Ray Edwards packs a punch without punching anyone


We mentioned a few weeks ago that former Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards, now an alleged professional boxer, knocked out some tomato can.

His latest opponent looked more like a can of Beef-a-rino.

In a piece of video that has to be seen a few times to be fully appreciated, Edwards improved to 3-0 with a knockout of “Some Guy,” at a bout in West Fargo, North Dakota.

There are many amazing things about the video, beginning with the fact this was the “Co-Main Event,” and that people apparently paid money to go watch it.

From the cell phone video, Edwards’ opponent was a George Costanza lookalike with an impressive pelt of back hair, who went down like a sack of potatoes from the impact of the breeze of the right uppercut which made contact with nothing.

At one point, we were concerned that nothing was more regrettable than the Ray Edwards-as-Falcon era, but we were sadly, and hilariously mistaken.

UPDATE 4:38 p.m. ET: Our own Michael David Smith passes along a bit of information. Beef-a-rino’s name is actually Mike Smith (no relation), and I am certain that MDS would take that guy, especially if he hit him.

19 responses to “Ray Edwards packs a punch without punching anyone

  1. did they just grab that guy out of the stands and put him in the ring or something? that was the worst flop/fake uppercut knockoff that ive ever seen, horrible fight, was this in a high school gym or something?

  2. I’m not so sure Darin. I’ll pay a years subscription to PFT to an anyone that takes MDS against this great white hope. Let’s make this happen!

  3. Obviously the author of the article understands very little of the sweet science. Every fighter in the history of the sport begins his career fighting “some guy” or tomato cans. Just stop it already…

  4. Wow.. I used to be a big boxing fan in the 90’s but eventually quit watching because the sport had become so corrupt.

    It’s still so bad that guys are throwing fights in the middle of BFE North Dakota??

    Lord help us.

  5. Ate you guys being paid to write up articles and see who can be the biggest dick? Man you’re site is so annoying anymore, seriously lighten up a-holes!

  6. Even the well known fighters have to start somewhere. Consider these fights as stepping stones…When his name gets out there a little more and the events are making a little more money, only then will they throw someone with a little edge and bigger name in with Edwards. Right now, whoever is promoting him is doing a good job making sure he stays undefeated. Give it a couple of months and we’ll see the day when he gets laid out in front of 40,000 people.

  7. Edwards and his camp are completely delusional. They’re trying to build a rep fighting jobbers like this…what a joke.

    His trainer stated on KFAN that he firmly believes Ray could beat both Klitschko brothers on the same night…

  8. Ponder This says:Feb 11, 2013 4:43 PM

    Please don’t link this guy to the Vikings. He’s former Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards.They’re the ones who gave him the big contract.


    Please don’t mention him as a Falcons either. I believe that he was in Seattle last. Let the bum be know as a Seahawk.

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