Johnny Knox still plans on playing in 2013


The Bears’ decision to cut ties with wide receiver Johnny Knox now despite having him under contract for the 2013 season doesn’t send the best message about Knox’s readiness to play after rehabbing for more than a year after a spinal fusion operation.

Knox isn’t ready to let the 2011 hit from Anthony Hargrove that led to the surgery be his final NFL play, though. Knox has always maintained that he hopes to come back and play again, something that hasn’t been shaken by his release from the Bears.

“He’s going with the mindset that he’s playing in 2013,” Knox’s agent Marc Lillibridge told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Jensen reports that Knox has an important physical assessment next month and the results of that should offer more of an idea about whether or not Knox is able to play during the 2013 season. He will continue his rehab in the Chicago area ahead of that assessment in hopes of putting a happier ending on his story than the one he got on the field in December 2011.

13 responses to “Johnny Knox still plans on playing in 2013

  1. Maybe Knox should just wait for his cameo appearance in some future NFL version of the ‘Field of Dreams’…

  2. I really thought this kid would be something special for the Bears. Not saying All-Pro or HOF material but one of those guys that are dependable game in and game out.

    I wish him the best in whatever he does.

  3. That hit, along with the hits on Daryl Stingley and Joe Theisman, were the most gruesome hits I have seen. Best of luck to Johnny Knox. Hope he makes it back.

  4. I thought he was going to die, I honestly did….The other one in sports that made me feel that way was when the hockey player Milarchuk had his jugular slit by a skate, thought he’d bleed out right there on the ice……Glad both of them are ok, and hope for the best for Knox, it would be a miracle in my opinion.

  5. I have nothing against the guy, but am I the only Bears fan that remembers Knox as the guy that fell on a slant against SD in 2011, resulting in the interception that Cutler broke his thumb on? Or how about the guy who rarely “fought” for balls that weren’t directly thrown to him? Who rarely came back to balls, instead letting them come to him?

    I liked the guy on go routes, but found him a liability other times. I am sorry he won’t ever get the opportunity to develop due to injury, but let’s not lionize the injured just because they’re injured.

    Let the parade of “thumbs down” begin.

  6. He’ll probably be a Viking. We like to give healthy contracts to Bears receivers who were never very good. Bernard Berrian, Devin Aromashodu, Marcus Robinson…

  7. I think he is lucky just to be alive and walking. I wish him well, but I think he has a huge battle to play again.

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