Modkins hopes to pump up Lions running game

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It has been eight years since the Lions have had a running back who gained more than 1,000 yards in a season.

Eight years.

The last guy to do it was Kevin Jones.  Since then, a revolving door of role players have failed to get to the four-digit threshold, a task that has become more difficult as the franchise has skewed more and more toward the passing game.

Former Bills offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins, who now serves as running backs coach and run game coordinator in Detroit, hopes to change that.

“I think [offensive coordinator] Scott [Linehan] wants people to have to defend everything,” Modkins told the team’s official website.  “When you have the ability to both run and pass and screen and draw and do all sorts of things, I think the defense has to defend everything.  Whether we run it or pass it, I want a defense to have to defend the possibility of both and be afraid of both. . . .

“With Calvin [Johnson] and the receivers we have in place, the quarterback and what they’ve done in the passing game here, it does allow you to have some boxes that are conducive to having a good running game.  I’m excited to see what we can do with that.  It’s a little different than what I’ve seen the last three years [in Buffalo].”

Modkins, who also said that Jahvid Best could play a C.J. Spiller-type role if/when Best is ever cleared to play, will be expected to get the most out of the guys on the roster, including Mikel Leshoure and Joique Bell.

Maybe Reggie Bush could play the C.J. Spiller role for the Lions.  It’s a possibility that Peter King raised earlier this week, calling Bush a “perfect fit” for the Lions.

Actually, the fit isn’t perfect.  Bush will want more money than the Lions can afford to pay under the cap, and Bush is looking to be a workhorse tailback.  Still, if no one else hands him the starting tailback job, the Lions could make a lot of sense for a guy who has made a lot of money and who already has his Super Bowl ring.

11 responses to “Modkins hopes to pump up Lions running game

  1. Peter King knows information on whats going on in the NFL because he talks to the people who work in the league, but the man knows more about coffee & The Office than he ever will about X’s & O’s.

  2. I’d love to see Reggie Bush come here. With him, Leshoure, and Joique Bell I think we would have a very decent backfield to go with our passing attack. That being said, Bush cannot be the centerpiece of our free agent class financially. We just cant afford to spend huge dollars on an older running back when we have so many holes on defense.

  3. ” the Lions could make a lot of sense for a guy who has made a lot of money and who already has his Super Bowl ring.”

    Mike just like everyone else in the USA except for some clowns in Michigan, realize you don’t want to go to the Lions if you want to win a Super Bowl or even contend for a divison title.

  4. Hard to say if he had any real effect in Buffalo. When you have CJ and Fred, even I could look good as a rb coach…

    I love watching guys like Cj so its areal shame with what happened to Best. I always want guys to make speedy recoveries, esp talent like him…. but not so sure its the best thing for him…

  5. Frist….All they need is on OLine upgrade. They have the backs they need. They could take a late rounder that’s fast but that’s it. No free agent RBs for these guys.

  6. The running backs are different every year, the OL personnel has been way more consistent and they’re the real problem. Raiola and Backus, they’re like symbols of mediocrity from the Millen era that won’t go away. Yet on this poorly run team they’ve never been bad enough they’re actually the biggest need to replace on the roster. They’re not good, but they’re just “not bad” enough they always grade out well enough they somehow keep their jobs.

    I will celebrate the day Raiola is gone. I don’t care if we sign a street free agent if there’s a chance he may actually be able to push someone, anyone, back off the line once in awhile.

  7. Reggie is probably going to be too rich for our blood as much as I like him. If (if if if) Ahmad Bradshaw can be had for like 4 mil a year I’d LOVE to have him. We wouldn’t have to ride him like the giants do because we could use Leshoure to pound the ball. I think his injuries are really coming from overuse. If you check out PFF and similar sites you’ll see that Reggie didn’t actually do all that well, he just had some big plays. Bradshaw grades out EXTREMELY well for the games he plays. I know the last thing the Lions need is another injury-prone RB but I think at the right price Ahmad could be exceptionally valuable.

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