Ahmad Bradshaw’s thinking about the Jets

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When Ahamd Bradshaw was released by the Giants last week, the running back said that he’d be open to returning to the team if they decided to reverse course later in the offseason.

During an appearance on the NFL Network, Bradshaw reiterated that he’d be “up” for such a reunion, but also mentioned another team that’s on his radar as he tries to find work for the 2013 season. He didn’t have to look all that far away from his MetLife Stadium stomping grounds to find another possibility of interest.

“Whatever, whoever needs me, whoever can use me. Whoever I feel that I can get a better chance of playing and helping which team,” Bradshaw said. “The New York Jets are a team that I’ve kinda been thinking about, just to stay home, not make a big move from New York. It’s just right across the street from where I am now.”

The Jets could find themselves in the market for a running back. There’s not much talk about them bringing back Shonn Greene, who can become a free agent, and a Joe McKnight/Bilal Powell backfield isn’t one that’s going to help jolt the Jets offense to life. Bradshaw might be a fit, although the cap-challenged team might be able to find a cheaper option with less tread on the tires in the draft.

Bradshaw’s not likely to sign with anyone until he can prove he’s good to go after another foot surgery, so the market for his services probably won’t be coming into focus for a while.

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  1. Everyone in the world knows the Packers need some form of RB. I would love to see them sign Ahmad and another guy to keep them fresh. Dujaun Harris I don’t think is the answer.

  2. The Gmen must have some insight on his health. Bradshaw is a good back and they just part ways this easily? Red flag.

  3. You guys have been overstating the Jets cap situation all offseason. Is it ideal, no. But it’s not as dire as the media makes it out to be. They will free up nearly $28 million in cap space just cutting Bart Scott, Jason Smith, and Calvin Pace. It’s not like those are impact players.

  4. Bradshaw deserves better than that mess. I’d rather see him with the Packers or the Steelers or some respectable franchise.

    Normally, I’d agree that Jerry Reese only lets players go if they are damaged goods or otherwise done (Antonio Pierce, Steve Smith, Kevin Boss, etc.) but I still think Bradshaw has a few good years ahead of him if he can get his foot issues sorted out.

  5. As soon as I heard about his release, I was hoping the Jets would bite. When good, he is an explosive, hard-working runner.

    And as is the case with most reported “cap disasters,” it’s mostly hype.

    The media report that they’re $26 million over the cap because it’s a big, scary number. But what they don’t report is that it’s mostly tied up in easy cuts. For example, Jason Smith, Eric Smith, and Tim Tebow—three backups—account for $16.5M of that 26M.
    Add Pace and Scott, and the Jets are solvent to deal.

  6. Bradshaw was definitely loved and appreciated by many Giants fans. Very tough runner, extremely high pain tolerance, and a fiery competitor who played bigger than his size. This was all about the money. This upcoming season he would’ve made something like $3.75 million and in 2014 he would’ve made $4 million.

    Another thing is David Wilson no mater what will play significantly. So that would cut into Bradshaw’s carries. Next you have Andre Brown, who ran pretty darn well when relied upon. The Giants were at least $9 million over the cap and lastly Bradshaw has consistently battled foot and ankle injuries for years, and was not as fast and explosive as he once was. He can still play, but his lower body has been prone to injury.

    Giants are looking to extend Hakeem Nicks, and lock up Victor Cruz. They needed the space, and while people are surprised by Bradshaw’s release, it was bound to happen. There are still other guys like Corey Webster that will definitely be looked at also.

  7. IMO Bradshaw is a tough, competent but hardly world-beating back, severely overrated because of the team for which he’s played. There’s no place for competence on a team like the Jets.

  8. mazblast says:Feb 12, 2013 3:45 PM

    IMO Bradshaw is a tough, competent but hardly world-beating back, severely overrated because of the team for which he’s played. There’s no place for competence on a team like the Jets.

    Plenty of room for brains in your head though.
    No competence?
    etc. etc.
    Funny, the Jets haters this season went after Rex, Tanny,Woody and Sparano, more than the players.

    Suggestion: When you make a statement, even a foolish one, try to back it up.

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