Favre finds lack of fatalities in Hattiesburg tornado “amazin'”


The hometown of former NFL quarterback Brett Favre endured a tornado over the weekend.  The storm missed Favre’s property in Hattiesburg, Mississippi by less than a mile, and he’s surprised that the tornado resulted in no fatalities.

Nobody was killed!” Favre told Jon Saraceno of USA Today. “Look, everybody here is scratching their heads — ‘Can you believe it?’ Amazin’.”

Favre said he had just returned to his home with his 13-year-old from Southern Mississippi University when the storm hit the Southern Miss campus.

Where the tornado started, as the crow flies, was probably a half-mile to one mile straight east of my property,” Favre said. “Then it just [veered] and crossed the main highway in Hattiesburg before heading to Southern Miss.  You never hear of a college getting hit with a true tornado.  The good Lord’s looking out [because] the students were gone for Mardi Gras break.

“It’s kind of one of those things down here. I don’t want to say we overlook it but there are tornado warnings and bad weather all the time.  To say that it was black and windy — that could be any day.  At times, you just take it for granted.”

Extensive damage was done at Oak Grove High School, where Favre notoriously worked out during his various retirements.  The athletic facilities there were “wiped out.”

“They’re gone now, just a mangled mess,” Favre said. “The baseball field is just destroyed.  [The community of Oak Grove] was hit the hardest.  We have nothing.”

Favre’s property was spared.  “This time, for whatever reason, we didn’t have a limb down,” Favre said.

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  1. “God, the tornado’s headed toward Favre’s house!”.

    “Then pull up, dammit, take a sharp left here…Jesus, you guys, what would I say to him if he ended up on the doorstep this afternoon? Be a little more careful. You know how I worship the guy.”.

  2. Err. didn’t a tornado hit a certain university right up I-59 from Hattiesburg just two years ago?

    Right, Brett went there on an athletic scholarship.

  3. From a bucs fan, glad to hear that community suffered no fatalities. I was in south Florida of all places and we get ominous weather all the time due to the tropical climate, but once in a very great while we get one. I remember driving on a small country road in the plains and i saw thetornado develop not even half a mile from where i was at but thankfully it went away from the road i was on, very scary.

  4. First of all, I’m thrilled no one was killed, but saddened at the damage that people suffered. Glad it wasn’t worse.

  5. What happen to the rest of the story where Brett will be donating his time and money to help rebuild the athletic facility. He spent the last few days helping friends clean up. You always mention the bad about Brett….mention the good too.

  6. I saw a photo of that tornado someone posted on wunder ground dot com and it was huge.

    What a blessing, college kids gone for Mardi Gras, and no fatalities.

  7. I’m surprised that it was decided to quote Favre’s “amazin’” like that when the vast majority of these NFL players tawk like dis but dey still quoted proply.

  8. tornadoes are a terrifying natural disaster. It is “Amazin” that no one was killed.

    I knew Favre had a southern drawl but I never noticed it so much lol. I ain’t never did realize he was talking that this to whole time.

  9. Many,many friends in Hattiesburg. Was very happy to hear things are ok. Brett,however, apparently missed the news about Tuscaloosa .

  10. Disasters are following him everywhere since he “didn’t cooperate”. First he gets hit in the nuts in practice, then the roof collapses on the metrodump, then that blizzard in Philly where the game was called off, now this…

  11. purplehaze12 says:
    Feb 13, 2013 11:56 AM
    “Disasters are following him everywhere since he “didn’t cooperate”. First he gets hit in the nuts in practice, then the roof collapses on the metrodump, then that blizzard in Philly where the game was called off, now this…”
    He was on the cover of madden …. belated curse ?
    Then again, his house was spared …. idk, goodluck to the people there thou.

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