Dwayne Bowe scares one NFL scout to death

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When free agency opens up next month, Dwayne Bowe is expected to be one of the most highly sought after wide receivers.

For this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback column at SI.com, Peter King spoke to one scout who isn’t sure he agrees with that assessment. The scout told King that he’s not convinced the Chiefs receiver is worth the money he’s likely to command on the open market.

“I am scared to death of Dwayne Bowe. Like him a lot, but not sure what we’d be buying if we signed him. Too much baggage,” the anonymous scout said.

Bowe’s stay in Kansas City had its rocky moments, including a four-game PED suspension and some clashes with coaches. There have been issues with drops and weight over the years as well. That said, none of the top wide receivers on the market come without risks. Greg Jennings was hurt last year, Brian Hartline has had one season of high performance and Mike Wallace hasn’t quite made a convincing case about his overall package of skills.

Whatever Bowe’s flaws, he’s been a productive receiver while playing with some bad quarterbacks while in Kansas City. Some team will make the bet that his production can go even higher if someone better is throwing him passes. There’s no guarantee it will pay off for them, but such is the risk involved with almost any acquisition that also offers the potential for big rewards.

28 responses to “Dwayne Bowe scares one NFL scout to death

  1. Bowe is the best FA WR available.

    Whoever this supposed scout is (Peter King is a joke) is full of it. The only issues Bowe has is needing a decent QB to get him the damn ball.

  2. Will make the spectacular catch every single time. Not so much when it comes to routine catches though. Very good after the catch and a redzone/jumpball threat.

  3. He needs a strong organization that will motivate him to play his best.

    As a Pats & Vikings fan, I’d take him in NE but not MN.

    He definitely underachieved last year because he didn’t have a quality QB. I think he’d be a top 10 receiver in the league if he had Tom Brady throwing to him with all the other threats in the passing attack.

    But in MN, we a questionable QB and a run first offense, it would probably be more of the same.

  4. Remember this guy had not a good but a great year in KC with Cassell as his QB. Put him on a team with a good QB and a no- nonsense head coach (49ers, Pats, Packers, Giants, etc) and he will be a big contributer.

  5. Bowe needs a #2 to occupy the middle of the field and let him get single coverage over the top. I love the dude’s potential to be a legit stud WR, but he can’t be a one man show (honestly, aside from Megatron, not many WRs can be… ask Fitzgerald).

    Get this man a legit underneath threat to keep him open, and a WR that can throw to the sidelines and look out.

  6. so says the NFL scout who really, really wants him. I imagine this to be a team that leaked this to
    1. try and keep the cost down
    2. try and scare teams away

  7. He’s a GREAT run-blocking WR. Seldom mentioned. Chiefs will keep him, whether with franchise tag or long-term deal. Only year Reid made SB was with a big receiver on his team.

  8. Lol what’s so scary? Comparing him to someone like Kenny britt and he’s a saint.

    He’s been playing on a poor team with below average QB play.

    Ultimately it’s his choice but a more stable team would do wonders for him.

  9. Bowe had a problem w an over inflated ego his first couple years but after Haley worked w him he settled down. He worked w Fitz in the off season a couple years. He’s reliable and tough.

    I’d take him in a NY second.

  10. (Damon Huard, Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn) Having these QB’s on your resume, I’m surprise Dwayne Bowe still put up decent numbers every year.

  11. Bowe is a consistent high performing Wide Receiver, even with the Terrible QB’s who have been throwing him the ball. I hope the Chiefs keep him, but I wouldn’t break the bank to do it. D Bowe would be a scary WR playing with one of the top 5 QB’s in the league.

  12. I could see him signing for a reasonable contract to play opposite Larry Fitgerald in AZ. Bowe and Fitz are friends worked together in off seasons and would take over NFC West in receivers core. It would be Fitz and Boldin all over again. With Mike Floyd and Roberts to compliment those two. Fitz draws double teams Bowe kills teams vice versa. Either one of those two drawing a double team the other mashes secondaries.

  13. I know you have to be competitive but I’d go more performance based than guaranteed money for Bowe. Anyone remember Larry Johnson before & after getting paid?

  14. As a Chiefs fan he scares me as well. On one play Bowe will make the most spectacular catch we’ve seen in years then he’ll turn around and drop an easy pass. Bowe usually tops in the league with dropped catches every year. Everyone wants to blame the QB’s, but he has dropped an unbelievable amount of balls in his career. Lots of those dropped balls were on him, not the QB. Bowe is an above average receiver with the ability to be a great receiver, but he just lacks focus. As a Chiefs fan I would only keep him at the right price. Bowe would be missed, but if he walks I wouldn’t loose any sleep over it.

  15. As a KC fan I say let him walk. I am done with his ‘me first’ antics. He has alligator arms across the middle. And it absolutley disgusts me when he points to the back of his jersey after a garbage time touchdown when the chiefs are getting blown out. Just point to the back of your jersey as you walk out of town…

  16. I don’t get these Chiefs fans saying they won’t lose sleep if Bowe leaves….

    Have you seen our offense without Bowe? Check out the game tape from our last few games last season. Defenses stack the box against Charles because he’s our only offensive threat. We literally couldn’t do anything offensively. Not only does Bowe produce as a receiver, he sets Jamal up to be successful as well since they can’t just focus on him.

    If we make some good acquisitions at receiver this off-season, then it might be okay, but if we don’t….I would be losing some sleep…

  17. Predictions: Jennings ends up in Miami, Wallace goes to SF, Bowe goes to PIT, and Hartline stays in Miami.

  18. These Chiefs fans that want to dump Bowe are the same ones that don’t think we need a QB, or should draft one.

    faider fan level of stupidity going on in town recently.

  19. Too much baggage!? The last time I heard of an off the field issue with him was like 6 years ago for testing positive for weed and from what it sounds like hes just one of several players in the league doing it. And if your talking about what he was saying about Being unhappy in kc a few months ago, well can you blame him?

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