Adrian Peterson says he’d never trade Percy Harvin

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Earlier today, I challenged Paul Allen of KFAN to get something fresh from NFL MVP Adrian Peterson during a visit from Peterson to Allen’s weekday radio show.

Allen delivered.

He asked Peterson about Percy Harvin, specifically whether the Vikings will or should trade the 2009 NFL offensive rookie of the year.  Peterson said he’s not sure what the team will do, but that he never would do that deal.

“To be honest with you, I don’t know if we will or not,” Peterson said.  “But me, individually, and giving you my opinion, I wouldn’t trade him.  I wouldn’t trade him.  But that’s just me and my opinion.  To do the the things that he’s able to do, I don’t think there will be a player able to do it better than him.  Ever.  He does so much, and there will never be a player who will do it better than him.”

Still, it’s clear that Adrian doesn’t know what will happen, primarily because he doesn’t know what Percy is thinking.  “I haven’t really had the opportunity to talk to him much,” Peterson said.  “But I always look at what you can get from a person, and I know it comes with, ‘OK, you gotta deal with this, or deal with that,’ but I always feel like that person can overcome whatever it is that they might be struggling with.”

That implies plenty.  Percy Harvin, in Peterson’s view, apparently is “struggling with” something that Peterson believes Percy can overcome.  If that something with which Percy is struggling is a desire to play for a new team, whether or not Percy overcomes it will go a long way toward resolving this specific situation.

51 responses to “Adrian Peterson says he’d never trade Percy Harvin

  1. If the vikes end up making a splash at WR this off season and keep Harvin and Ponder progresses, this offense could be very good. However, those are three big if’s…

  2. After Percy was on the same team with Moss that doomed him. He got the diva attitude and has not turned back since. To see the numbers he puts up with a less than average QB and with the unhappiness with his team, I would be scared to see what he can do with an elite QB and in a happy situation.

  3. I think Percy’s struggle is with himself. Seems like he might have oppositional defiant disorder. He’s gonna battle with anyone who has authority over him.

  4. This will only be news when Peterson does trade Harvin, and it will only be news then because players can’t consummate trades. Peterson for GMVP.

  5. he didnt imply ANYTHING about percy harvin actually… he started his statement by saying he hasnt had the opportunity to talk to him and that his beliefs in general are that everybody is dealing with something personal and they can overcome it. where are you going with this gossip girl?

  6. Thanks Adrian. Next question: If Harvin does stay with the Vikings, would you be willing to pay his salary?

  7. Once again, there is more speculation about Percy Harvin than you find on the average nightly news weather forecast. Has any enterprising journalist thought about camping out on the doorstep of Percy or his agent to, say, actually find out first-hand what his deal is?

  8. Can you blame Peterson for his opinion? They are already stacking 9 in the box and if the Vikings don’t have Percy Harvin, because of hold out or trade, it will be 11 in the box.

    That noodle armed Qb isn’t moving anybody back and the Vikings will have trouble moving the ball without a decent WR.

  9. Give AP some cred for sticking up for a guy on his team and saying the right thing instead of throwing him under the bus.

    He answered the question legitimately without causing a rift with Harvin or with the Vikings and without saying anything that may come back to bite him in the arse.

    Nothing to see or hear people. Good to know Peterson never learned a bad habit from a former teammate that got his nose in other guys’ contract deals.

  10. Pay the man. I don’t care how much of a pain he can be. He’s a damn good player that is TONS of fun to watch. I couldn’t stand watching him play with a team other then the Vikes.

  11. eaglesnoles05 says:
    Feb 12, 2013 2:11 PM
    Percy to Philly. Djax Maclin Percy. For the one game they are all healthy together, what a trio.
    They wouldn’t even make it that far. Djax’ abysmal rap record would give Percy such a migraine that he’d puke on Maclin, re-aggravate Maclin’s leukablakia or whatever sketchy cellular disorder he has, which in turn would cause DJax to pull a hammy trying to avoid said puke. All 3 would be on IR before the first practice.

  12. Percy is a very rare athlete. No way we can trade him for anything less then a top ten first round pick or a first and second.

  13. Players need to shut up about personnel decisions. The GM has some tough decisions to make; not all are popular. Do you think AP has considered the cap ramifications? The contract details? NO! Shut up and let the man try to get you a ring, AP! Now, if the smart thing to do is let Percy walk, you made the GM an enemy to the fans. Think before you run that mouth, players.

  14. It’s not that hard guys, Adrian left, then Adrian right, Adrian up the middle, bubble screen to Harvin and start it all over again, “He Wants The Ball” and of course the money too! Harvin wants to be the guy (The Guy) he would be the guy on just about every team, except for the Vikings. Vikings just need to ask a ransom for Harvin and they will likely get it. Reminds me of a little like the Herschel Walker deal, Vikes were in on that one to?

  15. Ask a ransom for him or a top 10 first rd as well a 2nd round pick? All for a player that doesn’t want to be there…good luck! If he had ever led the league in the all purpose category or receiving you might have an argument. With his diva attitude I would rather have a younger, humble player like Cobb who in his first year as a starter led the league in all purpose yds.

  16. Harvin is the smart one,he knows he’ll never win anything in Mn. Peterson should pound sand also and go to a contender instead of being the modern day Barry Sanders…

  17. Percy is an amazing talent. The Vikes are much better with him than without him. He lies up in the backfield, slot, goes deep, plays teams. With him AP and Rudolph the Vikes are legit. They need Ponder to step up.


  18. High-profile team-leader Adrian Peterson (Brett Favre) should keep his opinions to himself regarding a problematical and self-centered wide receiver like Percy Harvin (Javon Walker.)

  19. Do you folks chiding AP for giving his opinion on Harvin realize he was responding to a direct question asking his opinion? Sheesh. If he’d said that’s for Vikings management to determine, you’d probably be the ones posting that AP should stop dodging the question or start suporting his team-mate.

  20. Trade Percy and a first round pick to Arizona and bring Fitz home. Then sign Dwayne Bowe or Draft either of the USC receivers in the second round.

  21. Praise to AD for being an athlete who can communicate well and smartly. It’s refreshing. As far as Percy, it is a no brainer. He is right up there with AD as one of the NFL’s best and exciting play makers. HOF type potential. Pay the man and keep the Vikings strong!!

  22. I love the ability of Percy Harvin and hope the Vikes can keep him.
    That being said… it’s my opinion that Percy has the kind of numbers he has partly BECAUSE he doesn’t have a number of elite receiving mates.
    Ponder fed him the Ball a LOT… with swing passes, screen passes, crossing routes… as a safety valve.
    For those opnining.. “If he had an elite QB”… I think you’re off.

    His numbers could not have been greater that how he was used before his injury. If anything, on a team with more weapons, his numbers will go down.

    I’d say the same about Calvin Johnson. Great talent this year who broke a record because he was about the only real weapon and was thrown to a gazillion times a game.

  23. “Allen delivered”

    What about this interview was surprising?

    None of it matters. Harvin is gone. If you look at banners the team has released for 2013, all the Viking star players are on it, except Harvin. And their GM hinted at having one to three extra draft picks. Harvin has been completely absent from the team since November. He was abruptly put on IR.

    Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted, vikes fans. You’re about to lose another star player.

  24. Percy Harvin is wprth the headache. Don’t think so? Notice every green bay, chicago and detroit fan quietly crossing their fingers that this kid leaves the division..

  25. Petersons exact quote was actually ” I wouldn’t trade him for nothing.” Sooo.. a 6th round pick??? Ok a 5th, you win, at least you didn’t get “nothing”. God I wish these athletes would learn how to speak properly. Sooo annoying.

  26. Let’s change the position. Lets say that Percy is the only person who is outwardly challenging the decision made at quarterback. He is right! He is upset because Ponder cannot execute a simple swing pass muchless anything downfield. He is full of passion and talent both things you want on your team without doubt. The problem isn’t Percy, the team needs to hold Ponder accountable and his performance would have ANYONE benched. Thank you Percy. First of all for keeping it MOSTLY internal but for having the guts to challenge management for giving you subpar resources. The man is right Spielman is wrong. A Solid QB has the Vikings in the title game last year.

  27. This is what’s wrong with the media these days. “Get something FRESH From Peterson”. Why ask a guy a question like that, if only to stir up the pot? They are TEAMMATES. Harvin does not work for Peterson. AP is not the GM. Why not ask him if he wishes Joe Flacco was his QB?
    I got no use for some of these radio jerks.

  28. Peterson: “I used to think Harvin was a chump for always missing games with migraines, but they’re no joke. I had one from Wks 6 – 17 and it was a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale.”

  29. So much of this is people reading tea leaves from 100 miles away. Harvin hasn’t commented, and the FO has been at least vaguely supportive of him. They are at the very beginning of negotiations on both sides. And maybe both sides are trying to position things a bit.

    Harvin is certainly an enigma. If he refuses to play and holds out so be it, he only loses leverage in that case. The Vikings might get an offer for a second round pick, but if they don’t let him walk and get a compensatory pick that would I think be @ a 3rd.

    A few things on Ponder. Harvin was leading the NFL in catches and I believe yards before he went down, with Ponder throwing him the ball.

    Second not all NFL QBs will be completed projects in 2 years time. We have seen a few great quick starts in the last few years, but a trend does not define all players. The Vikings are better served right now letting the kid grow than constantly chase the next answer at QB.

  30. I still can’t believe a GM would be dumb enough to consider trading this guy. Percy has had beef with Ponder since day 1! The game he freaked out on Frazier was when Ponder couldn’t complete multiple bubble screens….-not kidding! Ponder is not going to take this team anywhere. Percy is doing his best to encourage the team to bring in a different QB. I remember reading all Ponders comments about how amazing Jerome Simpson was at practice, and how he’s never seen anyone run a dig route like Simpson…Really??? Did he complete 1 20 yd dig route all season? Pay Percy, get some competition in here at QB.

  31. How is it posible that they played together on the same team for 4 years, and haven’t had a chance to talk

  32. I would want Percy on the team if I were you too Adrian, but this is a business. The Vikings can’t pay Percy Harvin $10mil a year. The fact is is that as long as you (AD) are here, the Vikings will be running a traditional offensive system. Percy staying here hurts him and us (if we pay him $10mil). With $10mil, we could sign Loadholt and a Boldin/Jennings, on top of getting a few draft picks. That is even disregarding his off field issues that I won’t speculate on. If you pay him $10mil, we won’t be able to keep all of the Henderson, Felton, and Loadholt FAs, and the Vikes will still need a true number 1 WR. These new gimmick pistol offenses will be drooling to get their hands on Percy because it’s a system he would thrive in, and someone will pay big for him. Florio, I want an article showing how many teams in the NFL are paying 2 non-QBs on offense over $10mil a year. I bet it’s not too many.

  33. It seems that Percy has the Randy Moss complex, and we’ve all seen where that leads. If the man wants to leave, let him go. If not he will only drag the team down as did Moss. He has shown that he is a health liability. In MY opinion he will continue to be a liability. Just one look at his toothpick legs combined with the type routes he runs is a future career ending injury waiting to happen. Will it? maybe , maybe not. True it could happen to any player. That aside, attitude is the main concern here. The Vikes have dealt with enough drama. Harvin is indeed a threat no matter what team he may be playing for. However, the Vikes showed the world that they could win in tough situations without him.
    I say if he wants to go , let him go. People say he cant be replaced. BS, records are broken every year in the NFL. So there is always someone going to come along that is better. Minnesota is building a new young team. Trade Harvin for a couple great draft picks of young, dynamic talent that will develope into a future hall of famers. A gamble? Yes. But so is keeping Harvin and hoping for the best. The Vikings have some tough decisions ahead. Hopefully too, they will be smart ones that develope into a 2014 Superbowl appearance. Good luck Vikings!

  34. Unless the Vikings get an offer that they can’t refuse (e.g., two high round-one draft picks), they’d be fools to let Harvin go, because his talents are off-the-charts. (Can you imagine the eye-popping numbers that Harvin would put-up if he was playing in New Orleans, Green Bay or New England?)

    Some say that he has a bad attitude because he is outspoken, but I think that arises more from his burning desire to win. Management can’t expect players to behave like choir boys, and they should be able to deal with the occasional outburst from a hard-working and talented player, especially one who leads by example on the field.

    I think that money is at the core of Harvin’s discontent. He’s super-talented and wants to be paid, and who can blame him for that?

  35. I think we definitely should keep Percy harvin, he is platinum to this team and also the special teams coordinator knows how to work with him. I sure hope we come to an agreement with him because it would be a shame for him to go to another team that would not use him right. I want to see the Vikings go all the way soon. Without Percy harvin would make it difficult to go and get a ring. He is worth way too much, do not trade him.

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