Chargers aren’t considering a tarp to cover seats

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The decision by the Raiders to take 11,000 seats out of commission led one San Diego writer to wonder if the Chargers would consider the same thing to reduce their seating capacity and cut down on blackouts.

Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune raised the question with the team because they have dealt with the same problems as the Raiders and also play their home games at an outmoded multipurpose stadium. Krasovic got a quick response from the team and the answer is that Qualcomm Stadium will remain tarp-free.

“We just lowered the price of 10,000 season seats in an effort to help fill the stadium and enhance our homefield advantage,” Chargers spokesman Bill Johnston wrote in an email. “Combine the lower price with one of the most attractive and competitive home schedules in memory and we’re optimistic about our chances.”

Four of the Chargers’ eight home games were blacked out on local television in 2012 because the team wasn’t able to sell enough non-premium seats to meet the league’s requirements. The Chargers will host the Giants, Cowboys, Colts, Texans and Bengals in addition to their AFC West rivals in 2013.

9 responses to “Chargers aren’t considering a tarp to cover seats

  1. Never underestimate the cheapness of the Spanos family.

    They failed to mention they lowered the price of 10,000 seats, and also raised the prices of others

    Mind you, for a stadium in which they didnt sell out half of their home games last year.

    Stay classy Spanos family

  2. Tarp the entire stadium and play at a local park, perhaps? Bring your own lawn chair and sit close enough to hear Rivers whine.

  3. Hey GoChargersGo, remember about a week or two ago when you were saying your “elite” QB Phillip Rivers was better than Joe Flacco? You still got me rollin over here with that hilarious yet idiotic statement. Tell that over rated bum Rivers to go back to his natural sport Shot Put while Flacco’s stock rises after statistically having the greatest post season EVER!( Tied w/Joe Montana 11TD’s 0 Int’s)

    Also, many could argue that Flacco is just entering his prime while Rivers is going down faster than the Hindenburg. Have a good day.

  4. joetoronto | Feb 12, 2013, 8:02 AM PST
    They don’t make tarps that big.
    LOL! Says the fan of a team that IS putting tarps in AND struggled to reach the 85% needed to sell out games. Stay Classy Joe!

  5. A lot of the ticket prices were lowered significantly. Mine were. In any event, you have to win home games to attract home crowds. The Chargers couldn’t get that done last season, and the attendance showed.

  6. Thank you Dean for lowering the price on 10,000 seats. I am sorry that I will still not be able to afford to attend any Charger home games anyway. I follow the Chargers religiously, so if tarping helps lift blackouts I would be grateful.

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