Cards realize Kevin Kolb’s contract needs adjusting


The Cardinals, and new coach Bruce Arians, can’t be sure whether quarterback Kevin Kolb can play or not.

But it seems clear they want to pay him less.

With Kolb due a $2 million roster bonus and a $9 million salary, the Cards are having some sticker shock for a guy they traded for two years ago.

It’s a big number and given the productivity and the questions about durability and everything, that’s something that I think the reality is we need to sit down and discuss,” team president Michael Bidwill said in interview with KTAR, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

They’ve already paid Kolb $20 million, for underwhelming performance in the 15 games he’s actually played in because of various injuries.

Then again, he’s probably the best of an odd lot of passers in Arizona, such that that’s a compliment, and that gives him a bit of leverage heading into March 17, when his roster bonus is due.

Kolb at a reduced rate and a young passer would be an ideal situation for the Cardinals, but they’ve got to get him to agree to it first.

15 responses to “Cards realize Kevin Kolb’s contract needs adjusting

  1. He has to be amenable to a reduction in contract. Regardless of whether he wants to resign at a reduced rate, the Cardinals will be his best option.

  2. Kolb should wait until he see’s what they do with the OL before agreeing to anything. Or else he’ll be on IR most of the season again.

  3. He’d be a fool to change his deal. If they cut him, he’d be picked up earning backup money anyways so why give up on the contract the team had him sign?????

  4. Becausee jjbo, sometimes in life you man up. He’s a quarterback in the National Football League. Deep inside, he wants to prove to the Cardinals organization, teammates and fans that they were correct in trading for him.

    He’s set for life as it is. Perhaps a show of good faith in reducing his hit to his team is in order given a new GM and coaching staff.

  5. I can understand a team taking a shot with Kolb when he was with the Eagles, but I don’t get why they immediately signed him to a deal like this. How many quarterbacks in the NFL are truly worth $11 mil after three years?

    With a quarterback that hasn’t proved a lot in the league at that point, I would have assumed they would have been able to sign him to a much more team freindly contract.

  6. Why would Kolb want to renegotiate? He was doing well enough before the worse O-line in the NFL got him injured. Keep your cash Kevin or hit the free agency, you will find another team with a better O-line, and probably in a easier division.

  7. The reporter pushes his opinion in – “Then again, he’s probably the best of an odd lot of passers in Arizona, such that that’s a compliment, and that gives him a bit of leverage heading into March 17, when his roster bonus is due.”

    Who says he is the best of an odd lot of passers in Arizona? He is the most fragile of them all. He can only execute the WCO type plays well and is poor in trying to execute non-WCO type plays. He had not hit the deep, down field pass. He has played in only 15 games in two seasons. Obviously, the reporter has no clue in what he is trying to report on.

    Kolb may have the last laugh. He only needs to reject any overtures in redoing his contract which would lead to the Cards cutting him and then allow Kolb to reunite with Andy Reid in KC to run Andy’s WCO.

  8. Even when he has been healthy he hasn’t looked like a QB that should be earning that much money. Give him the boot and sign other players. Especially some offensive linemen.

  9. Arians loves the vertical passing game, Kolb is far better suited to the West Coast system. I think both sides decide to move on.

  10. If I were kolb, I wouldn’t sign anything less. When guys like Peyton, Brees, and Brady making 20, and mike Vick getting 10, why would I take less? That’s the price of qb’s right now.

  11. I don’t think the team or Kolb are in a very good position. They need him to renegotiate that contract. If he doesn’t and they release him I think both he and the team both lose. I think he doesn’t have enough on his resume to demand a lot of interest. The team doesn’t have any other options.

  12. I’m of two minds on this issue.

    As a Cards fan, I’d love for Kolb to agree to a pay cut & for Michael Bidwell to pledge to commit the money to improve the O-line. (And trying to get Alan Faneca out of retirement wouldn’t count.)

    On the other hand, it’s such a mind-bogglingly stupid contract I almost want AZ to pay it, like you’d swap a bad dog on the nose with a newspaper.

  13. It was kind of a shame to hear Fitz carry on about how good a QB Wilson (Seahawks) was in the Pro Bowl. The QB situation in AZ is so pathetic that our star daydreams about having an actual real pro QB. Let’s hear it for the Bidwells, who BTW, will do everything they can to start Kolb, but at the most cheap-o price possible, with 2 or 3 slob back-ups.
    Attention, Bidwills: Cards fans are losing interest.

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