Vick deal could put Carson Palmer in a pinch


The Eagles owed quarterback Mike Vick $15.5 million for 2013.  They’ll pay him considerably less.

The Raiders owe quarterback Carson Palmer $13 million for 2013.  Vick’s new deal could provide the template for a similar arrangement.

Though many assume the Raiders will simply cut Palmer, Palmer needs to consider what could be lurking behind Door No. 2 before telling the Raiders to take their offer of a reduced contract and shove it.  If, in the end, the Raiders are willing to pay as much or more than any other team, why wouldn’t Palmer take less money to stay?

When Palmer retired two years ago, he was widely believed to be interested in playing for a team on the West Coast.  Unless he’s planning to join the Cardinals in the suddenly-elite NFC West, Palmer has no real options that don’t entail moving far away from California.

Ultimately, the question is whether any other team would pay him a significant amount to become that team’s starting quarterback in 2013.  It could be that only the Raiders want him to be the starter — and that only the Raiders will pay a significant chunk of change, even if it’s much less than what he’s currently owed.

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26 responses to “Vick deal could put Carson Palmer in a pinch

  1. I don’t get why the Raiders aren’t thinking about drafting a QB. Palmer is far past his prime, Leinart will be a free agent, and Pryor probably isn’t the answer. If Geno is still available at three, Oakland should grab him. And he’s much cheaper than Palmer.

  2. “Many assume raiders will cut palmer” they must of bumped their heads!! Do i think he should be paid $13 mil….no. Carson Palmer is a smart dude. He will restructure somehow,someway. He retired from cincy for the same reason barry did in detroit….his heart wasnt in it. CP3 came back to help out an old friend….hue jackson.

  3. This guy just doesn’t have it anymore. They should cut him move on. It was a horrible trade & it’s a shame McKenzie loses those picks without a legit QB to show for it.

  4. Palmer had retired from the Bengals saying he already “had enough money”. Why would money be a concern to him now??

  5. Palmer’s propensity for interceptions and his lack of big game wins make him a no-brainer to release or dangle for a trade – but no team with cap space would do it, unless they had a young QB drafted and were using Palmer as a bridge – either way, the Raiders can worry less.

  6. What makes you think “many” believe he will be cut?
    That’s not a topic around the Bay Area, except for a few blog nitwits.

    Who would they replace him with? Pryor?

    Get a grip….

  7. It’s funny … an average good QB has to take a pay cut (Vick, Palmer) because they are on a losing team … your team wins the SB like Flacco and your pay doubles.

  8. Can’t imagine the Raiders paying Carson Palmer $13 million for the upcoming year. And can’t imagine him telling them to shove it because no one else is going to pay him $13 million either. If he manages to remain in a situation that allows him to start, that alone would be a gift.

  9. Raiders should give the keys to terrelle pryor,release palmer to save some cap space,sign a good back up someone like matt moore,chase daniel, or maybe alex smith.this draft should be the foundation of the team,OL,DL,DE,LB,and DB.not QB this year can wait.

  10. honestly im from cincy and i dont like the way Palmer left but after seeing him QB for the raiders it kind of makes me wonder how much he has left in his tank.

  11. Why wouldn’t he take less money?

    This is Carson Palmer we are talking about. This dude is a serious competitor and he wants to win at what he wants to win at. He was willing to play the retirement card hard and is willing to take a loss to prove his point if he doesn’t get his way. He believes firmly, and has proven at all points in his personal past, that this strategy of true commitment to carrying through with a threat will play out with a win for him in the end.

    In the event that he ever does lose this game, which he has not ever done yet due to his boldness having credibility teeth, then he will indeed take the loss in honor and respect of committing to the position he chose.

    The Raiders need to understand who they are dealing with as dealing with Carson isn’t necessarily the same way you would deal with this situation. They will end up playing ball and he won’t take significantly less, or they will choose he’s not worth it compared to other alternatives.

  12. They’re not cutting a guy who threw for 4000 yards and a 22-14 TD-INT ratio in 15 games on the third worst team in the league.

    He turns 34 this year, so he’s primed to fall off the statistical cliff any day now, but until that day comes, he’s not going anywhere.

  13. Are you guys for real? the next second Palmer is released Chiefs, Jags, Bills, Browns Cards and probably the Vikings would be on the bidding war for his services.
    He might not be an elite QB but he is better than half of the qb’s starting right now.
    Palmer ain’t going nowhere get over it

  14. This team would probably have been 1-15 without Palmer. He carried the offense. It’s also noticeable that the Raider offense was at its best in the hurry-up when Palmer was changing and calling plays at the line of scrimmage instead of Knapp’s mundane and predictable version of the west coast.

    Statistically, he had one of the best seasons that any Raider QB has ever had, despite having probably the worst wide receivers in terms of hands and route-running of any team in the league. Take Palmer, Marcel Reece and Brandon Myers away from this offense and it would have been _really_ ugly.

    Did the team lose 12 games because of its passing offense? No. The team lost 12 games mostly because of its defense and Darren McFadden’s troubles in the ZBS.

    Palmer is overpaid, certainly. Since this is a poor team with cap problems, he’ll have to decide – retire, go elsewhere (and he’s good enough to start for some teams, even if only in the short term) or restructure. My guess is that he’ll restructure.

  15. Purple Drank is making a comeback. Maybe they could check into him, bring Randy Moss back. Glory days.

  16. Palmer right now is the only QB in Oakland. The best Qb we had since Gannon. Probably the best qb talent this team ever had. For those who think Pryor is the answer, you know nothing about football and nothing about talent. They should stop trying to make him a QB and tell him train yourself to play WR or TE and deal with it

  17. Shocked if Palmer does not renegotiate….why are people so down on his age? Where is Denver and New England’s QB of the future? Those guys are ancient compared to CP3.

  18. Palmer’s still decent, it’s not his fault the Raiders are a train wreck. Put him on a good team and he’ll perform well – unfortunately as was said, the only west team needing a QB is the Cards. So it would mean leaving a train wreck for a sinking ship.

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