Bills continue veteran purge with George Wilson


The Bills are busy this afternoon releasing veteran starters.

After dropping linebacker Nick Barnett, they’ve apparently also parted ways with safety George Wilson, according to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News.

The 31-year-old Wilson was a team captain and the Bills’ union representative, but his release will take them off the hook for his $2.9 million salary.

With Jairus Byrd a pending unrestricted free agent, it leaves a big hole in the middle of the Bills defense.

21 responses to “Bills continue veteran purge with George Wilson

  1. Welcome to Denver George. You’re going to make a serious push to the Super Bowl next year.

  2. I can think of a certain division rival the needs safety help desperately, with a head coach that loves veteran talent… With that being said, I am not for certain which safety spot he plays, and whether or not that is the spot where McCourty has played well…

  3. Remarkable story only sticking after transitioning from WR to DB.

    Sad to see him go, but we haven’t done a lot of winning and he’s been here for a lot of it.

  4. Hoping this isn’t the end. We have a lot of dead weight on this team. It is average players like these that have kept us from the Playoffs and competing for a Championship. Well, average players like these and absolutely terrible QBs. Anyway, we are heading in the right direction, but there are still a lot of players that need to go! Keep going!!!!

  5. He was a pretty good safety in his prime. He hasn’t been good the last two years though and couldn’t cover a TE to save his life.

    Thanks for the good years though George

  6. about time!!!!

    this guy has made 1 play that i remember and that’s a INT in a Monday night loss to Dallas.

    hopefully no more converted players Bills!! No more Scott as a LB and Wrs as Dbs

  7. Sorry to see you go George. That said the money needs to go toward youth & change. If he comes back later at a more favorable vets salary that would be the best of all … Good luck to you George!

  8. Looks like Marrone is going to rebuild the team in his way. Shame that some of the leaders on the Bills are getting axed when there are so many more choices on their roster.

  9. Bad move releasing Barnett, he was our best lb this year. Releasing George should mean an attempt at Goldson from San Fran or letting Searcy into the SL

  10. Man, EJ, I really am questioning your commitment here. After the fight that was my comment about the fact that Fred Jackson is worth more to the Bills via a trade then he is on the field, you back that up with bashing Marrone for releasing a key contributor to the worst defensive performances I have ever seen in my life. I think I am alone as a Bills fan with any sort of perspective and am not letting some personal bro-mance cloud my judgement on these guys. Searcy needs more playing time, simple as that. However, I think the deeper thought here is that they are targeting a Vetran via FA. Don’t get me wrong, George has a great football mind, but the body that made him sucesful diminshed the last 2 seasons. Great moves, I’m liking what I see already. Now, let’s get Bryd and Levitre under contract and make some splashes in FA and the draft.

  11. While I vehemently disagreed with the Nick Barnett cut, I’m totally on board with this. Wilson only had one good season during his entire career. That season was actually after he signed his last last contract, which he didn’t deserve in the first place.

  12. So, Barnett and Wilson were considered “leaders” of the Bills. What did they “lead” them to?

  13. I liked wilson. Would’ve liked him a whole lot more if he were able to hang on to the 2 ints he dropped against the titans that could’ve won them the game.

  14. We just need to use this free’d up money to re-sign Byrd. Searcy is absolutely ready to start. Go Bills!

  15. Just isn’t good enough. Searcy got more pt as the season went on. Wilson dropped ints that would’ve beat the Rams and the Titans. Without that Gailey probaby would still be in Buffalo.

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