potential risk of aggravation to the injury, but this still feels like making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Gronkowski broke no laws, hurt no one and in no way impacted the Patriots’ chances of winning a championship in 2012 or any other year. Unless you’re going to start rebuking every member of the team for spending their free time doing anything other than focusing on football, Gronkowski’s behavior doesn’t seem to deserve such a response.

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  1. Their beef with Gronkowski is valid. Not only is he not living up to his contract, he’s out having the time of his life after losses, and potentially slowing his healing time while his team desperately could use his services. This isn’t much different than Kellen Winslow doing motorcycle tricks and wiping out.

  2. I have no problem with a 23 year old acting like a 23 year old. What Gronk needs more then anything else is some good luck on the injury front.

    I don’t think anything needs to be said, as long as Gronk is ready to go for training camp and I’m sure he will be that’s all that matters. What else is he supposed to do for the next five months? Keep his nose in the playbook? This is what guys that are young and rich do.

  3. I’m a Pats fan and I think Willie is spot on. It may be different than “making it rain” but not really. Both put you at risk of making your organization look bad with your actions, especially if you(or someone else) gets hurt and/or the authorities become involved.

    The kid is young with lots of money…he needs some guidance.

    And Josh, if this was your kid would it still “feel like making a mountain out of a molehill” or would you advise him to straighten up and consider not only his public image, but his job and teammates also?

  4. When people say let Gronk be Gronk, its just like saying let Manny be Manny or Ozzie be Ozzie see how that turns out in the long run.

  5. To the people trying to justify Gronkowski, answer me these two questions:

    Is it appropriate for a person with a bad ankle to dance on it?

    Is it appropriate for a person with a broken arm to lift with it?

  6. Why do so many people have opinions about what Gronk should be doing in his spare time? He absolutely kills it on the football field so maybe people should mind their own damn business. If it was somehow affecting his play or maybe even if it wasn’t the off season he might have a valid point. It would still be a matter for the Pats management to discuss with him and would have absolutely nothing to do with McGinest. McGinest and people like him come across as petty, stay-off-my-lawn old man types who really shouldn’t have anything to say about the matter one way or another.

  7. Usually I fall on the side of the player in situations like this. But he’s getting very close to being a danger to himself. Thus putting his career in jeopardy. OMG!!!!!! I’m an old guy.

    Time to go poor one out for my homie “young me”.

  8. The guy seems like a cancer of a different kind to a team. He’s not TO/Moss but I’m sure the vets on the Pat’s really want to put a foot in his behind.

    It would be hard to say something to him after the owner called him out for the porn star deal then has audition or whatever they were tape leak…

  9. In 5-7 years he will say, when I was young and foolish….I wish someone would have talked to me.

    Great talent, just not ready to grow up yet.

    Derrick Thomas was the same way. He partied hard and drove fast till the end no matter how much Carl and Marty tried to slow him down, he wouldn’t listen.

    Difference here being, this guy has a father that should be guiding him and he should be listening to.

  10. I think Gronk’s off-field conduct to date has been of far less consequential/relevant than his being injured during New England’s last two postseason runs. If Gronk incurs yet another injury in time for next year’s playoffs (assuming the Patriots get there, of course), then in my mind that qualifies as a trend—and a disturbing one at that. After all, how much value does the league’s best—and highest paid—tight end bring to his team if he can’t play when he’s needed most?

  11. Well, let’s see . . . . . . he hasn’t stabbed anyone, isn’t carrying a gun, didn’t get arrested for DWI, doesn’t’t have multiple kids with multiple women and hasn’t been accused of rape. What was your complaint again? Oh, a 23 year old enjoying life like a normal 23 year old? Off with his head!!

  12. They should make a movie about this. A young guy who like to dance and have a good time with his friends but the ” know it all “grown ups want to ban dancing because they feel it gives young people impure thoughts and will lead them to do other “bad things”. They can call the movie Footloose. Never mind. No one would be that stupid to believe a premis like that.

  13. McGinest and people like him come across as petty, stay-off-my-lawn old man types

    I see him more as the proven multiple champion with the cred to say this sort of thing.

    No matter if Gronk’s actions are harmful or not, it’s creating a bad image.

    As Agassi said, image is everything.

  14. Fans get way more worked up about this stuff than players. Fever Pitch was spot on regarding players having normal lives after a loss while fans sulk and freak out.

  15. I am so glad i did not act that way when i was 23. Nope not me. i worked 16 hour days 6 day a week then went to church for 12 hours on Sunday. Cut the kid a break ok.

  16. “Broke now laws” is one thing. Re-breaking his arm doing senseless off season stuff is another. Gronk’s a meat head but a good guy; never in trouble w/ the law, abusive, getting in fights, etc..
    No one’s telling him he can’t live his life but he’s one year into a $56M deal. And dropping a DDT on an equally big guy while still healing a twice-broken arm is just plain dumb. He’s gotta be smarter and more responsible to Kraft, his coaches and his teammates than to risk doing things like that.

  17. I never thought there would be a day we heard more about the wild nightlife of someone on the Pats than we do about Adam Jones’ nightlife. Kind of funny.

  18. I consider him to be a bad draft pick so far. He hasn’t been on the field when they need him most. You can make excuses, but It is what it is.

  19. I agree with the above post. Gronk is made of glass and is a meat-head. His physical prowess on the field isn’t enough to overlook the bad stuff. You don’t do the things he does 23 or not when you’re recovering from season ending injuries. Have someone other than Brady pass to him and he’s not going to be the top TE.

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