Goldman Sachs joins the effort to keep the Rams in St. Louis

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Unless the powers-that-be in St. Louis pony up the cash to renovate the Edward Jones Dome, the Rams can leave town after the 2014 season.

And so the powers-that-be have enlisted the firm of Goldman Sachs to help keep the Rams in town.  According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Goldman Sachs will be paid $20,000 per month, and up to $5,000 more for expense reimbursement, to help figure out a way to get the Rams to stay.

The move comes at a time when more and more folks around the league think that the Rams could indeed leave St. Louis, perhaps returning to Los Angeles.  One league insider recently opined that there’s a strong chance of this happening, pointing out that Rams COO Kevin Demoff and his father, agent Marvin Demoff, have “strong Los Angeles connections,” that coach Jeff Fisher is a West Coast guy, and that St. Louis native Stan Kroenke would have no concerns about being an absentee owner.

Regardless of how it turns out, the decision to plunk down up to $25,000 per month to figure out how to keep the Rams in town suggests that there’s a very real level of concern that the franchise will exercise its looming prerogative to pack up and leave.

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  1. Seems pretty easy to me and I don’t work for Goldman Sachs. The city just needs to live up to the contract terms and make the dome one of the top statiums in the country. Where’s my money St Louis?

  2. 1) They Rams go lease-to-lease as of March 2015.
    2) By having the Rams game in London, they now just made it easier for the city to sue (Rams were obligated to have ALL HOME games in St.Louis. London was a home game.)

    3)There’s apparently some relocation fee’s by the NFL in the $500 million dollar range.

    4) Forget those first 3 points if you want and ask yourself, “Why would a business man like Stan Kroenke, who is known for buying empires (Arsenal, Nuggets, etc) give up equity in his TEAM to have a stadium built and then pay Money to move the team on top of that?” Yea… Don’t see the Rams leaving St.Louis, especially to another incredibly high tax state like California.

  3. If the Rams move to L.A I would feel bad for the St. Louis fans that have stuck it out with the team.
    On the flip side I would be ecstatic for L.A fans. I grew up knowing the L.A Rams of the NFC West. To me that’s where they belong.

  4. To Goldman Sachs, $25,000/month is chump change. For the money, they’ll probably get a chump change effort from the back-benchers of the firm.

    BTW, who is paying for this? The article doesn’t say. Is this another “consulting” gig paid for by the taxpayers?

  5. Amazing that a stadium that was built less than 20 years ago is now considered not modern enough.

    At the rate our ever-increasing musthavenow society has become, I can only imagine that in a few years owners are going to try and get a more modern stadium while the one the city is building for them is still under construction.

  6. Well, there’s only 6 teams on the western half of the U.S., the Rams aren’t one of them, so I’m all for moving 1 or 2 more in LA, and another in Vancouver. It also increases the odds of the west coast hosting more Super Bowls. Since 2000, there’s been 4 teams from the western half of the country in the Super Bowl, 3 have lost travelling east, with the Raiders being the team staying in the west who had that alleged sabotage game in San Diego.

  7. 20k for a firm like that is probably 4h work from a mid level manager who supervises a 60h a month intern.
    5k in expenses is chewed up pretty quick with 5$ per page faxes and 2$ telephone calls and 100$ lunches everyday, if it’s anything like lawyers, right MF?

    At worst it goes to show the mismanagement of the city in making decisions, to throw money down the toilet.

  8. Wow! If the dome in St. Louis is already in need of renovation, then Ralph Wilson Stadium must need to be completely torn down!!!! not to mention the Superdome and the Georgia Dome.

  9. Roger Goodell already debunked the 500 million relocation fee. Only report I have heard of this was in STLTODAY.

    He said and I quote “We don’t want to punish LA the 2nd largest TV market that we want to return too” It was estimated to be around 250-300 million by the NFL.

  10. Too big to fail, now Wall street dudes need to go to jail.
    But Holder too busy with gay rights
    So lets turn off the lights.
    By the folks, The Federal Reserve Banks is NOT a government agency but a PRIVATE BANK.
    Rockerfellers and the Rothchilds own shares in the bank which has a illegal Congressional mandate to print money in violation of our constiution which states that our the U.S. Mint is the only one that is allowed to print $$$. But Demohead Prez Wilson cut a deal with The Rockerfellers and Rothchilds for this when he also approved income taxes ( to pay back the Federal Reserve Bank for their loans to the U.S. Government. Wikipedia Federal reserve for the entire sorry mess our children are stuck with. Back to serfdom, all aboard !

  11. This is great news.They have assisted in helping finance several recent stadiums.I believe stl will be the latest.And by the way,Brian Burwell of stl today recently did an interview w/ Kevin Demoff and he mentioned that the rams were ready to commit to St.Louis for the next 20 plus years.

  12. Why doesn’t someone ask the Rams what their plans are? That would be a whole lot better than “guessing” as you guys do all the time.

  13. Jeff Fisher likely would not want to go. He’s already been through relocation (HOU>TEN) and I can’t imagine him wanting to do that again. At that point there’s a 2-3 year period where football isn’t even the focus.

    Also, he keeps a home (a very large one) in Nashville and likes the fishing/hunting lifestyle of the area. Also has a son playing football at Auburn. I imagine a move west (for employment reasons) at this stage would be less than optimal.

  14. OK, I am the world’s biggest 49er fan and have been since I was a frickin’s zygote. But I gotta say that the Rams belong in L.A, as much as I hate every childhood image of the “L.A. Rams”. It destroyed one of the great rivalries in sports when the Rams moved- we can’t get excited about playing some team from a far-away and decaying town like St. Louis. L.A. is America’s Number 2 media market. Beyond being a murder capital, St. Louis has nothing going for it. And playing in a dome on an artificial surface? That’s not foodball, that’s air hockey. The Rams are going to be good for many years to come, since their prolonged UTTER BADNESS has given them endless first round draft picks. Great rivalry with the Niners…..if they could play in a city that amounted to anything.

  15. What cracks me up is that they would build a stadium w taxpayer money and sign a contract that says they have to have a top teir stadium or the rams have an out. The CVC has no one to blame but theirselves. If they do make it a top teir stadium which I dont think they will they need to alter the contract otherwise every twenty years theyll be sinking 700 million. Im on the other side of the river and dont want the rams to leave but for that price the patriot arent even worth that. I also thing they hired goldman to save face and make it look like they tried everything to have the rams stay when the truth of the matter is its their fault

  16. I say do everything we can to keep the rams in st louis within reason. However, if the rams want The taxpayers to foot most of the bill, let them go back to the land of queers where they couldn’t fill the seats to begin with.

  17. This whole thing makes me sick. I’ve been a Rams fan since they moved to St. Louis when I was 15, and as someone who was too young to remember the Cardinals, I finally had a home team to cheer for. I’ve supported the Rams since day 1, seeing the lows of Tony Banks and Mark Bulger, and the highs of the Greatest Show On Turf.

    I don’t begrudge LA fans who want the Rams back, because that’s natural. It doesn’t have to be a STL vs LA thing, because we’re all just fans who want the same thing.

    Whatever needs to be figured out with the dome, I hope it gets handled as soon as possible. The people who act like the Rams don’t get support in STL are people who have never been there. If the Rams leave St. Louis, a lot more people will care than when they left Los Angeles in 1995.

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