Bouchette: Steelers pushed Scottie Montgomery out

Last year, the Steelers didn’t want to create the impression that they pushed offensive coordinator Bruce Arians out of town.  Even though they did.

This year, the Steelers possibly want to create the impression that they pushed receivers coach Scottie Montgomery out of town.  Even if they didn’t.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette believes, without specifically reporting, that Montgomery was nudged.  And that potentially becomes important because, with multiple offensive assistants leaving the team after offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s first year on the job, the Steelers surely hope to avoid creating the impression that Haley’s style has caused folks to give up assignments with the Pittsburgh Steelers for jobs at college football powerhouses like UTEP and Duke.

We’re not saying that the coaches left because of Haley.  We’re just saying that, based on what happened last year with Arians, there’s absolutely no reason to believe any whispers or declarations coming from the Steelers on why a coach left.

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  1. Reading the headline, I thought this post was going to be about how the Steelers “pushed” Montgomery out because his receivers were atrocious last year. Which would’ve been the absolute right move. His top two, Wallace and Brown, both took a step back last year. Or a giant leap back, in Wallace’s case. More drops than I’ve seen from a Steeler’s receiving crew in one year, ever.

  2. Lol Sanders Brown and Wallace are the reasons..Worse season between the 3.. Wrong routes..mental lapses..fumbles..Ect Ect

  3. Fumbles, dropped passes, bad routes. That’s why he’s gone.

    Maybe he performed poorly because he didn’t like Haley’s style. Since that would look bad on a resume, he most likely performed poorly because he performed poorly.

    The receivers were not very good this year, in any phase of the game.

  4. So in essence you’re saying you have no proof but what the heck lets throw it out there to see if it sticks! Good reporting sir, you guys never cease to amaze me!
    Can’t wait for Ravenator to comment either!

  5. A professional player fumbles…let’s blame and fire the coach. Instead of blame the over paid diva who can’t hold the ball?

    Todd Haley – Hated in Arizona, KC and now $hitsburgh. Meanwhile, the guy they “foreced” out just won NFL coach of the year and is a new head coach.

    Salary Cap? IN a shambles. Let’s see where all these so called Steeler fans are enxt year when they go 5-11.

  6. I vaguely recall a story about how Todd Haley thought the Chiefs had bugged his office with recording devices, and Haley went as far as to accuse them of it. He kind of has a history. Not saying sometimes things aren’t what they always appear, but sometimes things are exactly as they appear.

    I thought being on Mike Tomlin’s staff is the pinnacle of one’s coaching career. Some of the Steelers fans fans certainly act like there is no better job in football.

  7. Coaches get fired every year, why is this even a story? Whether he was nudged or not, the receivers were terrible this past season.

  8. It’s a story if the coaches are leaving for lateral positions – – the o-line coach was leaving to become head coach of UTEP and Montgomery left a WR coach job to become offensive coordinator. Is Bellichick losing it because Bill O’Brien went from offensive coordinator to head coach of Penn State?

  9. Yikes! One, if not, the classiest organization in the nfl!
    Rooney, Colbert, Tomlin the best! They almost always get it right! Hate on haters! Lol steelers back on top this year!


  10. No matter what the raven trolls say they have to live the fact their icon is a possible murderer and only four people know ….two are dead…god and Ray… Ray lies…Nuff said

  11. First off, both coaches left for a higher position then they held with the steelers. Second this is a writer who is vaguely saying this could have happened. He is in no way involved or a part of the steeler organization. Thirdly if the steelers did fire Montgomery, how is it classless for them to not announce it and let him go and just announce that he’s taken another job at duke? To me, not announcing it and saving the guy the embarrassment is much classier than making headlines about firing him to the public.

  12. I suppose a violator who corners girls in bathroom stalls, a player who drives drunk and runs over his own fans, and a man who beats his girlfriend for going over his minutes is more appropriate. Ah, yes, the steeler way…

  13. And here I was informed that the Steelers are/will be forever and ever amen “irreverent” …..

    oh right, ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING on here that is Steelers related……you will find “ravenator”

    With all the effort “ravenator” takes to follow and comment on EVERY Steeler’s related story, one would almost make “ravenator”an honorary Steeler fan.

  14. I suppose a violator who corners girls in bathroom stalls, a player who drives drunk and runs over his own fans, and a man who beats his girlfriend for going over his minutes is more appropriate. Ah, yes, the steeler way…

    7 11
    Report comment

    You tend to exaggerate ,distort,stretch the truth, and out right lie so let me set the fan boy straight:

    Ben never convicted= Slasher Ray pled to obstruction
    Player never hit any fans
    Player never charged for hitting girlfriend= T-sizzle the bleacher

    Statue for the slasher is the raven way so don’t try for the moral high ground fan boy…

  15. The Steelers fired Arians, then said he retired. That sounds like an attempt to help Arians save face. Kugler left to take the head-coaching job at UTEP–which means he quit. But a lot of guys would leave a job as a position coach in the NFL to head their own college program.

    Montgomery’s move to Duke isn’t the step up Kugler made. So did he quit or was he nudged? I don’t know–but I do know our receiving corps sucked last season. So in this case, change is probably good.

  16. Bruce Arians, himself, was the only one who ever said he was fired, and it took him several weeks later to even say that.
    Whatever the reason was for Arians’ departure, it was long overdue.

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