ProFootballTalk: Is Palmer’s best option in Oakland?

Mike Florio talks about the Raiders’ biggest off-season needs and says Carson Palmer should take a deal similar to Michael Vick’s in order to stay in Oakland. What does the future hold for Richard Seymour?

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3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Is Palmer’s best option in Oakland?

  1. yea he is for other teams lol they love when he throws picks every game

    oakland needs more wr if al was alive rip he would of clamied titus young def

    i bet if they signed t.o last yr n edwards they woulda made playoffs enjoy losing for yrs to come im not a fan of oakland i just like the colors

  2. Palmer knows he needs to Vick his contract or he gone! No way he is worth 13 Mil. I say 3 at most if he wants to stay. And if Meyers, Shaughnessey and Giordano want to go? Don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out, along with Seymour leading the way. Bryant, Carter who came on stronger as the year went on needs to be looked at again and Wheeler? need to get them signed. We just need the PBS back in place with some weapons around Palmer and we can make a run at it. The team will now be into their 3rd playbook in 3 years! How can you win doing that every year? Now that Crappknapp is gone we are way better off. Although, dropped passes, bad ran routes, bad O line, Palmer and DMC running for their lives on every play was Crappknapps fault and DA’S for not stopping it. That set the whole team back and out of synch with each other. Now lets Git’ R Dun’ and back to winning!!! Just Win Baby!!!!!

  3. raiders still have their backs against the wall with cap issues and limited picks for one more years. Reggie is still hancuffed for at least one more season. I did not know because seymour was the one who voided the contract, would cost the raiders 13 million in dead $ this year. I thought that only happened if the raiders released him. Bottom line raiders have 30 million coming of of dead $ cap space this year, but now another 13 million, that hurts.

    Bottom line…any of these guys sign anywhere else, we get compensatory picks next year.

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