Titans want another back who can “carry the load”


Running back Chris Johnson isn’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean the Titans are done thinking about running backs this offseason.

Running backs coach Sylvester Croom said Monday that the team wants to have a second back capable of carrying a heavy load as part of their offense this year. Johnson carried the ball on 276 of the Titans’ 378 rushing attempts during the 2012 season and no other back had more than 19, a heavy workload in this age of running back rotations. Croom explained that he doesn’t want to diminish Johnson’s role as much as expand the potential return from the running game.

“I truly believe if you’re serious about running the football, you’ve got to have two guys actually both able to carry the load during the season,” Croom said during an interview with Paul Kuharsky on 104.5 The Zone, via ESPN.com. “If you’re going to really run, I’m talking 30-plus times a game, there aren’t many that can do that for 16 games anymore, their bodies can’t take it.”

Jamie Harper was the back with 19 carries and free agent-to-be Javon Ringer is the only other tailback on the roster, so we’d guess that the Titans will be looking for Croom’s guy outside the organization. There won’t be any shortage of options in what’s increasingly become a buyer’s market for running backs in recent years.