Reports: Vick’s deal is worth up to $10 million


Quarterback Mike Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles have a new deal in place.  Per multiple reports, the one-year contract has a maximum potential value of $10 million.

Of course, the initial reports regarding Vick’s last deal with the Eagles indicated it was a six-year, $100 million contract.  And it wasn’t; the last year (at $20 million) was fictitious, aimed at pumping up the total number to nine figures.

It’s with that vivid memory that we’ll now regard the report that the new deal is “up to” $10 million.  What’s the signing bonus?  What’s the base salary?  How much of the “up to” $10 million resides in easily achieved incentives, and how much of it requires, say, a Pro Bowl berth or even a Super Bowl?

Once the contract is signed and submitted to the NFL and the NFLPA, the truth will come up.  By then, however, it will be hard to erase the perception that Vick will be getting $10 million from the Eagles in 2013.

Moreover, some suspect that Vick may not get anything from the Eagles.  Howard Eskin, who patrols the sidelines for the team’s radio broadcasts, already has suggested that the deal makes Vick “[e]asier to trade.”

That would be a surprise, based on our understanding of how the Eagles were approaching the situation.  The first step entailed new coach Chip Kelly deciding whether he wanted Vick.  The second step consisted of finding a way to compensate Vick in a way that matched Kelly’s desire to have Vick around.

Unexpectedly, the two sides agreed to a reduced rate, even though Vick privately insisted during the 2012 season he wouldn’t take a penny less than $15.5 million to stay.

Vick also was interested in playing for Chip Kelly or Jon Gruden.  With Kelly the new Eagles coach, Vick opted to take less, in the hopes of having yet another career rebirth.

The move also creates at least $5.5 million in additional cap space for the Eagles.  Which will give the front office more ammunition to dream up a new Dream Team.

46 responses to “Reports: Vick’s deal is worth up to $10 million

  1. Oh geez here comes the overreaction from the haters and so-called “fans”. Are you people really this dull and shallow minded? Why would we not keep Vick to compete with Foles and keep him on his A game? Why would we not sign him as an insurance policy and implement him into the read-option packages? Why would we not re-sign him for less money on a one year deal? Any good reason? Besides generic dumb answers like “he’s injury prone” and “he won’t make it through a season healthy”. If anything this adds to the dynamic of the team. I see great things coming from Coach Kelly.

  2. TEN million for a guy who won’t last TEN games. THREE or FOUR turnovers a game. Another FIVE win season if we’re lucky. Picking number ONE in the 2014 draft.

    Is it too early to start the “Fire Chip” chants?

  3. Chip Kelly has a plan. Since he knows there is a market for Vick, he can get the most value from him by signing and then trading him instead of just releasing him. The Eagles will likely steal a solid defensive veteran from the Raiders and Kelly’s Eagles will begin their reign over the NFL.

  4. Really with the Dream Team comment in this story? Let it go man, the washed up bust who made that stupid comment isn’t even in the league anymore.

  5. Anyone want to see the 10 year, $1Billion contract that I just signed with my hometown Giants? Of course, the contract comes with no signing bonus and is fully voidable, but who’s paying attention.

    These contracts are a joke. Anyone that harps on players holding out should get their heads examined.

  6. I desperately hope they trade Vick. We have seen his best, and im unsure what Kelly can do scheme-wise to keep this guy healthy for a full season.

    If he is traded, im certain that Foles and Dixon wont be the only Qbs on the Eagles roster battling for the starting role this training camp..

    Alex Smith? Geno Smith? Manuel?

  7. Michael Vick is dope! Eagles really need some O LINEMAN.. That’s the reason Vick had such a bad year.. Poor guy man try’s to make plays and his lineman don’t even know where there at or where he is for that matter.. Props to Vick!! GO NINERS

  8. I saw nothing in Vick’s arsenal last season that leaeds me to believe I couldn’t do just as good a job under center as him. If he’s playing starting QB for ANY team this season, I’ll be shocked.

  9. He wasnt worth the 3 million let alone this. Hopefully we only have to deal with Chip Kelly for 2 years before he gets bored and moves on to something else shiny in another corner of the room. This organization has become clueless in the last 5 years.

  10. Wow, bobon, slinging insults before anyone even posts anything…nice.
    “Any good reason? Besides generic dumb answers like “he’s injury prone” and “he won’t make it through a season healthy”. ”

    That, in itself, is a pretty dang good reason (not to mention his penchant for handing the ball to opponents). That’s a decent chunk of $$$ for a QB who can barely muster 10-12 games per season and blows 1-3 posessions a game with those TOs.

  11. I really wish they would stop using the term Dream Team. Philly will clearly be in rebuilding mode, especially if we are picking up a new offense and reshaping the defense. Talent or not Philly has lots of work to do and we know it, especially with the way the division is right now. The Skins are clearly on the up-swing, the Giants are always going to be steady and strong, and the Cowboys…… well they are still the Cowboys and thankfully still their own worst enemy.

  12. Mike Vick in my opinion is the most overrated quarterback in the last 10 years.look at the man’s record year after year look at his production look at his completion percentage and his turnoversand look at how many times he gets sacked per game.. Now factor in that he’s 33 years old has lost several steps to injuries and age and now you’re asking him to learn a whole new read option system. there is no way that this will work.

  13. I’ll tell you what this is about. 3 things:

    A. Not the biggest part, but, it’s part of the (quite frankly overdone) smokescreen and cat and mouse obsessiveness by teams for the draft. They’ll take a qb early and this helps throw people off.

    B. All Vick is doing is playing the role of Doug Pederson. The drafted guy will take over somewhere between week 6-10, just like McNabb. Same team, same plan, people. Think.

    C. If Vick stinks it up, they play to the crowd and bring in the new supposed wonderboy, just like McNabb. And if Vick has yet another rebirth, well, Chip Kelly is now the greatest coach ever and the Eagles front office pound their chest.

  14. Is the return of Mike Vick anything other than the ultimate litmus test for evaluating Andy Reid’s competence?

    If Chip comes in and takes Vick back to even 80% of what he was in 2010, then we know that Reid was the issue.

    I highly doubt that Vick comes and is a top 10 or 15 QB.

    With the coaches he has put together, and this resigning,, the outlook seems bleek for Chipper.

  15. It says “UP TO” 10 million. He probably has to be MVP of the Super Bowl to get that amount. And trust me…if he is MVP of the Super Bowl no body in Philly will be complaining. Go Eagles!!!

  16. this now clears up Foles for a trade to KC.

    does he even get us a 3rd round pick back?
    i’d pull that trigger asap.

  17. I foolishly expected better from Chip Kelly and the Eagles…I guess he really doesn’t expect Foles to be his starter. Is there anything worse than having last year’s starter looking over his shoulder all the time? Nothing kills a QBs confidence more…$5 million of his salary better be winning the Super Bowl.

  18. Chip Kelly: “I want a quarterback that wont turn the ball over”
    Eagles: “Vick is coming back”
    Fans: “What the hell is going on?”

  19. Bad move keeping Vick for no other reason that it pushes back the rebuilding project for a whole another year. This is clear proof that Chipper is scared to death of falling on his face in the first year.

  20. It’s going to be so awesome to rub all of this in everyones face. And yes I am keeping track of the dolts a.k.a negative nancys so when we are doing well I can constantly bring up the fact that the ppl here are wrong and stoooopid.

  21. It would take at least a 6 game turnaround from last seasons’ 4 victories to (maybe) make the playoffs. With a new coach and new system and the same ‘ole Vick I just can’t see it.

  22. $10 million for a guy who can’t stay healthly who can’t throw who blams offensive line for his struggles sounds like a good quarterback right?? Wrong

  23. Let the turnovers begin.Hopefully for Eagles fans Vick will get hurt in training camp and be out for the rest of the season.

  24. myeaglescantwin says: Feb 11, 2013 1:52 PM

    Is the return of Mike Vick anything other than the ultimate litmus test for evaluating Andy Reid’s competence?

    If Chip comes in and takes Vick back to even 80% of what he was in 2010, then we know that Reid was the issue.
    How would Kelly’s getting Vick to 80% of what Reid did show that Kelly is more competent than Reid? The only way what Vick does proves that Reid wasn’t as competent is if Kelly gets him playing BETTER than what Reid did in 2010. I’m not an Eagles fan but for that short stretch in 2010 Reid got the best play out of Vick ever in Vick’s entire career. Frankly, I never thought he could play like that for even that long. Before Reid, he’d have a good passing game here or there, but return to his inaccurate self. Reid worked miracles with him from what I saw.

  25. 1) Up to $10 million. And I’m betting it is HEAVILY incentive laden. Escalators based upon numbers of games played would be smart.

    2) There is nothing else available to replace Vick to be excited about. The draft class and FA this year are very thin. Vick was going to be one of the marquee names available. Use the draft to build an offensive line that can block and wait out a year.

  26. He can’t read a playbook, he’s a human turnover machine, he’s as inaccurate as they come and he walks into sacks.

    Other than that, he’s Ok.

  27. Once again, Vick shows he’s a bonehead. If he had held out, and forced the Eagles to either pay him or cut him, he could have; gotten his full year of $15 million, or been cut and started a bidding war for his services between the 6-8 teams DESPERATE for an experienced QB, getting a multi-year deal. After another year of maybe not even starting for the Eagles, he’ll be that much older with another mediocre seasons stats, and in a much weaker position.

  28. Guess what haters MV will blow the doors off of the league this season after he wins the starting job again.Especially under a new scheme which catters to his strengths.So,for all yyou haters get your popcorn ready.

  29. everyone is hating on this, but i think there is a bigger plan at work here, so you bring vick back at one year saving cap space, who by the way is the only qb available to test out this offense, even with turnover and injury concerns, while they switch to a 3-4 defense which will probably take two years to get all the proper players in place. They trade Nick Foles for a draft pick, and then go all in on Johnny Football next year, I think they’re looking big picture.

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