Michael Vick, Eagles agree on restructured one-year deal


The Eagles didn’t cut quarterback Michael Vick before the February 6 deadline that guaranteed $3 million of his 2013 salary and it doesn’t look like they’ll be cutting him at any other point either.

A release from the team on Monday announced that Vick and the Eagles have agreed on a new one-year deal that will keep Vick in town for Chip Kelly’s first season as the head coach in Philadelphia. There are no financial terms revealed at this point, but it seems safe to say that the Eagles won’t be paying the $15.5 million that Vick was set to receive under the terms of the six-year deal he signed with the team before the 2011 season.

There have been varied reports about Kelly’s interest in working with Vick, but this news suggests that Kelly sees at least the potential for Vick to succeed in his offensive scheme. If Vick can rebound after two rough seasons, the Eagles will likely continue the relationship beyond this season. If not, they’ll split up without any further ado.

In the release, the Eagles say Vick will compete for the job with Nick Foles. They also don’t rule out more competition being added through free agency or the draft. The Eagles answered one question Monday, but there are sure to be many more asked in the days and weeks to come.

87 responses to “Michael Vick, Eagles agree on restructured one-year deal

  1. As an Eagles fan I had no delusions of them making a run this year, but had high hopes for them building for the future. Now…not so much. Prove me wrong Chip!

  2. Most likely gives them a much lower cap hit if they cut him before the beginning of the season. No one was going to trade for this guy, so this is the next best option for the Eagles.

  3. from Dream Team to Scream team in only 18 months. I don’t know what Chip Kelly is looking at but Vick can’t last 8 games without being placed on injured reserve

  4. Why would the Eagles go through the painful process of cleaning house just to keep this worthless ex-felon, dog-killing, mediocre QB? He has one playoff win. HE HAS NEVER FINISHED A FULL SEASON IN THE NFL!!! He fumble and throws interceptions like that’s what he is supposed to do! He should be playing for the Eagles for free. I can’t believe they will keep him.

  5. Great move by the Eagles. They have one of the best front offices in football. I know they don’t have any Super Bowls, but the players have got to do that. The front office’s job is to get talent and no one can argue that the Eagles are bad at finding talent.

  6. Good luck Chip you’re going to need it. I’ve been with Kelly on every move so far but Vick is a walking turnover and unless Kelly is a miracle worker Vick will hurt this team much more then help them.

    I understand the draft is quarterback weak, and so is the FA class but I’d feel better with E.J. Manuel, Nick Foles, or pretty much anybody else but Vick he’s an awful quarterback. I hope Kelly proves me and legions of Eagles fans wrong by getting something positive out of Vick but I doubt it.

  7. Not the least bit happy about this. Why? Insurance policy? Next year he’ll be two steps slower, still won’t be able to read a defense and a turnover machine. WHY WHY WHY!!!

  8. Chip Kelly is already making bold decisions. If he can turn some production out of Vick then all the doubters will be proven wrong again…

  9. If he can keep from getting hurt and learn to slide, not to mention the turnovers he could be great… Then again, so could I if wouldn’t get busted up and wouldn’t be a turnover machine….

  10. This was probably the best move for the Eagles, at least for this coming year. If Vick can’t hack it in an offense moreso catered to him, he’s probably done as a starter in the NFL.

    Now they should focus on addressing that O-Line.

  11. Good job, I think the problem was the loss of Jason Peters and their starting center. Also, Reid liked to get linemen that were too tall, and make them pass block, and that doesn’t work too well.

  12. Smart move. Vick can still play and there is no one sitting around who is obviously better than him. Vick needs to figure out how to keep from getting injured.

  13. “If Vick can rebound after two rough seasons”

    Vick has only ever had ONE good season. Only once has he complete more than 60% of his passes and had a rating over 90. Just once. To say he had two rough seasons implies that he ONLY had two rough seasons.

    Oddly enough I think that Einstein may have actually been thinking of Vick when he gave his famous definition of insanity.

  14. With the 1st overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the Eagles select…Johnny Football Texas A&M. With the 2nd overall pick some team takes Clowney & lols @ the Eagles for 2 decades.

  15. This is absolutely disgusting. It was bad enough that we had to deal with this dog torturer for years. We were led to believe that vick was only here because of Andy. Now that big fat red is gone, we bring this piece of human waste back to run this high school Harry offense that clueless kelly thinks will be effective? There is a reason we can’t find a defensive coordinator. You can’t run a 100 plays a game. This isnt college. You don’t recruit, you draft. Keep playing fantasy football howie, Asante was right!

  16. The team is gonna suck this year regardless, no matter who the QB is. You play Foles to see what he can do with this offense. Vick is a has been. Who cares what he can do anymore? He’s has average mobility, he’s a turnover machine, he’s injury prone, & he holds onto the ball wayyyy too long & cannot make quick reads. What the hell do you need that for??? Chip Kelly hasn’t made a single decision yet that I’m pleased with. I can already smell the stink of Steve Spurrier on this whole situation.

  17. Chip seems to think he can turn Vick around except he forgets that he is going to be a year older and slower, still hold the ball too long and continue to be the china doll that he has been his entire career. What people see in Vick is beyond me, but hey I am a Giants fan so I guess…..go Vick!

  18. Once again, do your homework fellas. No surprise here. chip wanted to work with vick to transform him into a read option qb who takes less hits and throws highly efficient passes and Vick wanted to work with chip because he’s basically washed out otherwise (teams have figured it out that he can’t throw intermediate to deep passes). They agreed that he wasn’t worth $15.5 million……. #inchipwetrust

  19. Although I truly hate the majority of the Eagles fan base, I applaud both the Eagles front office and MV7 for coming to a new agreement. The way I look at it, the front office realized that Reid was a good coach but hadn’t implemented a system that played to the strength of its personnel! The minute I read they hired Chip I KNEW that Vick wasn’t going anywhere. Vick is the poster child for what Chip Kelly’s offense is all about! Mike Vick thrives under pressure and with a one year deal and his career weighing in the balance I guarantee you he has a monster season. Vick will once again have a Chip on his shoulder(Pun intended) and will show his loyalty to the Lurie by taking a pay cut and performing at 2010 level or greater. My question is will they atleast use the money they save on a veteran O-linemen to help that abysmal line out? Also Joeckel could quite possibly be available at the 4 spot, he is definitely what the Dr. ordered!!!

  20. Keep in mind that Vick did it before, and so everyone knows he has the ability. It is shocking they don’t take this time and try to build a team for the future. The best you can do with any Eagle 2013 team is hope for a wild card playoff spot – and that takes a lot of imagination to get to that point.

  21. Good move 1 year deal, if it don’t work release him. Foles is not capable of running Chip’s offense Vick is perfect for it. Fix your O-Line and let Vick do his magic!

  22. That noise you hear is the sound of fanbases across the country taking a collective sigh of relief. Bills fans especially thank Philly for taking Vick off the market.

  23. The butthurt from Philadelphia fans will be swift and furious. I’m a Philadelphia fan, myself. But, the hate that the 94.1 cronies expose on a daily basis makes me sick.

    It’s always negativity and this almost pathological insecurity that every single other town in the country is out to get Philadelphia.

    I hope that people don’t jump to conclusions about Kelly based off of this move. There were no better options and Vick fits his mold.

    You think Foles could have run his offense? Guy has less mobility than Honey Boo-Boo after a bong hit.

  24. So, the Eagles are putting off rebuilding?

    It all starts at the QB position. Vick just doesnt have anything to offer. He isnt a QB and he can’t run with it anymore. Not to mention he is getting more and more brittle every year.

    Anyway, It looks like another long season for Eagles fans. That team needed an overhaul and they don’t appear to be willing to do it this year. I expect a season much like last season for the Eagles.

  25. Great move IF he was young and sound BUT he has been injured in so many ways that if he ran even more he’d sooner than later get hurt again.

  26. You know who knows more about football then all you people? Eagles management. That’s why you do what you do, and they run a professional sports organization.

    For those that are too ignorant to understand this, the Eagles woes the past two seasons are offensive line and defence. Remember when Vick lit up the league not even 2 years ago, yeah. You forgot about that didn’t you. When he was runner-up MVP with desean jackson as his #1.

    With chip kelly and a healthy jason peters Vick will demolish defences just as he has done his entire career. If he stays healthy, look out.

  27. It is hilarious how people are trying to put a positive spin on this move.

    Vick is old. He isnt some 22 year old read option guy who can throw an accurate pass. He is a gimpy older QB who never could throw or read defenses.

    It is laughable to think Vick has the legs he had 10 or 12 years ago. He was extremely immobile last year if you compare him to the 21 year old Mike Vick. He took a lot of hits because of it. Vick is probably a couple blows to the head from being retired.

  28. Huge mistake. 35 turnovers in his last 21 games and 20 more fumbles that the Eagles recovered. The man is a turnover machine, can’t read a defense, and on top of that he’s a sadistic ex felon. Chips first big mistake. Judging by the lack of judgement it took to make this one it will be the first of many.

  29. Dick Vermeil always said to never let the fans pick your quarterback…but with a team that needs significant rebuilding, we’re going no where fast. So why not give the fans what they want to at least keep them interested in this waste-product of a team until we actually get players in here who can play. Dump Vick.

  30. Not saying vick is the best guy to run this offense due to his age and health, but he is definitely the best guy on the team to run this

  31. This should be over quickly. In the read option, the defense doesn’t know if Vick will hand off or keep it. So the defense will just tee off on Vick. If he has the ball, great. If he doesn’t, he gets nailed anyway. The refs will give a little latitude since Vick might be the runner. Vick will be injured by game 4.

  32. This team needs all the help it can get… They need to rebuild their O-Line before drafting a future QB… Although, RGIII had a rough ending to his season… The Redskins did it right by building a team & drafting a franchise QB last. It allowed them to find a franchise LT, a nice set of receivers, strong D Line & linebackers… The Eagles need to let the high priced FA’s from a few years ago leave & rebuild from the ground up. They are a bunch of square pegs trying to fit in a round hole.

  33. LOL anybody with any football common sense knew this was coming, Vick looked around saw no available cities where he would be a slam dunk to get a job and decided to appeal to Kelly that he could and would do anything to work with Kelly and his offense. Kelly saw the playoff runs of SF and Seattle and said damn my read option stuff can win in the NFL. Let me try to fix this guy for a year and get my style QB and if he sucks I can get rid of him after a year.

  34. So sick of all this football news, can this site get back to the important stuff already? We haven’t heard about Robert Griffin’s knee or Tim Tebow’s brother in almost a month.

  35. “Mike Vick thrives under pressure”

    Bigblu, you couldn’t have it any more wrong. He does not make good decisions period, and the more the pressure, the worse the decisions become. This spells disaster for the Eagles with high expectations after hiring a new coach. He can’t think, can’t react, and after his caught-you-by-surprise half season a few years ago, Vick has been one of the worst QBs in the NFL. Because Nick Foles isn’t ready, or may never be, he gets one more chance, but it will not end well.

  36. This is starting to sound like Steve Spurrier’s tenure with the Skins. I laughed at the Skins and now it might be their turn to laugh at the Eagles.

    I really think Chip Kelly is heading down the same path of arrogance that caused Spurrier to fail at the NFL level. The funny thing is Spurrier wasn’t hurt by his failure at all. He made several million dollars and was welcomed back to the NCAA as the superior college coach he was while leaving his NFL team several million poorer, a roster built to run a college system that was no longer being run anywhere in the NFL, and a mediocre record.

    It’s can’t a can’t lose for Kelly and Vick but for the Eagles it could set them back 5 years.

  37. As a Jets fan, I say THANK YOU for keeping Vick on the Eagles. We already have several crappy QBs!

  38. It doesn’t matter who starts at QB for the Eagles in 2013. What really matters is who is starting for the visiting team on the Eagles home opener, as we all know that team will follow the 4 year trend and end up hoisting the Lombardi next February (Saints, Packers, Giants, Ravens).

  39. Oh geez here comes the overreaction from the haters and so-called “fans”. Are you people really this dull and shallow minded? Why would we not keep Vick to compete with Foles and keep him on his A game? Why would we not sign him as an insurance policy and implement him into the read-option packages? Why would we not re-sign him for less money on a one year deal? Any good reason? Besides generic dumb answers like “he’s injury prone” and “he won’t make it through a season healthy”. If anything this adds to the dynamic of the team. I see great things coming from Coach Kelly.

  40. Chip Kelly is going to be a catastrophe as Eagles coach. He has not made one really good move since he was hired. His coaching staff is questionable at best and now he keeps Vick the turnover machine on the roster.

  41. This is for only true Eagles fans, and I’m not one. I think Eagles fans are going to be surprised at how well this works out for your team this year. When Chip Kelly first was hired I thought that Mike Vick would still remain the starter. The reason being is that you don’t have to read defenses to run this offense. The speed in which the plays are run negates the ability of defenses to run various coverages. Secondly the entire offense is based of maybe eight basic plays. The divirsity of the offense comes from the motion packages and formations. And, Mike is still moblile enough to make plays with his legs with is a huge factor in this offense working. When I look at your divison for next year this is what I see. The Redskins one the divison last year and they’ll be coming back with a big question mark at the QB position with the health of RG3. The Giants still have Eli and they’ll have the motivation of trying to play the Superbowl in thier own stadium. And, there’s the Cowboys who I personal think are getting ready to crash and burn. So, it’s a very real possiblity that you could win the division next year. Either Kelly’s offense is going to work on this level or it won’t. But, right now he has the personal for it to work big time.

  42. In fairness to the Eagles who are they going to replace him with. This draft has almost zero QB talent. A couple of number ones mentioned and only because all the others are three’s and fours.

    There are not a lot of free agents around that will turn your team around compared to what you already have in Vick. Notice it was a one year deal as in, hey next year a lot of good prospects coming out, wait till then.

  43. The football turnover machine is back for another year and the Eagles are still going down.But on the brite side pitchers and catchers report to Clearwater tomorrow.

  44. How is this bad for the Eagles? Kelly has a serviceable QB until he can draft of groom one. Even if they tank this year it just helps draft chance next year.

  45. I’m not really sure how this will play out but I do think it has the potential to work out for Vick for a couple of reasons. (1) he will hand the ball off way more often which will keep defenses from attacking up field with complete disregard for the run. (2) he will no longer have to read secondaries as often and read the D-end which is much easier. (3) When he does pass it will be off of play action and most passes will be deep down the field which is the one aspect of passing hes actually good at. Again not sold he will be the answer but the offense does play to his strengths.

  46. Of course there is a lot of people hating this move ( always somebody complaining) but this is a good move. He’s not being given the starting job, he has to work for it and he may be great in this system compared to Andy Reid’s, there’s only one way to find out. Chill out haters

  47. So many smart people on here with their crystal ball. You guys take the fun out of everything, stop telling the rest of us how everything turns out.

  48. Keep listening to these clowns on the a radio who don’t know Chip!!! In your face haters!!!!

  49. Great move keeping a turnover prone Qb who’s played an entire season 1 time in his career. And don’t worry about his inability to read defenses and make quick decisions, I’m sure that will change at 32.

    What’s next are the ygoing to hire a twice failed defensive coordinator from a dreck of a team?

    Oh wait….

  50. Vick will fit perfectly in the new run scheme sweeping the league. Soon everyone will have this approach and it will revolutionize the league.

    Oh, wait, I was talking about the Wildcat. Where is that now? Maybe a team uses it once a game. Maybe.

    That’s where the read-option will be within two years. The Ravens showed everyone how to reduce its effectiveness – hit the QB every time he runs it. Vick is too brittle for that. He’s much better running when everyone is in man and their backs are turned.

    The read-option will go the way of the Wildcat because QBs are too valuable to risk that much abuse.

  51. Immafubared has it right. It is the same reason that Mark Sanchez is still a Jet. Who are you going to replace him with?

    Denis Dixon? Tavaris Jackson? Joe Webb? Alex Smith? Brady Quinn? Gino Smith at #4? Matt Barkley? Bring back Mike Kafka? Trade for Ryan Mallet?

    There’s nothing out there. Roll with what you have for a year at a drastic pay cut and wait until there is someone out there to replace him with.

  52. It can be embarrassing to be an eagles fan, and not because of the organization, but because of the negative, whiny, “know it all” fans that this team is known to have. Why are some of you even eagles fans? You hated ray Rhodes Andy Reid, mcnabb, kolb, Vick, etc. no matter what the front office does, you can be sure that the “great fans” of Philly will be there to complain about it. (I know it’s not all eagles fans) Maybe try not complaining so much and give chip Kelly a chance before chasing him out of town with torches and pitchforks

  53. Chip Kelly is no sucker. He watched the tapes from last year and made the only decision which could be made.

    He’s seeing his offense and concepts work in the NFL, he saw the run teams using his schemes and theories made to the Championship.

    Philly fans seem to believe the Foles kid showed something in the 7 games he started last year.

    That makes it clear not many in Philly know good football.

  54. I was really excited when they got rid of Reid that things would turn around in Philly. Then they hired Chip. Then they kept Vick. Nothing is going to change as long as Lurie owns the team.

  55. This is worst move possible. Vick is getting $7 million in base and up to $3 million in incentives. The guy is awful. Makes zero sense to continue with him. Oh well at least in 2014 Vick will insure top 5 pick.

  56. wow I am staggered at the football ignorance on this website. Its Chip kelly people, master of the flying circus offense. Of course, hes gonna take a crack with Vick. You don’t bring in Chip Kelly and send Mike Vick packing… hahaha lol.. dont comment unless you know what your talking about

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