Vick’s base package is $7 million


The truth already has trickled out on the contract between the Eagles and quarterback Mike Vick, which is worth “up to” $10 million for one year.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Vick received a signing bonus of $3.5 million.  He also will receive a non-guaranteed of $3.5 million.  That’s a base rate of $7 million.

The rest comes from incentives.  He can earn a $500,000 in per-game roster bonuses; he gets $31,250 for each game he’s on the 53-man roster.  Vick gets another $1.5 million if he participates in 90 percent of the offensive snaps, and $1 million if the Eagles win the Super Bowl (and if he plays in it).

So it’s a one-year, $7 million deal with $3 million in incentives.

UPDATE 9:14 p.m. ET:  The play-time incentive has lower levels, with $$1.2 available if he participates in 80 percent of the snaps, $900,000 if Vick participates in 70 percent of the snaps, $700,000 for 60 percent of the snaps, and $500,000 for 50 percent.  The amounts aren’t cumulative; he gets one payment based on his total playing time.  Also, the Super Bowl bonus has lower levels, with smaller payments based on postseason season.  The maximum available is $1 million, if the Eagles win the Super Bowl.

54 responses to “Vick’s base package is $7 million

  1. Never believe a word the media says. There was no way Vick was gonna be an Eagle next season..right! Read option. Looks like thats the wave of the future until these qb’s start dropping like flies.

  2. I can’t wait to see this disgraceful person get injured again from running around in Chip Kelly’s scheme. LOL

  3. Because after a 12 year career and at age 33 we are about to see something we havent already seen? Hes a turnover mistake prone bad QB. Overrated. Hes lost a step and his decision making is abysmal.

    I know they think its a stepping stone to a new QB but Chip needs to implement that plan quickly if he wants us to watch Vick for another year. Id rather watch Foles because I still dont know what he is since he played better then Vick with an even worse offensive line situation and no McCoy or Desean. At least Foles gets the ball out fast. Vick makes one or two reads then runs around and takes bad hits that either get him hurt or force a turnover. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. “He also will receive a non-guaranteed of $3.5 million.”

    Does that the eagles can cut him before week one if Foles beats him out for the starting job and not be on the hook for the extra $3.5M?

  5. Should be less up front and more on incentives, He always has his head down and has lost a step or 2. Foles should be their investment at this point or go for a rookie QB in the draft, there was a ton of success with that last year in the NFL….

  6. Sorry, but it still chaps my hide that a piece of trash like Michael Vick can make more in one year than most people can in 10 lifetimes. Pretty sad how much of an emphasis is placed on his “talent”.

  7. That’s as close as Vick will come to earning his paycheck since he entered the league, unless you count the coin he earned punching plates while incarcerated. But I’m slow and white, and if I killed dogs for sport I would be sentenced to rehab and community service, not prison, so I’m not complaining.

  8. you guys are overreacting. and this is coming from a 20 yr eagles season ticket holder. they kept vick on the team as an option. so far that is it. they thought the benefit of keeping him around exceed the cost of cutting him. no one knows if he starts, is backup, makes the team, gets cut. all that is not relevant at that point. again, i am a long time eagles season ticket holder, but the reactionary, tendency to be negative comments from fellow eagles fans is over the top. withhold judgment til there is something tangible. give kelly a chance for cryin out loud.

  9. No No No No No!!!

    Chip Kelly has bought into the Vick lie. He says he evaluated on tape and really just looked to see if his physical attributes are still there and he thought they were. He still has a quick release and a cannon for an arm, still quick enough with his feet. Kelly see’s this and is arrogant enough to think his coahing will succeed where others have failed. Jim Mora Sr was right when he said years ago that Vick is a coach killer. He teases coaches with his potential but then always fails to deliver.

    I have watched enough football over the years to know that when you have two quarterbacks vying for one starting position you have zero quarterbacks. Inevitably half the team will want Vick and the other half Foles and therefore neither will command the locker room.

    I do not understand this move even a little bit. Vick has proven to be a turnover machine. I heard today in his last 30 games he had over 60 turnovers. That sounds like a lot and truth be told before writing this I did not verify that stat but I have watched him over the last two seasons and he has turned the ball over at an alarming rate.

    I say go with Foles and see what he can do. Kelly has said he is not marrried too one system, his system is dictated by the personnel that he has. Then go with Foles and see how he performs, he might surprise us. We know what we will get with Vick, and it is not good.

    As a Philadelphia long suffering football fan I am really starting to hate the Eagles and how they operate!

  10. Yes Vick will start…. for the first few games and then he will be right back where he always is. Injured and out. Smart by the Eagles to do their research and set up incentives they know Vick will never make. Its also good they are admitting they have no shot at making the SB. But at the same time they are still a boat load of morons by paying this horrible excuse for a “QB” even $1 to play.

  11. If anybody has a better option at QB for the Eagles this year I’m all ears. This year’s free agent and draft class for QB’s is trash. 2013 is pretty much a throw away year for the Eagles. Vick is a one year band-aid. 2014 sell out for Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel (if he comes out)

  12. Officially the first mistake of the Chip Kelly regime.

    Vick is garbage, a lousy QB and a guy you can;t build anything meaningful around.

    Good Luck with that.

  13. Well that’s starter money. But seriously no matter what anyone thinks of Nick he is a complete fish out of water for the system they are going to use. I mean even a casual football fan can see he doesn’t even come close to fitting in the system they are going to use. It’s no knock on him as a QB, but their RB probably has a better shot at starting at QB than he does.

  14. Sounds like they’re paying him $3.5m to take a look at him in camp.
    The rest assumes he makes the roster.
    That’s about what it was gonna cost them to keep him during the offseason anyway.

  15. As a long suffering Eagles fan, I was enthusiastic as anyone about a fresh start. Having said that, if Vick is such garbage, and Foles can’t beat him out, do you really want Foles?

    Having more options is always better than fewer options. Since they already paid Vick’s $3 mill bonus, Kelly bought the entire offseason to make an informed decision on for $500K. With a $23 million cap carryover, the birds will not miss the cap space.

    For the record, I am of the opinion that next year’s starter at QB is not yet on the roster.

  16. Michael Vick needs to use the millions he’s made to find a cure and stand up to Herpes!

  17. When he got out of jail he had one little credit porblem.He owned $20 million on loans to banks, investors, etc. Wonder how much of his new deal is taken off the top for that problem.But as a Gmen fan, I’m happy to see him resign. That’s 2 guaranteed wins for Big Blue.

    Odramacare is NOT included. Concussions are a deductable.

  18. FlavorDave is 100% correct. I only hope that they did this so that they can trade Vick. It makes no sense to keep Vick on this team. Also, I am not sure that Vick can beat out Foles. I am not sure if this make sense but I know more as to what Vick isn’t then I know what Foles is.
    Vick is:
    1) 33 years old and has not played an entire season since I do not know when
    2) Last not won a play game in atleast 8 yrs.
    3) He holds on the ball to long and instead of making quick decisions he makes poor ones
    4) He is a turnover machine
    5) He can’t read defenses

    Its funny that pro Vick people focus on the O-Line. It is true that the O’line was bad due to injuires and should in approve this year with a health Peters, Herremans, and Kelce. Can someone tell me why the amount of sacks went down when Foles (20) started to when Vick (28) started. Tells me that Foles gets the ball out quicker then Vick.
    I have no idea if Foles is a starting QB in the league. Really no one does. I hear people say he does not have the arm for the long ball. I see that he does if he can get his foot work right. If you play Foles then you either no we can play or you get a top 5 pick.

  19. oh mr jints boy, last yr eagles beat you with vick at qb. 4th gm of season. and nice implosion this past season. and now g-chicks are cleaning house. i don’t think you guys are gonna be world beaters this upcoming season.

  20. The only thing Jim Mora, Jr. was right about was calling Michael Vick a coach killer. Who knows – maybe the Eagles will be stupid enough to keep Vick around long enough that Chip Kelly can join the likes of Mora, Dan Reeves and Andy Reid.

  21. As an Eagles fan I would have preferred to see him go. That said, this deal makes him easier to trade if they decide to go that route. If he is the starter, I think he has a chance at being closer to his 2010 performance in Kelly’s system. No one seems to talk about how Reid went too far in his coaching of Vick as a pocket passer, which was similar to what he did with McNabb. Vick is not a pocket passer and never will be, especially with O-line problems (though that will undoubtedly improve this year). It will be interesting to see what Kelly can get out of him in his system. Probably the best option we have at this point.

  22. Vick is EXACTLY the opposite type of QB that Chip Kelly claims to want… He holds onto the ball too long, can’t outrun defenders anymore, is too small to see over his line for the option pass to be effective, and HE TURNS OVER THE BALL WAY TOO MUCH! Kelly’s cardinal sin for his QB is fumbles & interceptions! If Kelly is as much of an offensive “genius” as he’s touted to be, why does he not see this! Don’t get this signing a little bit.

  23. It seems the problems in PHL run alot deeper than Reid. Lurie and Howie are running the franchise into the ground. The only way I would watch Vick in a stadium would be if he was being mauled by 100 pit bulls.

  24. That is still 6,999,999.75 too much for this piece of trash. The .25 cents would be paying for him to run water out to the rest of the team during time outs, oh wait he would probably fumble all the bottles before he got them to his team

  25. Oh well, the new coach/new scheme thing worked out ok for Alex Smith. Remember that MNF game when the Candlestick crowd were chanting for David Carr but Singletary wouldn’t do it? Yeah, neither does Alex Smith now.

  26. And the rest of the NFC East rejoices. The Eagles must really not like the FA market, Foles and the draft. Did they not look at his game film from the last season? I think Fred Sanford would have done a better job as their QB!

  27. What Florio?? No snide Dream Team comment?? Vick is just a one year stand in till Chip gets who he wants. Who do these people think is a viable option at QB for a team in transition?

  28. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL is subsidizing the Eagles to keep this rotten turd on their roster, since it is HIGHLY doubtful any other team wants him, and he IS the NFL’s highest “comeback project” that they are attempting to shove down every fan’s throat.

  29. Rookie Nick Foles has as many 60% completion seasons as 10 year veteren Mike Vick.

    Think about that. Foles rookie season would rank barely below Vick’s best season ever as a passer.

    Vick’s rookie season, he completed 44% of his passes.

    People tend to confuse Vick the QB with Vick the RB. Vick has never been a good QB, has never been that accurate but boy he used to be able to run. Vick who is getting near his mid 30′s can’t run and can’t take a hit. One thing he has never done, is make a good decision, and that’s going to cost him and the team now that his legs can’t bail him out.

    To compare, Jamarcus Russell had better passing percentages his 3 years in the league than Vick and Russell can’t find a job.

  30. Like I said a forum for the mean spirited people of the world. Not all but 90% of the comments on this board have nothing to do with discussing football. Very different then Hardball Talk where the fans don’t tolerate imbeciles.

  31. Drives me NUTS how people who spend a Tuesday morning posting on an internet board feel they know football operations better than the people in the business……It’s a bunch of George Costanzas thinking they are the next General Manager of a team.

    These are the same guys that vehemently booed when Reid was hired and McNabb was drafted. Football geniuses.

  32. WOW, why stop at $1m for wining the superbowl – just make it $20m and call it a $27m contract.

    I mean seriously, to place a $1m bonus for wining the superbowl?? Heck, he should get $1 bonus for making the playoffs with that team.

  33. I got killed for being against the McNabb trade….I’d take an out of shape NFL analyst Donovan McNabb over Vick in a millisec.
    Hard to believe people in this town ragged on McNabb for all of those years, like it was all his least we knew what the playoffs smelt like when he was at the helm…it felt good owning the NFC East for a decade, even though we lost the SB and those 4 NFC chips…it felt great to at least have the opportunity….with Vick as our starter, we will never know what these experiences look, sound, or smell like……bottom’s up toast to another dreadful season.

  34. While I give Donovan credit as the best Eagles QB since Jurgensen, he did benefit from an excellent offensive line. Vick only had that one year. Most pro QB’s play a lot better with 4 or 5 seconds to throw the ball. McNabb’s line was capable of giving him that consistently.

  35. He’s definitely past his prime, but it was truly amazing to see him years ago in the Georgia Dome. It is such a shame he turned out to have no moral compass until he was caught. What a waste.
    Anyway, that’s one more NFC team to not have to worry about.

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