Logan Mankins: Gronk is a big meathead who’s not hurting anyone


After Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski did his traditional post-Super Bowl shirtless dancing routine, there was some talk in New England that Gronk needs to grow up, and that a veteran in the Patriots’ locker room ought to say something to him.

But one of the Patriots’ veterans, guard Logan Mankins, says that as long as Gronkowski is neither breaking the law nor injuring himself, there are no concerns within the locker room about the way he conducts his personal life.

“As long as he’s not getting DUIs and doing things that are against the law . . . I don’t think he’s hurting anyone,” Mankins said, via Mike Reiss ‏of ESPNBoston.com. “Hopefully he doesn’t hurt his arm. Then that would be bad. Gronk is a big meathead that likes to party and play football.”

Mankins is right: If we were to list all the things NFL players can do to get themselves in trouble during the offseason, Gronkowski’s habit of shirtless partying wouldn’t crack the Top 100. He’s not hurting himself or anyone else.

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  1. Football media is becoming more & more like Access Hollywood & TMZ. It’s the off season, who cares what the man does with his life as long as it isn’t physically hurting anybody else.

  2. This whole story has been ridiculous. Clearly the media is running out of things to talk about. Let me know when he actually hurts himself doing something stupid…even then I’ll just laugh. I’m not paying the dude and hes a grown man, if he gets hurt dancing he might be a fool, but hes no criminal.

  3. It’s nice to see a player who’s a decent man having fun without ending up on the police blotter. Nice to see someone in the league has a personality.

  4. The only “talk in New England” about this was from one hack trying to start crap for no reason other than to try and get hits on their page.

    And the fact that anyone is even concerned about this at all shows the this country is prudish to a very silly level.

    Humans throughout history have had to blow off steam and enjoy themselves after long pieces of labor such as an NFL season. Its ridiculous that anyone would consider this “news” or anything to complain about.

  5. Very very very few of us Pats fans care that he likes to have fun and party and mess around with a bunch of girls, etc. For goodness sakes, one of the Pats LBs has an amateur porno out there from college. So what? As others have said it’s not hurting anyone and isn’t illegal.

    What some of us care about is his saying prior to this last video coming out is that he has to stop doing stuff like this that can get caught on camera and looks bad…then he does it again anyway. And what I care about is that when he does something on purpose that might compromise an arm that he has had surgery on twice in the last few months, he is being reckless with regards to his employment. Go party and have fun, don’t bodyslam people using your recently surgically repaired arm. That’s all.

    Why do some people think that just because some of us are concerned with his re injuring himself it means we are old curmudgeons who don’t want him to have fun? It’s not either or.

  6. I met him and Ninkovic at a hotel in NJ when they were in town to play the Giants for a preseason game last year. i asked them if they would wait for a couple of minutes for me to get my 11 year old son, who for some reason is a huge Pats fan (we live in So Ca and are Charger fans by default), to take a picture with them and they both said sure and I ran to get my son and told him i had a surprise for him. i will never forget the look on his face when he saw these guys. that was priceless. they were super nice and allowed us to take a few pictures that my son will treasure for the rest of his life. keep in mind that their shuttle to take them to Metlife was waiting the entire time. he is just like a big kid with a huge smile. as far as I care, he’s a great person and has the right to enjoy his blessed life any way he wants. I wish him all the best on and off the field and throghout the rest of his career.

  7. Every one of us would be doing the same damn thing if we were in his humongous shoes.

    Good for him. Nice to NOT read about athletes doing stupid things off the field.

  8. this guy has 50 million bucks on the line…quit the drunken wrestling at least…just because this guy has a public image as a party idiot doesn’t mean he is not potentially throwing away tens of millions if he doesn’t handle his business properly

  9. Quit following the guy around with a camera. He broke his arm playing football, not partying. Just judge him by his play on the field. If you want to say something bad about him it should be he was injured and not effective deep in the last two Patriots playoff runs. That is meaningful. The other stuff isn’t.

  10. nghtrder169 says:
    Feb 12, 2013 1:38 PM
    They weren’t sayin this about to Chad 85 when he was young and doin stuff that wasn’t hurting anyone while putting up great numbers in cincy

    That’s because 85 went to the clubs, sat at the bar, and drank cranberry juice.

  11. This is why this group can’t win the big game.

    For some reason every time I go into Stop & Shop and see his picture on all those cereal boxes I dislike him more and more.

  12. Breaking news! Kids in their 20’s like to drink beer, party and chase tail on their days off and while on vacation, especially in Vegas. Actually most men do until they have family or wives, of which Gronk has neither!

  13. When he’s body-slamming his buddies and hitting the ground on that broken arm I think the team should feel some concern. Go ahead, party, dance without your shirt on, but you need to protect the arm.

  14. Joe Namath was once interviewed and questioned about his nightlife and being out late with different women on a regular basis during the season. Joe replied, “As a single guy, if you can’t go out and buy a pretty lady a drink…well, that’s just un-American”.

  15. The only criminal and hurtful thing he did was think he can dance lol other then that let him be he seems like a good dude and doesn’t hurt anyone or himself of course I’m not one to judge dancing I’m worse then that lol

  16. As long as Gronk is the best TE in the NFL by far, bar none (best blocker, best redzone threat, average to above intermediate threat) and he’s not getting arrested, I don’t care what he does.

  17. Look where that got Namath; on National TV sloppy drunk, asking a respected female employee to kiss him.

  18. As a Colts fan that hates the Pats, it’s hard to hate Gronk. He’s young, dumb, rich, and happy. Would that we were all so lucky.

    He’s not punching cops, or making a sex tape, or driving drunk, or stabbing people and burning the evidence, or raping women in bathrooms or hotels, or making it rain in strip clubs, or fighting people, or shooting at people, or trying to carry a gun on a plane, or taking PEDs, or running people off the road and then criminally intimidating them, or killing a pedestrian with his car, or throwing his teammates/coach/front office under the bus, or any one of a million other incredibly stupid/harmful/negative things other football players have done.

    He parties with his shirt off.

  19. I’m the farthest thing from a Patriots fan, but I love Gronk. The guy can play, AND he can party. Mankins is spot on–Let the kid do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone, especially himself.

    There are only two small groups of people who frown on “Gronk being Gronk”–Pats fans who take everything involving the Patriots too seriously after eight years of no Super Bowl wins despite the presence of Belicheat and Tammy Brady, and people who take EVERYTHING too seriously and never want ANYONE to have fun.

    Party on, Gronk!

  20. He’s not breaking the law! He’s a KID!! Leave him alone he’s a good homegrown Buffalo boy. People hate on the kid because they are jealous. That’s it.

  21. His freakin’ name is Gronk for Christ’s sake. What do you expect him to do with 6 months off, write a book about modern existentialism?

    He’s going to get drunk and take his shirt off. Let a playa play.

  22. And if Gronkowski gets injured again this up coming season, and the season after that, I suspect most of the people here who don’t have a problem with him partying, will all of a sudden have a big problem with him partying.

  23. Looks like Gronk the Meathead will be the first white NFL player to be broke 2 years after he quits playing!

    Vegas anyone?

  24. i think the only reason it’s a story is because new england has set this standard where damn near all of their players buy in to the discipline of their head coach , so much so that you hadn’t really ever seen new england players acting like this under belichick

    when faulk got busted for pot that was huge news, more so than it would have been with another team because of the standard their coach has set

    i agree with mankins, what gronk’s doing is so tame by comparison to other nfl players getting themselves in legit trouble

  25. Gronk is partying and loving life.

    As long as he keeps Gronk spiking, (17 td’s, then 11 last year)? I think he’ll be fine in New England.

    No other team in the league has a talent even remotely close to the Gronk. His blocking and pass catching skills are unbelievable.

  26. Gronk has not hurt himself…YET! I suspect this is what worries The Pats coaching staff and front office. The fact that he hasn’t hurt himself while partying is a fact as of this writing. The Pats might be wondering about the quality of his decision-making process as well as the final choices he actually selects. If a business is paying someone millions, it makes common sense to me that the boss might be concerned about a TWICE broken arm. Personally I do not care, however, I can understand the employer’s possible consternation over this “meathead,” as his mate calls him.

  27. The kid is from Williamsville, New York, Now if we look back to an east coast kid w/ skills. Who chose Arizona to play ball,,,, Huge party school
    Saw it coming a mile away… Stoops aint that much fun.. but those AZ girls are.

  28. This will not last long either way. If he doesn’t grow up soon; this life style will catch up with him. I mean he is coming up on his mid 20s. He’s not a college kid anymore. Most the people grow up by then or it means they have issues.

  29. Lookit! I love Gronk as much as everyone. Raw kid having tons of fun IMO. But I have to ask. Why does he keep getting drunk and dancing wildly out of control with MEN?! He better watch out on that one because the media hawks will notice it the next time around and begin asking the sheeeesh question.

  30. I miss football…

    Who cares what rich athletes do with their own time… seriously… I stopped watching MTV 20 years ago for just that reason …

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