NFL reviewing Super Bowl sneak-in incident

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When the power went out during Super Bowl XLVII and I started getting texts from Florio Jr. regarding the situation, I tried to calm him (and myself) down by pointing out that the Super Bowl is the most secure location in the world.

Maybe it isn’t.

Multiple outlets have posted a video created by a pair of Savannah State University students who managed to walk in to the Superdome during the Super Bowl, with cameras attached to their heads.

“NFL Security is conducting a review and following up with the appropriate authorities in New Orleans,” league spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement, via USA Today.

Though it was all innocent fun, heads will roll for this one, since it shows that someone with bad intentions can get inside.  And the kids eventually could find themselves prosecuted, if only to deter others from trying to do the same thing in the future.

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  1. Its New Orleans, what do you expect? They’re notorious for their “see no evil, hear no evil” attitude.

  2. These turkeys just added 5 hours to our pilgramage into Giants Stadium for next years’ bowl. Thanks.

  3. If you think security at the super bowl is the tightest in the world then you have no idea what real security looks like. Many of the measures taken simply create the illusion of security. Same with the airport measures. They will stop those that are not really trying or lack the necessary expertise. If you want security you must first give up some freedom. And unwillingness to inconvenience stops most true security measures from being implemented. It is simply a matter of time.

  4. After my initial reaction (that was AWESOME!), I started thinking about the people that trustingly allowed these guys to get by. Perhaps these are people that deserve to lose their jobs for allowing themselves to get duped but the fellas could have blurred out the faces in post.

  5. They shouldn’t be prosecuted simply for sneaking in, but maybe they should be prosecuted for being stupid enough to post in on YouTube.

  6. Leave the kids alone. Real bad guys won’t be deterred by seeing them prosecuted. And it brightened my day to know at least two people in that stadium weren’t there on a corporate ticket no real fan could afford to buy.

    But what was going on with that gaggle of guards huddled together with their backs to the street when the kids first entered the “secure” area? Did they think people trying to sneak in would tap them on the shoulders and announce their intentions?

  7. Its actually quite easy. At a texans game a couple of years ago I was bet 100 bucks I couldn’t make it down to the sidelines…luckily for me I was wearing nice clothes (business attire) nothing too fancy, put my drivers license in a clear card holder and put it around my neck put my phone up to my ear acting like I was important and talking…walked right past the security guard into the door as he stopped the people behind me because they were not as professional looking as me albeit they had the correct credentials….walked along until I found the tunnel out into the field. Was able to stay there for about 10 minutes till someone figured out and I ran and jumped back up into the stadium seats blended in with the crowd and went and collected my hundred bucks 🙂 This works wonders for getting up into the club level sections.

  8. For all you that are “praising” these kids..just imagine if that would have been Al Quaida that walked in there

  9. Seriously? The sissification of America continues unabated. If you were “scared” because some of the lights went out in a stadium, you have some serious personal issues.

    I, for one, wish they hadn’t made such a big deal out of the power outage. It had zero effect on the outcome of the game. I certainly wish we could stop talking about it more than a week later.


  10. How about asking how they knew when to go in and to know that they should have cameras at that exact moment on their heads to document the situation.

    During a power outage at the biggest sport event of the year, this happens and nobody asks how these people just happened to be there to sneak in to the game?

    No such thing as a coincidence, I’m just saying.

  11. The video will fall into the catagory of extreme high risk behavior stunts.

    “We went to New Orleans and were in the crowd watching the S.B. and lived to tell about it. During Mardi Gras!”.

  12. We have to protect the white-hat hackers, as they are out to expose these issues for our protection. If that’s they’re intent, they should be protected and awarded.

  13. wow,those kids walked by police and security and they didnt ask for tickets,ID or anything and they got right in.What if they had been terrorist or something? no one stopped them.only in america!!!

  14. Let’s not prosecute people that break the law when it’s cute and funny. Maybe it’ll be good if more people do it. More funny youtube vids. Morons.

  15. Well, they did everyone a favor by exposing the obvious security breach. They better be rewarded, not punished.

  16. We’ve turned into a nation of cowards – plain and simple. Americans are cowards to the bone. Do you really think ‘security’ protects you? Terrorists have had years to carry out attacks at the locations of their choice and haven’t done it. There are literally thousands of places they could hit if they wanted that are totally without any special security. And you cowards quake in your boots and wet your pants at the Super Bowl. Suck it up – we used to be a great nation. Now we’re a bunch of scardy cats.

  17. The NFL should be reviewing the officiating. The differences between the replacements and “actual” refs are minimal. the Super Bowl was a rigged joke.

  18. Those boys should be commended for what they did. They kids shouldn’t be punished.

    The only reason they want to punish them is because the kids embarrassed everyone who is suppose to be in charge of security.

  19. New Orleans is just a huge embarrassment. Stop bringing the SB to the butt hole of the US.

  20. Sure, run onto a field during a game, naked if you dare, totally cool. Parachute into a sporting event, that takes stones. What’s wrong with you people. These guys aren’t heroes because they lawlessly exposed a security breach while performing a ‘harmless prank’. That’s on the security. It shouldn’t take something like this to happen before they get their act together. Giving these two idiots any credit is juvenile.

  21. As long as the NFL doesn’t let Greg Cosell review the film. They’ll end up with a rambling 300,000 word dissertation on the incident and still not be able to figure out what the hell happened.

  22. Pretty slick. They aren’t stupid for posting the video, they are making a documentary and will undoubtedly get loads of money from it that will more than pay for any fines they receive.

    What law did they break anyway? If a security guard lets you into the game, it’s not like you broke in.

    I’m from Ohio and I happen to love New Orleans. The French Quarter is a beautiful place, been there a couple times, some of the surrounding areas are pretty bad with crime though.

  23. There cannot be any punishment for these guys. These guys should be hired by the NFL to test security in other stadiums and paid WELL! This is a discrace that they marched right into the super bowl of all games. They pat down my 9 year old at Giant games but this can happen. Good luck boys you are heros in my book.

  24. Listen, nothing is 100% secure and you can’t make it 100% secure. You can only get close and do as good a job as you can with that. No one should be fired, and these guys shouldn’t be prosecuted. All you can ask for is nothing bad to happen – and nothing bad did happen.

  25. purplepunisher says: Feb 11, 2013 6:24 PM

    New Orleans is just a huge embarrassment. Stop bringing the SB to the butt hole of the US.
    Not to worry – I am sure all Vikings fans will be allowed to bring their pacifiers into the Superdome the next time the game is played in New Orleans in 2018.

  26. These kids should not be punished for this even though they probably will be. the only thing that worries me in this video is that they walked in with a huge box and left it there. i mean whats stopping someone from walking in with a bomb?

  27. I agree 100% with bigwinintx!!

    ‘How about asking how they knew when to go in and to know that they should have cameras at that exact moment on their heads to document the situation.

    During a power outage at the biggest sport event of the year, this happens and nobody asks how these people just happened to be there to sneak in to the game?

    No such thing as a coincidence, I’m just saying.’

    Two guys come by you with cameras on their heads, you are security and you let them stroll right by you? Please, give me a break.

    Seems like a set up to me…….

  28. the nfl handles security at the Superbowl idiots….it has nothing to do with the city of new orleans asswipes…new orleans will continue to get superbowls hater vikeQueens fans…

  29. If they were two white kids, the NFL would laugh it off and say “boys will be boys.” But since they are African-American youths, they will want them to go to jail for 30 years and act like they are terrorists.

  30. “Security personnel” and stadium workers make $12 per hour. What did you expect to happen? Heads should roll allright. Start with the NFL security chief who gets paid a bit more than $12 per hour I’m guessing

  31. Purple punisher when was the last time the vikings punished anyone you just hate New Orleans & The SAINTS because they were just the last in a long line of REAL NFL TEAMS to kick your vikings to the gutter. It must suck to know that your team will never be SuperBowl Champions, you are such a jerk talking bad about The State of Louisiana, the only reason The City of New Orleans has a bad reputation is because of people like you who’s wives, sisters & daughters come here and expose themselves, then get so drunk they vomit in the street down fall down in the street and go home and tell everyone the city smells. It’s not the locals that makes the city the butt hole of America as you claim it’s because of people like you who come to N.O. and act like totally asses!!! So the next time you want to talk bad about the City if New Orleans talk to a local first and learn from the real people of South East Louisiana, not to your derelict neighbor or the idiot you see in your mirror.

  32. I hope Roger doesnt see this video. They could be fined $5000 for their socks not pulled up high enough or wearing the wrong color shoes.

  33. Things are so different now..

    In my day, we would have just snuck in and had been happy to leave it at that. We wouldn’t have told anybody. Now everything has to be twittered in order to enjoy it. Things were simpler back then.

  34. Seriously, not to be a debbie-downer here, but, we dodged a bullet with it just being a “power-outage”. Fact remains, if one shot was fired or one threat was levied, that place would become a stampede of 50,000 angry mob-thinking people, trying to save themselves. And this goes for ANY event that hold THOUSANDS of people. Fact is, we are not safe and there is really no way we can be. And no amount of govt. legislation is going to make any difference. But we sure as hell will keep passing it.

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