Lions think Jahvid Best could play a C.J. Spiller role, if he could play

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Sixteen months since Detroit running back Jahvid Best last suffered a concussion on the football field, the Lions remain unsure if he’ll ever be cleared to play again. But they sure would love to have him.

New Detroit running backs coach/run game coordinator Curtis Modkins was previously the Bills’ running backs coach, and Modkins said that when he watches tape of Best, the player he’s reminded of is Bills running back C.J. Spiller, who had a phenomenal season in Buffalo last year. Unfortunately, Modkins doesn’t know if he’ll ever get the opportunity to work with Best, as he worked with Spiller over the last three years.

I don’t know what Jahvid’s situation is but it will be greatly needed to get some of that in this offense,” Modkins told “I know watching from afar [Best] provided that for this offense and it’s very similar to what C.J. did for our offense in Buffalo. It would be great to have a guy that can do that.”

Best, who turned 24 two weeks ago, sat out the entire 2012 season after doctors repeatedly told him he hadn’t recovered from past concussions sufficiently to get back on the field. At this point, it feels like a long shot that Best will ever play football again. But the Lions aren’t ready to give up on the idea of having Best back in their offense — and doing great things with the ball in his hands.

25 responses to “Lions think Jahvid Best could play a C.J. Spiller role, if he could play

  1. Very good player…when healthy. As a Bears fan, he and Leshoure scare me together. Now if only that defense could tackle somebody…

  2. Kind of like Minnesota Twins third baseman Korey Koske. He had a concussion and was never quite able to pick it up again.

  3. Any chance we could get less coverage of our team? Just let the Lions be. Stop asking anyone associated with the team anything. Stop trolling Michigan”newspapers” for anything about the Lions. Please?

    Appreciate it.

  4. I hope he does not play again. As a Packer fan, its not because he is a Lion. I just do not want to see a story 10 years from now about how his brains are scrambled.

  5. With the severity and duration of his symptoms, it might be unwise for him to ever pick up a football again, even if he could get medical clearance. What if the next hard hit disables him for life?

    I don’t care how many millions he’s offered, it’s just not worth the risk.

  6. I want to believe this, I really do.

    Unfortunately I just can’t see it happening. That concussion he suffered in college just makes it too easy for him to consistently be injured.

    One more concussion and he may never be mentally the same person again; let alone the same football player.

  7. I realize Modkins is new to the job, but a coach starting out a quote with “I don’t know what Jahvid’s situation is” sounds pretty bad. If he’s that enamored with Best, maybe he should find out what is going on with him. Surely the team is getting regular updates of some kind, aren’t they?

  8. The Lions need to assume Jahvid Best will never come back. If he does come back, that’s a pleasant surprise, but they shouldn’t rely on him. They need to look at options other than Jahvid Best.

  9. Talking about what the Lions could do if Jahvid Best were physically healthy is just as pointless as talking about what they could do if Titus Young were mentally healthy.

    It’s time to move along. Neither will play for the Lions ever again.

  10. Who cares what he could do *if* he could play. He SHOULDNT be playing. And I don’t think you need a PHD to determine that, in his case. For his own good.

  11. Want to know why Buffalo sucks? The rb coach who worked with spiller thinks best is anything like him. Dillusional. Best isnt anything like Marshawn and spiller is a step above lynch.

  12. with Detroit’s salary cap issues in mind, they should find out what it would cost to sign up chris ivory to take Best’s spot. very similar type of player who spent most off last season on N.O. practice squad. just a thought.

  13. Come on Jahvid, pack it in. Your young and healthy yet. Live a good life. Sure you wanted to play football in the NFL. But who doesn’t. With your concussion problems why not think about down the line. Look at all of these problems that former players are having. Not to mention some even committing suicide. Get out now. Live a good life. Have a good career in your field or what you received your degree in. It just was not meant to be. Accept it. You don’t know what the next jarring hit could do. Be smart, play smart. Just call it a day.

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