Cowboys remain focused on Romo extension


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo tabled contract extension talks early in the 2012 season so that they did not become a distraction, but it is the offseason now and the desire for an extension remains strong on the team’s side.

On Tuesday, executive vice president Stephen Jones reiterated much of what we’ve heard before from the Cowboys about their interest in extending Romo’s contract before it runs out after the 2013 season. They’ve made their case for sticking with Romo in football terms and, as Jones did Tuesday, in economic terms.

“Tony is a key piece of what we’re about going forward,” Jones said, via Calvin Watkins of “We’re certainly going to be looking at his situation [in] time. We’ve historically [extended contracts] with quarterbacks for the Dallas Cowboys ahead of time. We did it with Troy [Aikman] and we certainly want to look at that with Tony so we can all move forward in terms of how we want to play around our salary cap with our team. Tony is the key piece in terms of how your cap is represented.”

Romo is set to have a cap number of $16.8 million in 2013, which is the highest on a team that needs to cut about $20 million from their cap before the start of free agency. Extending Romo is one of the easier ways to make that happen. If it does, the length and guaranteed money will tell us how much longer their marriage with Romo will last.

24 responses to “Cowboys remain focused on Romo extension

  1. Romo will probably get the same contract or close to it that Matt Schaub did. 5 years, $66M that is in actuality a 2 year, $29M deal.

    Dallas isn’t going to do any better than Romo in the next two years unless they stumble into a Russell Wilson in Round 3 QB by accident. And Dallas has too many bigger holes to fill through the draft.

  2. Romo is really the best option we have right now. We have bigger pieces of the puzzle to fill. If we can’t get the line together, he will always scramble and struggle with the running game. Keeping him 3-5 years isn’t a bad plan though.

  3. Aside from his occasional brain cramp his numbers definitely dictate an extension but Dallas really should think about drafting a guy to develop over the next few years since Stephen McGee pretty much has career journeyman written all over him at this point

  4. Can someone explain to me how a team gets $20 million OVER the salary cap in the first place?

    What is the point of a salary cap if it appears you only have to abide by it once during the year?

  5. Romo may be the best option we have, but that’s not saying much.

    He is not a leader and chokes under pressure. He melts down late in the season when big games tend to come along.

    He doesn’t take his job seriously. Look at the stupid smile he has on his face when he blows an important play.

    The best person I can think of to compare him to is Danny White. All the same characteristics – except the dumb smile.

    When are we going to get a real quarterback? Tony is taking us nowhere.

  6. Why?! He is the source of 100% of their frustration. Romo is the modern day equivalent of Danny White with the Cowboys. Meaning a guy who can win games, but take them nowhere.

  7. While the cowboys remain focused on Romo’s extension, Romo remains focused on Working on his golf game and trying to Qualify for the U.S. Open.

  8. It would be one thing if the Cowboys were contenders year in and year out, like the Ravens, Pats, etc. But they are a perpetual 8-8 team. It would be like if the Saints had been happy at 8-8 and extended Aaron Brooks. That logic says its not the QB’s fault, its the rest of the team.

  9. 99 % of the time Tony Romo is a top five QB but the one percent of the time he’s not seems to happen at the worst possible time. I think he is what he is, a stats man. He’ll continue to put up big numbers put will only play 500 football with an occasional playoff apperance. The problem is even if they draft a QB I don’t see whoever they bring in being better than Romo. Give him his money and hope that one of his last few years he catches lightening in a bottle and take the Cowboys the distance.

  10. There’s only one payton manning so it doesn’t matter what QB we bring in. Until we get some real coaches and JJ keeps his hands out of everything we’re screwed. Who knows, maybe Romo could become elite with a real coaching staff. Look what Bill did with Castle that one season Brady was hurt. He made him look like a superstar. And I would take Romo over Castle any day.

  11. oh yea, and I think Brady is a good QB but would he be as good as he is if he had been playing for the Cowboys this entire time? I don’t think so. Two letters, JJ.

  12. Pierrepoint1, it’s really quite simple how a team can be $20 million over the cap. You have a deadline each season that you have to be under the cap, at no point after that can you be over the cap. So you can work out the numbers to get all 53 players under the cap THAT season. The players contracts typically INCREASE each season, so while they may be under the cap with the same roster in 2012, when the players contracts go up the next season,they are OVER in 2013. You can easily get back under the cap by a few simple cuts, and lastly they are OVER in part due to the $10 million penalty they took for signing players in the uncapped 2010 season. They have $5 million counting this season extra.

  13. What’s the point trade him for picks Cowboys don’t make playoffs. Or lose in first rd why overpay a player to have a 500. Record

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