Dolphins have targeted deals for Hartline, Clemons

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The Dolphins have a number of big-ticket free agents, but they have apparently narrowed their sights to two of them for the moment.

According to the Miami Herald, the team has “discreetly targeted” wide receiver Brian Hartline and safety Chris Clemons, hoping to sign them before free agency opens on March 12.

Hartline emerged last year with career highs in receptions (74) and yards (1,083) last year, while Clemons started all 16 games for the first time.

If they are able to do deals with those two, it crosses items off the shopping list. But it also suggests they’re willing to let other free agents such as Jake Long, Reggie Bush, Sean Smith, Randy Starks and Matt Moore explore the market.

The Dolphins have $45 million worth of salary cap space, so they could sign the lot of them if they wanted. But the need to add playmakers to the offense to allow quarterback Ryan Tannehill to develop is crucial, and they figure to make a splash there.

16 responses to “Dolphins have targeted deals for Hartline, Clemons

  1. Hartline was nearly as productive as the big three UFA WRs and Clemons was one of the top pass defending FSs in the league last season. Both want to stay and will resign for reasonable sums, which is why Ireland is nailing them down.

    This year’s FA is a target rich environment. Ireland is wise to allow the market to price Long, Smith and Starks. All have inflated views of their worth and all can be replaced.

    $45 mil is not all that much given the number of starters who need to be resigned or replaced. Better not waste it.

  2. I think they should take a look at Byrd (Buffalo). Clemons was OK but not spectacular. Hartline is a good WR. If there is a big threat on the other side, he would be hard to defend and he has good chemistry with Tannehill. Signing Hartline should be a priority…unless he wants top receiver money. He is a role player with a bit of potential and not a top 10 receiver.

  3. I understand re-signing Hartline, but Clemons? He was average at best, and there are a lots of options in free agency this year to upgrade that position. Confusing

  4. Some of you on here have no idea what you are talking about. Obviously not Dolphin fans, so don’t waste your time “sending advice”.

  5. I hope Oliver Vernon is ready to go. If they don’t resign Starks it looks like Odrick is getting moved inside.

  6. I don’t know if anyone noticed but Hartline put up half of his numbers in three games last year and then he pretty much disappeared the rest of the season in small yardage. I’m not even a Dolphins fan but I think the term should be ‘buyer beware’.

  7. Sign Hartline, Clemons, Smith, Bush. Let Starks, Long, Fasano go

    Trade back in 1st. pick up a 3 and 4.

    – Take Keenan Allen (WR) (1a)
    – Trade a late 2 and late 3 to get Eifert (TE) (1b)
    – Jordan Poyer (CB) (2)
    – Dallas Thomas (OL) (3a)
    – James Morris (DE/OLB) (3b)

  8. Hartline is Tannehill’s favorite target. You don’t take that guy away from the QB you drafted to be the new centerpiece of your franchise. Hartline may not be worth number 1 WR money but he is a warrior that fights through injury to be on the field, a great route runner, has deceptive speed, and he’s smart; a “high-character guy” in the parlance of today’s NFL. You want that guy on your team and the Dolphins are smart to recognize those traits and to “pay that man his money.”

  9. We (Miami) already have alot of money tied up with Soliai and Wake on the D-line so I think we should let Starks walk. Bring back Long, Smith and Hartline. Sign Greg Jennings, and Jermicheal Finely then draft Texas saftey Kenny Vaccaro in Round 1.

    Huge Dreams I know

  10. For those of you expecting any big moves from Ireland this off-season, these are most likely what he’ll considers his big signings. Way to fill those seats, Jeff.

  11. Starks & Smith should be resigned. The rest Are easily replaced through the draft & free agency. I hope Ireland doesn’t overpay for Hartline like he has Bess & Fassano.

  12. Listen up Fins fans, which I am one of. The path is CLEAR. San Fran and Baltimore got where they are due to building through recent drafts. Look at the starters on their Super Bowl teams. Green Bay builds through the draft.
    Let Long, Starks, Smith, Clemons go. Id say resign Hartline, but not at an unreasonable amount. It’s a new direction for Miami, and we need to embrace it as it brings us into the future of football. The same goes for our offense. We need to get to SF and Bmore levels. More offense, more points. Let’s get to the high levels of the NFL Miami!

  13. Hartline was doing a great job… just didn’t get any media love…. they need a second deep threat and it will open up…..

    well… as long as the O line stops letting them through

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