Chip Kelly says Vick and Foles will compete to be the Eagles’ starter


Michael Vick’s new contract with the Eagles doesn’t guarantee him the starting quarterback job when the regular season starts.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly said at his press conference today that Vick and Nick Foles will compete throughout the offseason, and Kelly won’t pick a Week One starter until he takes his time to watch them compete against each other in minicamps, training camp and the preseason.

“There’s open competition,” Kelly said. “Michael knows that. Nick knows that. Nick knew every step of the way what we were doing. I specifically wanted to make sure Nick was included in the plans. I think both of them have outstanding qualities as far as being quarterbacks in this league. Both of them have started in this league. I also know in this league, you better have two. I’m excited about the two of them. They’re both going to compete. Who the starting quarteback is will be won on the practice field.”

Kelly always stressed competition during his tenure as the head coach at Oregon, so it’s no surprise that he wants both of his quarterbacks to be ready for a competition in the seven months between now and the start of the regular season. If Vick is healthy and at full speed, however, his skill set would seem to be much better than Foles’ skill set for the kind of offense Kelly likes to run. In fact, until Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson arrived over the last couple of years, Vick would have seemed to be the prototypical quarterback for Kelly’s offense.

So Vick appears to be the favorite to beat out Foles. And Kelly acknowledged that he loves what Vick can do.

“I look at his skill set, how he can throw the football, how he can beat people with his feet,” Kelly said. “For Michael Vick, there’s a change of scenery but not a change of address.”

The other change will be the offense. Kelly’s spread attack at Oregon was far from a pro-style offense, and Kelly says he won’t do anything just because that’s the way it’s always been done in the NFL.

“The game of football has evolved and I think we as coaches have to evolve with it,” Kelly said.

Vick in Kelly’s offense could be another stage in the evolution of NFL offenses. But first Vick will have to beat out Foles.

48 responses to “Chip Kelly says Vick and Foles will compete to be the Eagles’ starter

  1. If nothing else, this should be a FUN process & Season. And of course CK should invite Dennis Dixon to join this friendly competition…he might surprise a lot of people.

  2. After reading that Vick’s deal could be worth up to 10mil….I think it’s pretty obvious who the started will be, and it will be a mistake.

  3. Even if Vick is the starter Foles will play plenty after Vick gets hurt coming out of the tunnel opening day.

  4. blackandbluedivision says:Feb 11, 2013 3:04 PM

    It won’t matter unless they get some people in there to protect them.

    Dude you literally know NOTHING about the Eagles oline. What we have at oline is pretty damn good. We just need to add another piece or 2 to the puzzle. But considering our starters will be healthy next year you literally have no idea what you are talking about lol.

  5. Hard not to love what Kelly has done with this team so far. He’s leaving no stone unturned. Give both Vick and Foles a chance to play QB, and that way give this team the best QB possible. Kelly’s mantra is that there are no favorites, the best players play. Already, he’s got to the be the leading candidate for coach of the year.

  6. Riiight !! lets give the 4 time pro-bowler over 10 million to just to come in and compete for a job …with a 3 round pick in foles who is no better than a backup with his 1-5 record ,,yea that make sense and i believe that ..wink wink*. i wish at times coaches tell the truth without the worry they will offend someone.

  7. Vick is going to start , there are no If’s And’s or But’s about it Idky people acting like that isn’t the truth. By the way add me as a friend and join my page guys, I got some online work you guys will enjoy.

  8. “up to” 10 million. You don’t know what his base salary is. Maybe if he sits on the bench he gets 2….and if he starts every game and wins the Super Bowl he gets 10. Maybe if he doesn’t win the starting job he they cut him. Maybe they are going to draft a QB. Maybe they are really trying to trade Vick anyway.

    Point is, none of you know anything.

  9. Vick/Foles, whatever. As an NFC East fan, I’m really concerned about what will happen if Kelly starts giving LeSean McCoy the football. As much as I can’t stand Philadelphia, McCoy has the potential to be the best halfback in the NFL, at least a couple years down the road. If Kelly let’s McCoy actually play football, it doesn’t really matter who wins that cluster of a quarterback competition, because everyone else loses. (figuratively; unless McCoy racks up 2400 yards in 2013, that’s still an 8-8 team)

  10. REEAALYY! All this hate on Vick , when his o-line stopped blocking for him. Before that he was doing an Excellent job. Go look up last years stats in the first 6 gmaes !!!

  11. Chip is going to line up McCoy behind center with vick and foles at hb, watch it will happen… watch out NFL–Seal team 3!!

  12. bobonmycob says:
    Feb 11, 2013 3:10 PM
    blackandbluedivision says:Feb 11, 2013 3:04 PM

    It won’t matter unless they get some people in there to protect them.

    Dude you literally know NOTHING about the Eagles oline. What we have at oline is pretty damn good. We just need to add another piece or 2 to the puzzle. But considering our starters will be healthy next year you literally have no idea what you are talking about lol.

    Since the O-line is 5 people, you are saying the Eagles are missing 20-40% of thier O-line. That seems like a lot.

  13. Watch them trade Foles to the Patriots and when Brady retires he’ll be winning Super Bowls for New England.

  14. How does Vick vs. Foles in the preseason make any sense?

    You’d think that Chip would bring in two quarterbacks with a skill-set that matches his scheme. Foles and Vick are complete 180-degree differences of eachother in just about every quality and attribute.

  15. Some folks are totally happy parroting 15 second Sportscenter blurbs with little to no insight. But anyone that actually knows a thing or two about football can recognize that indecisive, turnover prone QB’s are NOT the prototype to run Chip Kelly’s system.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Vick’s base contract was only around $2M, with stacking escalators that could reasonably get him up to $7-8M and some far-fetched sweeteners to attain $10M.

  16. I live in the Philly area (though not a Philly fan) and they are getting ready to jump off the bridges with the thought of another year of Vick at QB.

  17. I wouldnt be surprised if they take Geno Smith but it won’t be til the 2nd round. Unless he has some kind of amazing combine, he’s not a 1st round pick. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they cut their losses with Vick before the regular season starts…

  18. I have a feeling we may see Vick used the way should have been all along. He was so effective in 2010 because he was mobile. Once Andy Reid tried to make him into a pocket passer, it just didn’t work. Coupled with a better offensive line, I think the Eagles may surprise a lot of people. And so might Vick.

  19. Y’all Delusional if you think Foles has a shot in Hell. to beat Vick out..This is all lip service by Kelly to give him hope and keep Vick on his at COMPETE yeah right.

  20. No chance for nick foles here….until Vick gets hurt… competition should be for those horrible lineman

  21. In 3 years Kelly will be at USC and the Eagles new head coach will be Doug Pederson coming of of Kansas Cities Super Bowl win.

  22. Vick will light it up in practice, be injured by week 3, and the Vick / Foles combo will split the season starts and it will be a disaster.

    And Chip will spend 5 years blaming his predecessor.

    Oh wait, that’s someone else……..

  23. Foles will end up in a trade or let go in free agency when his contract is up..just like the last Eagles QB who they thought was the FUTURE after a couple of starts.

  24. Just wait– they’ll miss out on Geno Smith and he’ll be laughing hysterically at the eagles everytime he goes to the probowl!!!

    Chip kelly will be out of QBs because of the incessant seal training– vicks parts will break off his body if not then, then the season!! Bucaneers 2.0 bro!!!!

  25. Reminds me when Steve Spurrier came to the Redskins and was going to revolutionize the game with his offense. The “ole ball coach” watched his offense play “pitch and catch” . Then after setting the redskins back 5 years went back to college.

  26. No No No No No!!!

    Chip Kelly has bought into the Vick lie. He says he evaluated on tape and really just looked to see if his physical attributes are still there and he thought they were. He still has a quick release and a cannon for an arm, still quick enough with his feet. Kelly see’s this and is arrogant enough to think his coahing will succeed where others have failed. Jim Mora Sr was right when he said years ago that Vick is a coach killer. He teases coaches with his potential but then always fails to deliver.

    I have watched enough football over the years to know that when you have two quarterbacks vying for one starting position you have zero quarterbacks. Inevitably half the team will want Vick and the other half Foles and therefore neither will command the locker room.

    I do not understand this move even a little bit. Vick has proven to be a turnover machine. I heard today in his last 30 games he had over 60 turnovers. That sounds like a lot and truth be told before writing this I did not verify that stat but I have watched him over the last two seasons and he has turned the ball over at an alarming rate.

    I say go with Foles and see what he can do. Kelly has said he is not marrried too one system, his system is dictated by the personnel that he has. Then go with Foles and see how he performs, he might surprise us. We know what we will get with Vick, and it is not good.

    As a Philadelphia long suffering football fan I am really starting to hate the Eagles and how they operate!

  27. regarding the back and forth relative to eagles off line, 4 good starters are jason peters, todd herremans, jason kelce and evan mathis. first 3 had season ending injuries. and first 2 are getting old. if all 4 are healthy, they form the basis of a very good off line. all the 5 guys needs to be is serviceable for the line to be very good.

  28. In other words, Vick is the QB, and we will put all our ducks (pun intended) in one basket, so that when…(AND IT WILL HAPPEN)….when Vick goes down, in week 3-4 with yet another concussion/rib problem…..we can say THAT was the reason for this seasons failures….thus ensuring another year of College kid plays NFL coach! FIRE KELLY NOW!

  29. Kelly is not locked into a system, his personell dictates the system……I guess then with Vick…. he plans on being a defensive minded coach then? FIRE KELLY NOW!

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