Romo plays well, but gives up late lead, . . . in golf

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So apparently, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are golf’s regular season, and Sunday is its playoffs.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and his partner lost a final-day lead, and finished third at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Sunday.

Romo and pro partner Jordan Spieth shot a solid 68, but co-championship teams Brandt Snedeker-Toby Wilt and Michael Letzig-John Erickson (two of those guys are allegedly golfers, two celebrities, and I have no idea which) had 65s.

In fairness to Romo, he did sink a 15-foot birdie putt on the 17th hole, so it’s not as if he fumbled a snap for a game-winning field goal or anything.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Romo laughed when asked if he’d listen to people suggesting he could moonlight on the PGA Tour.

“I think they’re wrong,” he said. “I’m pretty good at what I do. I like to compete, and it gets our family out on a couple of vacations once in a while and it makes it an enjoyable experience.”

Which sounds a lot like his day job, without all the pesky playoffs.

18 responses to “Romo plays well, but gives up late lead, . . . in golf

  1. Well Darin Gantt, since we’re not talking about football why don’t you write another story on say, the Pope? Most of you best writers @ PFT are Cowboys haters. It’s annoyingly obvious.
    Sincerely Cowboys fans

  2. People just can’t seem to let go of this guy. Plays his ass off with little help and gets torn to shred by his own fans and national media. I read the other day that he was actually shooting better than the pro he was playing with who is supposed to be an up and comer. Same old song and dance.

  3. I promise you he will get it right in the form of a super bowl win someday. Hopefully JJ rides him out long enough because it ain’t happenin’ for at least 2 more years

  4. Soomsdaydefensetx

    They hate everyone and everything unless you hate guns, love gays, agree with everything they say and act as if only the last article they write about a topic(usually around the 5th or 6th time they change the story) is the only they wrote so they can claim to have been right. That’s the name this site is building for itself

  5. His handicap is 0. This has been known for years. And you have never heard of Snedeker? I find that hard to believe unless you live in a cave.

  6. If you don’t know which is the golfer and which is the amateur, then either don’t write the article at all or don’t put that asinine comment into it.

  7. Romo’s playing partner was Jordan Spieth, who’s claim to fame was bursting onto the scene as a local high school player at the Byron Nelson and low amateur at the U.S. Open as a freshman at the University of Texas. This is his first full pro season and he shot 8 under par . . . he and Romo teamed for a 29 under par, and as a scratch golfer, Romo received no strokes. Sounds to me like Tony more than held up his end of the bargain!

  8. So Darin Gantt never heard of Brandt Snedeker. Since the start of the 2011 season, Rory McIlroy leads the PGA tour with 5 wins. Tied for second with 4 wins is somebody named Tiger and the afore mentioned Mr. Snedeker. So whether or not Mr. Gantt ever heard of Brandt, those with even a passing knowledge of the PGA tour are well aware of his skills.

    FYI, Snedeker won the tournament with a final score of 19 under. Romo shot 21 under. Not exactly what one would consider a choke job is it.

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