Anderson says field widening has been discussed before

In response to the comments from former NFL G.M. Bill Polian that a wider field could make the NFL game safer, current NFL executive V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson says that it’s old news.

“It was an idea bantered about two or three years ago as part of a safety discussion,” Anderson tells Albert Breer of NFL Network.  “It didn’t get much traction at all then, and it’s not on the agenda for this upcoming series of Competition Committee meetings.  I don’t see that as something to be discussed anytime soon.”

We reported earlier today that, indeed, the subject isn’t on the Competition Committee’s agenda.

Anderson doesn’t know whether a wider field will reduce the impact of collisions.  “I don’t know if a guy having 30 yards, rather than 20 yards, to run at another player is going to lessen the impact,” Anderson said.  “I don’t have a firm opinion on it.”

The biggest benefit of a wider field could come from the premium more horizontal space would place on having guys who can move.  Which could act as a practical weight limit, weeding out slow, fat guys who rely on the ability to throw their weight around in confined spaces.

6 responses to “Anderson says field widening has been discussed before

  1. I have been saying this for YEARS! 100 yards is 100 yards… In every major sport the field or court of play grows with you. Baseball the field size changes from T-Ball, all the way to the Pros. Basketball the same. With the exception of Football! These Grown Men play on the same size field in Pop Warner, High school and the NFL. The only Constant in that is The Field Size! The players are Bigger, Faster, and Stronger! Yet the field size stays the same. Really doesn’t make sense. The field should be widen from 50 yards to at least 65 yards.

  2. It would certainly reduce high speed collisions since the additional space will result in tacklers having to do more chasing/lunging rather than teeing off/launching.

    But, like baseball, everyone’s afraid of major changes that would cause the precious iconic statistics like 2,000 yards rushing, 5,000 passing, etc. to become irrelevant.

  3. Stadiums are built with seats right up to the sideline area. Are you really going to tear out seats in stadiums accross the country to widen the field for 10 games a year? And just who is going to pay for that? This idea is a non starter.

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